Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

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The image of NFL football players wearing tape extending from the wrist to the back of the triceps is becoming more common. The name of this tape is turf tape.

Why do football players wear tape on their arms? Wearing football tape will help players avoid scratches when hitting the grass. The Kinesio tape also serves to protect the player from minor cuts when the player hits the ground.

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why do football players wear tape on their arms

Football players wear tape on their arms 

What Is The Tape On Football Players Arms? 

That white ribbon is called turf tape or Kinesiology tape. It’s textured like an adhesive to stick directly to hands and arms. The grip of this athletic tape is very high as it can stay in place throughout the match.

Usually players will wear Kinesiology tapes from the back of the tricep all the way to the wrist. Wearing turf tape helps protect your arms from being scratched by artificial grass.

In the 90s, people often held football games on natural grass. Not long after that they switched to artificial turf as an innovation.

The advantage of artificial turf is that it is easier to manage and maintain, but it is also rougher and sharper than natural grass. When players slip on the court, they are more likely to experience scratches or minor cuts.

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Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

Why do football players have tape on their arms? NFL players wear football tape to avoid scratches when hitting the grass and protect the player from minor cuts.

Another reason why these white tapes became famous is thanks to a fan favorite – Alvin Kamara. Instead of covering important parts like elbows and knees, this guy wears a band down his entire arm.

Therefore, white tape is gradually asserting its popularity at the league level, from high school to the NFL. We can see many wide receivers and running backs equipped with tape on the back of their arms.

Arm Protection

why do football players wear tape on their arms scottfujita 2

Turf burns 

When any skin touches the turf surface at high speed, it will produce turf burn. They basically scratch on the skin that feels like burns. If exposed to sweat and bacteria for a long time without proper treatment, this burn will become infected.

The only way to prevent turf burn is to cover and protect the skin. But the activities of sports players will not allow them to do that. Wearing long sleeves or long spandex underpants in hot weather is no different from torture.

Many players wear turf tape to prevent turf burn-in fragile places like elbows or lower knees. These parts do not receive a secure cover and may become exposed when in contact with the ground.

Except for the ability to cover and protect the skin against turf burn, this band-aid can prevent dirt and sweat from sticking to the wound, causing infection.

For those who frequently collide with the pitch but don’t want to use Kinesio tape, try the following alternatives:

  • Turf sleeve for elbows
  • Leg sleeve for knees.

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The Kamara Effect

The popularity of this white tape called kinesiology tapes also comes from the running backs of New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara. He wears tape almost every game.

Many fans have argued and come up with exciting theories regarding this incident. The first reason is to protect his body during the game. Kamara’s bold and robust way of playing as he always shows long slides on the grass.

Some other opinions say that these running backs wear tapes to make themselves stand out. Since college, Kamara has been wearing a bandage, so this may be a signature sign for family and friends to identify.

It has even been suggested that this turf tape helps Kamara get faster. They call it “racing stripes”.

This elbow supplement is an integral part of Kamara’s overall brand. He is becoming an inspiration to youth football players who wear turf tape while playing.

why do football players wear tape on their arms scottfujita 3

Kamara inspired many youth players into wearing tape 

Which football positions wear turf tape on their arms?

We often see turf tape on NFL players arms as a protective device. Usually, positions where collisions occur and are in contact with the ground will use this type of tape.

Wide receivers or running backs are the football players who wear tape the most. Offensive linemen also use turf tape to protect their hands if they frequently touch the ground.

Defensive positions often suffer a lot of impact during the game. We strongly recommend that players on the linebacker or defensive line protect their skin with the tape on the back of their arms.

The primary purpose of this type of tape is to protect yourself. In a sport as risky and impactful as football, it is essential to raise a level of precaution.

Final Thoughts

Why do football players tape their arms? The main reason is to protect the elbow and knee areas from turf burns when sliding on the court. Another reason is because of the outstanding appearance. No matter how you think about it, turf tape is still a useful protective device that every player should own.

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