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Tom Brady is one of the greatest NFL players as a quarterback. However, many will question his success. People said that a quarterback’s success depends on the size of his hands. Some people disagreed with that idea. So what exactly is the truth?

In this article, Scott Fujita will explore the Tom Brady Hand Size with you. Let’s get right into the details!

How is Tom Brady Hand Size?

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Tom Brady doesn’t have a big hand size.

There’s a rumor that hand size matters in football. I bet you know about it. Many people are curious about G.O.A.T Tom Brady hand size.

Tom Brady’s arm span is 9.38 inches. Contrary to what many people think, this figure is quite average for his height.

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When compared to former quarterback Chris Simms, he has a 10.50-inch arm span. This number is quite significant because Chris Simms is the same height as Tom Brady.

Tom Brady holds the position of Quarterback from Michigan, draft age of 22.8 of 2000 NFL draft. Tom Brady’s height is 76.4 inches, and his weight is 211 pounds, so his BMI is 26.03. Brady’s arm length is 32.75 inches.

At the 2000 NFL Combine, experts gave Tom Brady a lousy rating. One pick in the sixth round and six Super Bowl rounds later, everyone knows how that happened.

While Tom Brady’s hand sizes aren’t the largest of the Patriots’ rookie contract players, they’re not the smallest. Some players like Kingsbury or O’Connell even have a smaller hand size than him.

Does Hand Size Matter For NFL Quarterbacks?

Why is so much attention paid to the hand sizes of NFL quarterbacks? Of course, there are reasons for them.

There is a belief that NFL quarterbacks with small hands will have difficulty holding and holding the ball, especially in cold and wet weather.

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We can consider the case of Joe Burrow as an example. Cincinnati, where Joe Burrow will compete, has a reasonably low average temperature. In December, the temperature here can drop to 26 degrees F (-3 degrees C).

Some executives and coaches also believe that hand size is more important than the height of the NFL quarterback. This opinion plays a vital role with short players like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson when they have just graduated from college.

The reason for that belief is because midfielders can find ways to overcome and grow their height. As for hand size, they can’t.

Some teams change their so-called “starting points” to give the midfielder a better advantage. Naturally, because they’ve been doing that for a long time, the lower midfielders will have to shuffle and move around to find the best line of sight.

Usually, we will find there is a correlation between height and hand size. Taller people have larger hands. That’s natural.

In addition, some experienced players also warn that a large hand will have many advantages in passing the ball. When we can get a firm grip on the football, we get more spins on the ball. This ability allows the ball to cut through the air in windy environments.

The NFL Quarterback’s Hand Size Controversy

Despite the reasons we’ve outlined above, there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding this criterion when choosing an NFL quarterback.

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Russell Wilson hand size.

1. Agreement

There are indeed players whose hand sizes are larger than the average hand size, and they are also very successful with the tournament. Drew Brees has a recorded height of 6 feet, while his hand size is 10.25 inches. Russell Wilson has a larger hand ratio as he is only 5 feet 11 inches tall, and his hands measured 10.25 inches too.

Brett Favre is also a testament to how important it is to have a large hand size for an NFL quarterback. Brett Favre can play well even in unfavorable weather conditions, which is partly thanks to his hand.

Another legend, Cam Newton, has pretty big hands for a 6’5″ tall guy. His arm span measures 9.88 inches. Thanks to their large hand size, they are the archetype that many executives are searching for. Their outstanding achievements make people believe in the hand size theory.

2. Disagreement

However, there are still cases that go against the opinion of the crowd.

The best NFL QB of the season, Patrick Mahomes, only had small hands at 9.25 inches. He’s the best proof against the NFL quarterback’s hand size theory.

Patrick Mahomes’ long throw, pressure, and arm strength are unmatched. He is also very good at changing arm angles, dropping his arms, and swinging the ball sideways whenever the pocket gets too messy.

Another prominent NFL player – Joe Burrow – also has an average hand size for his body size. Joe Burrow’s hands measured in at 9 inches. But what he did was extraordinary. Joe Burrow has dominated one of the most complicated passing games in recent college football history. He also led LSU to the national championship.

Joe Burrow’s hand size will not be a contributing factor to his success. However, it wasn’t enough to bury him from the NFL draft as one of the top NFL QBs of the season. The list includes big names like Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa or Oregon’s Justin Herbert. As for Joe Burrow, he’s going with Cincinnati.

Players like Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick also have hands under 10 inches. However, they both have terrible arm strength.

While playing in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers, where the temperature was almost freezing, put on excellent performances. He cleared the ball 81 times in 181 games, averaging 0.4 times per game.

How Does NFL Measure Hand Size?

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NFL hand size measurement.

Hand size measurement at the NFL Combine by calculating from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger with the hand extended. The resulting figure is the player’s extended hand size.

It is very rare for an NFL player to have a hand the size of or wider than 11 inches. The largest hand measurements in NFL Combine history belonged to DeForest Buckner, Gosder Cherilus, and Mo Alie-Cox. Their dimensions are both 11.75 inches.

Usually, the average man’s hand size will be around 8.5 inches. The NFL won’t measure hand length, which is a pity because it’s another way to measure hand size.

The NBA league measures both hand length combined with hand width. LeBron James, for example, has an arm length of 9 inches compared to the average of about 7.4 inches.

People often confuse arm span with arm length and vice versa. An individual’s span is almost always greater than his length.

NFL Quarterback Hand Size List

1. The Biggest Hand Size

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The most giant hands of the NFL belongs to Jim Druckenmiller.

Jim Druckenmiller – 11.25 in

Jim Druckenmiller is the quarterback with the largest hands ever measured in the NFL. Druckenmiller’s arm span is measured at 11.25 inches. While an average person with a height of 6 feet 5 inches will have an arm span of about 9.3 inches.

Dak Prescott – 10.88 in

Dak Prescott has a fantastic arm span compared to his height, bigger than Chris Chandler and Vinny Testaverde’s. These two NFL players are both taller than him.

Cody Kessler – 10.88 in

At 6 feet 1 inch tall, Cody Kessler’s arm span is also extremely impressive. Compared to Jeff Blake of the same height, Blake only has an arm span of 8.50 inches.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – 10.75 in

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s arm span is also quite impressive at 10.75 inches. Incredibly, Ben Roethlisberger’s arm span is 15% closer than Fitzpatrick’s, despite being 6’5″.

Ryan Mallett – 10.75 in

At 6 feet 6 inches, Ryan Mallett’s hand isn’t that impressive, but it’s still more significant than average. Joe Flacco stands at the same height as Mallet, but his hand is 11.6% narrower than Mallett’s.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the five quarterbacks with huge hands that Scott Fujita mentioned above, many other players still have impressive stats. You can check out more in this list:

Quarterbacks Height Handspan
Heath Shuler 6’2″ 10.63″
Nick Foles 6’6” 10.63″
Mark Sanchez  6’2″ 10.50″
Steve McNair 6’2″ 10.50″
Brett Favre 6’2″ 10.38″
Russell Wilson  5’11” 10.25″
Drew Brees 6’0″ 10.25″
Chad Pennington 6’3” 10.25″
Tim Tebow 6’3” 10.13″
Gardner Minshew 6’1” 10.13″
Peyton Manning 6’5” 10.13″
Carson Wentz 6’5” 10.00″
Matthew Stafford 6’3” 10.00″
Andrew Luck 6’4” 10.00″
Tua Tagovailoa  6’0” 10.00″


2. The Smallest Hand Size

Again, we believe that having small hand sizes isn’t a big deal for NFL quarterbacks. Many other factors will affect their gameplay.

Here is a list of quarterbacks with the smallest hand measurement:

Quarterbacks Height Handspan
Brandon Allen 6’2″ 8.88″
Charlie Frye 6’4″ 8.88″
Tommy Hodson 6’3″ 8.88″
Shane Matthews 6’3″ 8.88″
Steve Matthews 6’3″ 8.88″
Kevin O’Connell 6’5″ 8.88″
John Friesz 6’4″ 8.75″
Mike Perez 6’1″ 8.75″
T.J. Rubley 6’3″ 8.75″
Tonny Sacca 6’5″ 8.75″
Tyler Wilson 6’2″ 8.68″
Jeff Blake 6’1″ 8.50″
John David Booty 6’2″ 8.50″
Kliff Kingsbury 6’3″ 8.50″
Michael Vick 6’0″ 8.50″
Doug Hudson 6’2″ 7.25″


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article can answer some of your questions about the hand size of Tom Brady in particular and other NFL players. Depending on one’s way of thinking, hand size may or may not play an essential role in quarterbacks’ performance. However, for us, legends need a combination of many aspects to be able to write history.

What do you think about this issue? Please share your opinion with us below.

Thank you for reading!

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