What football games are on Thanksgiving 2023

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Exciting NFL Thanksgiving games are waiting for you ahead. Are you ready for them on your holiday? Let’s start by finding the answer to “What football games are on Thanksgiving 2023?”.

What football games are on Thanksgiving 2023?

Some football games held on Thanksgiving 2023 are one game hosted by the Detroit Lions, one game hosted by the Dallas Cowboys, and a third prime time game. 

Some leaked early for the 2023 NFL Thanksgiving Games 

There is nothing better than watching the 2023 Thanksgiving games. The six teams participating in the NFL football match are public. Who are they?

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Are you ready for the football games on holiday?

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

  • Start time: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions 12 30 p.m ET.
  • TV channel: Fox.

The Chicago Bears have faced the Detroit Lions for many years. However, in the next match, their confrontation will bring a new experience.

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Unfortunately, Matthew Stafford left the Lions. However, they have also welcomed new quarterback Jared Goff who is their new full-back. BILLION.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Trubisky has no right to join the Chicago Bears. Many people put their faith in Justin Fields who replaced Andy Dalton. Hanging many predictions, the Lions will face many disadvantages in this confrontation.

Anyway, this is also an unpredictable and very interesting match in NFL Thanksgiving football 2023.

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Bears vs Lions are playing – A thrilling match on thanksgiving football

Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys

  • Start time: Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys 4:30 p.m. ET.
  • TV channel: CBS.

In fact, all of them have been playing the NFL Thanksgiving day game for a long time.  However, they have only faced 12 times. In which, the Las Vegas Raiders won 6 times and so did the Cowboys.

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The Dallas Cowboys have more recent wins. Therefore, this match is a chance for the Las Vegas Raiders to beat them.

This confrontation could be one of the most exciting matches of the season. Coaches of both teams are facing a lot of challenges. They had no choice but to help their group of players reach the knockout round. Therefore, for Jon Gruden and Mike McCarthy, this match is extremely important.

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Raiders at Cowboys: One of the most intense clashes on CBS

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints 

  • Start time: Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints: 8:20 p.m. ET.
  • TV channel: NBC (week by week schedule during the holiday tournament).

The result of this competition is hard to predict. In fact, all of them have had impressive records in recent years. Specifically, Orleans Saints won the NFC South while the Buffalo Bills were the AFC runners-up last season.

The New Orleans Saints could be at a disadvantage without quarterback Drew Brees. However, the New Orleans Saints are completely capable of beating all opponents. All thanks to the guidance of Sean Payton. In theory, however, the Buffalo Bills have the upper hand.

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Bills at Saints: One of the Most Dramatic Matches on NBC

Which teams always play on Thanksgiving day?

Both the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions have joined Thanksgiving football games for 43 consecutive years.

The Detroit Lions played their first thanksgiving game in 1934. The upcoming match will be their 82nd match.

The Dallas Cowboys first started in 1966. Their purpose was to expand the influence of the group. That same year, at the Cotton Bowl, they beat his friend Antonio Brown. They also broke records by drawing more than 80,000 fans to the Cotton Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys played all Thanksgiving day games except 1975 and 1977.

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The Detroit Lions are the team that won the most games. They also lost the most matches.

Which football teams have not played on Thanksgiving day?

Till now, the Jaguars are the only one that has never played NBC NFL Thanksgiving day games.

They entered the league in 1995. Until now, they have not participated in any Thanksgiving football games. Perhaps, in the coming years, they will like these matches.

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The Jaguars are the only team that has never played Thanksgiving day games.

In addition, there are a few teams that have just entered the 2023 NFL thanksgiving day games for the first time. They include:

  • Carolina Panthers.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Cincinnati Bengals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which NFL football team has joined thanksgiving day the most?

It’s the Detroit Lions. Their first Thanksgiving game was in 1934. They only took a break during the Second World War. The upcoming match will be their 82nd match. The Lions are the team that won the most games. At the same time, they are also the team that lost the most matches.

2. Which NFL football team has the second most losses?

It is the Green Bay Packers. They lost a total of 20 NFL Thanksgiving games.

3. What was the biggest Thanksgiving day blowout?

That was the match when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks 51-7 in 1980. In addition, in 1983, The Lions attempted to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers to get 42 points.

4. When were the NFL Thanksgiving games first held?

This year’s season is the 102nd season of the NFL Thanksgiving games. 1920 was the first year that the NFL happened on Thanksgiving day. Since then, the sport has come with the annual Thanksgiving holidays. The Second World War (1940-1944) was the cause of its temporary halt.

5. When is Thanksgiving 2023?

Thanksgiving 2023 takes place on November 25, 2022. This is one of the most important and anticipated holidays of the year.

Final Words

Due to the impact of the covid 19 pandemic, preparing for the tournament has become more difficult. However, nothing can stop the dramatic confrontations. Are you ready for exciting football matches in the holidays?

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