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Basketball is a sport that many people love and choose to play to develop height and health. To practice proficient basketball skills, selecting the best basketball is essential.

It will not be too difficult for players to choose a cheap basketball on the market. However, players need to grasp the basic knowledge. Scott Fujita has found the top 10 best outdoor basketball to help you with this problem.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketballs 2024 – Outdoor basketball Reviews

1. Spalding Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

Highlight features

The Spalding Zi/O Indoor and Outdoor Basketball is the first basketball Scott Fujita wants to mention. They are multi-functional composite leather balls loved by many basketball players. Just looking at its purchases and ratings, you will see how “hot” it is.


For outdoor basketball, durability, balance, and grip are significant factors. This high-quality Spalding Zi/O outdoor basketball can be suitable on all surfaces.

One of its main features is its durability. It is not surprising that this ball has retained its effectiveness and power over many leagues. That’s the reason why Spalding’s basketball has served as the official NBA basketball for many years.

The Spalding NBA Zi/O uses composite leather. The Spalding NBA street basketball is highly durable on concrete or asphalt courts. Just like other balls with composite leather, holding the ball in your hand will give you a soft feeling. You will feel the “smooth” that many players want.

Another advantage is its high grip. Its outer surface design provides an excellent grip. Therefore, you will have complete control of the ball and handle the ball when playing on the courts.

Spalding Zi/O TF Indoor-Outdoor Basketball 29.5"

3 new from $30.21
5 used from $22.75
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • Size 7 with 29.5 inches.
  • Official size and weight.
  • Composite leather material.
  • For indoors and outdoors.
  • Spalding prestigious brand .


  • It might get slippery quite fast.

Bottom line

Spalding is already well known for producing and supplying quality basketballs to the world. The NBA always strictly controls the basketballs they use for players. And the Spalding NBA Zi/O is a formidable name in the segment.

2. Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

Highlight features

The Wilson NCAA Replica Game ball is also an outstanding outdoor basketball. Wilson is a large brand of high-end basketball and sportswear products. 

The company has sponsored many international tournaments.

If you regularly follow basketball competitions around the world, you must have seen the Wilson brand basketball. The quality and standard design of the Wilson Replica basketball are fantastic.

The Wilson Replica features durable composite leather. 

The design creates good elasticity and grip. The best outdoor basketball gives the basketball player a good sense of ball control.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball - Brown, Official - 29.5"
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm

View more: Spalding tf 1000 classic


  • Official weight and size.
  • Right for outdoor courts.
  • 29.5 inches leather balls.
  • NCAA Official basketball.
  • A moisture absorbing cover is available.
  • Superior grip ability.
  • Composite leather ball.
  • Good bounce.


  • It does not hold air well.

Bottom line

The size and weight are standard for professional play and advanced techniques. However, the price of the durable basketball Wilson NCAA is quite high. Anyway, the Wilson Replica Game is also one of the top outdoor basketballs you should buy.

3. Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball

Highlight features

The Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball is an excellent outdoor ball you can buy today. The Wilson NCAA Composite basketball has everything you need from outdoor basketball.

It creates a perfect relative grip and excellent bounce. If you are looking for a mid-range basketball, it is a good choice.

The Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball is incredibly easy to handle and control on the court. The grip is the most prominent advantage in this ball model. The holes present in the ball’s surface are why it has such an excellent grip.

It absorbs all the moisture on the surface of the ball, including the sweat from your palms. It makes the ball non-slippery feel to the hand. The ball uses a high-quality composite material that helps you use it for many seasons. There will be no tearing, wear, or cracking with the best outdoor basketballs.

Wilson NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Basketball , Orange, Official - 29.5"
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • For outdoor play.
  • Consistent ball control.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Deep channel construction.
  • Durability is good.
  • The ball has good elasticity.
  • Official size basketball.


  • It does not hold air well. 

Bottom line

Thanks to the above advantages, the Wilson NCAA Composite ball is very popular with basketball players. Feel free to use the best outdoor basketball on outdoor surfaces and enjoy the game worry-free.

4. Spalding Zi/O Excel Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

Highlight features

Spalding with the slogan “True to the game” is a famous basketball brand. It is popular with professional athletes due to its ball quality and specialized features for top competition.

In 1983, Spalding officially became the NBA’s competitive ball. With its tradition of exceptional excellence, Spalding continues to assert itself.

Soft body and deeper channel design increase grip and give players better ball control. The product offers excellent durability and reasonable ball control. Thanks to that, it brings maximum performance to the player.

The materials that cover the outer surface provide high adhesion and a soft feel. Meanwhile, it still maintains the strict standards of durability and wear-resistance of Spalding balls. The outer shell is composite. The versatility of this material gives players the ability to play on any pitch.

Spalding Zi/O TF Excel Indoor-Outdoor Basketball 29.5"

10 new from $33.59
5 used from $29.72
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • For outdoor court and even rough surfaces.
  • Consistent bounce.
  • NBA Standard Dimensions and Weight.
  • New composite leather cover material Zi/O.
  • Enhance softness and adhesion.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Deep channel design for better feel.
  • Equipped with an extra layer of foam under the cover for precise ball handling.


  • The actual picture is not the same as advertised.

Bottom line

The Spalding Zi/O Excel basketball is a high-end basketball product of the famous Spalding brand in the world. It possesses many outstanding features that a good outdoor basketball should have. The price is not low, but it is well worth it.

5. Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor/Indoor Basketball

Highlight features

One of the advantages of the Chance Premium Rubber ball is that it is friendly to both outdoor and indoor courts. However, its design is more suitable for outdoor courtyard conditions.

The rubber basketballs come with a premium rubber cover design. It feels straightforward to hold in hand. It helps you improve balance while keeping the ball and moving on the court. 

On the other hand, the rubber basketballs produce excellent grip and great bounce. An aggressive pebble pattern combined with deep channels is for better ball control. Rubber material provides durability no matter what court you play on.

Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor / Indoor Basketball (Size 5 Kids & Youth, 6 Women's Official, 7 Men's Official) (Size 27.5, 28.5, 29.5) (7 Men's Official - 29.5", Pascal - Orange Camo)

2 new from $29.98
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • Personality color.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Deep channels.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Good grip.
  • Suitable for outdoor surfaces.


  • It is a bit stiff at the beginning, and you need time to get used to it.

Bottom line

The Chance Premium Rubber ball comes in 9 unique colors. These rubber basketballs go beyond the usual orange or brown ball. It also gives you enough three sizes for you to buy freely. We recommend using the best street basketball for high school or college basketball games.

6. Spalding Street Outdoor Basketball 29.5″

Highlight features

Spalding is a reputable basketball brand that offers various ball models for players from amateur to professional. The Spalding ball is the official basketball used a lot in professional, international matches with a standard design, diverse materials, durable, good ball feeling. 

The Spalding Street Outdoor basketball is of rubber material. 

It offers good durability and bounce. Basketball players can grip this ball very quickly. 

Spalding Street Outdoor Basketball 29.5"

6 new from $19.99
5 used from $16.84
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • Good air pressure.
  • High performance.
  • Durable rubber outer cover.
  • Superior control.
  • Right for outdoor surfaces.
  • Soft grip technology.


  • A little bit heavy.

Bottom line

The weight is relatively light compared to other balls of the same size, so it is easier to control. Although the price is not low, you can entirely focus on training with top rated outdoor basketball.

7. AND1 Street Grip Premium Composite Leather Basketball & Pump Bundle

Highlight features

AND1 is a brand that provides high-end sports equipment. It comes with a wide range of quality basketball products selected by users for everyday and professional play.

AND1 Street Premium basketball is made of composite leather material, meeting FIBA international standards. It has a mid-range price tag. It is not too expensive for those who regularly play football in the club or extracurricular activities. This product is good bearing, has good hand adhesion, is easy to grip, and has high wear resistance.

AND1 Street Grip Premium Composite Leather Basketball & Pump- Official Size 7 (29.5”) Streetball, Made for Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Games (Orange)

1 used from $19.99
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • 29. 5” official size ball.
  • Ultimate grip and control.
  • Long-lasting basketball.
  • Deep channel construction. 
  • Give helpful pump.


  • The outer cover can come off when played with a lot of intensity.

Bottom line

You can be ready to train on the indoor or outdoor court without worrying about the quality of the product degrading. In addition, this is also a familiar ball used in competition. If you have a chance, familiarize yourself with it in advance to avoid unexpected troubles.

8. Amazon Basics PU Composite Basketball

Highlight features

For tournaments in the school district or summer camp, basketball, Amazon Basics is the ideal choice. It is a product line in the low-cost segment. 

PU leather composite material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor court surfaces. It is convenient and friendly to hardwood or cement floors.

With a highly minimalist design, the Amazon Basics basketball is the safest bet. High-quality PU composite material makes the ball very durable. The ball has a good grip and elasticity with high durability. With Amazon Basics basketball, you can play basketball effectively on outdoor and indoor courts.

In addition, Amazon Basics includes a handy basketball pump. You can manually inflate it if it becomes degassed. 

Amazon Basics PU Composite Basketball - Official Size
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • Good durability.
  • Advanced microfiber cover.
  • Competitive price.
  • 100 % genuine Amazon Basics brand.
  • Included convenient pump. 


  • Worst for outdoor on this list.

Bottom line

Overall, the Amazon Basics basketball price is relatively soft compared to other products on this list. Although not so excellent, it is also a basketball worth considering.

9. Spalding TF-500 Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

Highlight features

The Spalding TF-500 Basketball is one of the best basketballs. It comes from the Spalding brand that has a reputation in the market and major tournaments.

The product has a Butyl lining inside, which increases the stability of the ball in all aspects. It is suitable for athletes who practice or play basketball indoors and outdoors.

The rubber-filled inner ball creates a good bounce. It is also very comfortable to hold. The deep channels create beautiful textures and provide a fulcrum for you to control the ball.

Spalding Excel TF-500 Indoor-Outdoor Basketball 29.5"

14 new from $30.99
Free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • High-performance composite cover.
  • Deep channels are ready. 
  • Good control.
  • Butyl rubber bladder helps for air retention.
  • Bounces well.
  • Durable color.


  • It lacks good grip and seems slippery.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a composite basketball that can be suitable for a variety of courts, consider the Spalding TF-500. Similar to the Spalding basketballs above, it is not cheap. However, this is still a good suggestion for those who are looking to buy a good basketball.

10. Spalding NBA Marble Series Outdoor Basketball

Highlight features

The Spalding NBA basketball team comes with an impressively designed appearance and personality.

The Spalding NBA Marble Series size seven basketball has a ball diameter of 29.5 inches. The product is of rubber material. Therefore, it helps the basketball from this famous brand to have the ideal elasticity and bounce.

You can comfortably play indoor and outdoor basketball because the ball has good bearing capacity on all types of courts. The product has a soft body and deep channels system to hold the ball firmly.

The most memorable thing is that the product line has good moisture absorption and brings softness to the user. But the durability of the basketball remains in the best condition. The price of this ball is also better than similar products.

Spalding NBA Marble Series Red Outdoor Basketball 29.5"
as of July 13, 2024 1:34 pm


  • The solid multi-layer construction ensures good pressure retention.
  • Help players control the ball, perform techniques.
  • Good grip.
  • High-quality material, high elasticity, durable.
  • Standard size design for good ball feeling.
  • Good elasticity, high bounce.


  • Color not as advertised.

Bottom line

The best basketball received a lot of young people who love basketball. With a reasonable price, the Spalding NBA Marble Series is a good suggestion. It is suitable for those who are looking for the best outdoor basketball for the future.

Buying Guide of The Best Basketball For Outdoors

Buying a basketball seems simple, but it is not easy. Clients need to consider many factors specific to the player and playing environment to choose the right ball. Here are the necessary criteria to choose to buy the best outdoor basketball.

1. Size and weight

Basketball size is an essential parameter that players need to pay attention to when choosing. The size, diameter, and circumference of the ball should be suitable for the hand of the person holding it. It needs to be ideal for gripping and bouncing the ball.

The weight of the basketball also needs to be neither too heavy nor too light. Otherwise, it will cause trouble in the process of holding the ball, throwing the ball. Depending on age and gender, choose the right ball according to size 5 (27.5 inches), size 6, or 7.

best outdoor basketball scottfujita 2

Appropriate size basketball according to age.

2. Design of basketball channels

When choosing to buy balls, pay attention to the characteristics of channels on the glossy surface. They are responsible for creating good grip and feeling on the ball.

Polished surface design with many burrs, creating grip. You should test it directly by holding and touching the ball to feel the ball most realistically.

For children, buyers can choose balls with colorful designs. It will bring excitement to the children while playing. It depends on the preferences of each person to select the appropriate design and color for adults.

3. Materials for making outdoor basketball

Usually, basketball comes with three main types of materials. These are genuine leather, composite leather, and rubber. Here are some unique features of these three materials:

  • Genuine leather basketball

Genuine leather basketballs are common in professional basketball tournaments. The advantage of this type of basketball is that it has excellent adhesion. It gives the basketball players a better sense of control over the ball.

If you want to practice basketball seriously, you should choose genuine leather basketball. This type of basketball is the best choice for you to practice basketball most effectively. The drawback of this type of basketball is that the price is a bit “expensive.”

  • Composite leather basketball

Composite leather basketballs are also an excellent choice for basketball players. It is cheaper than natural leather basketballs. People find it hard to tell the distinction between natural and composite basketballs. Unless you touch the ball directly, you can’t sense what kind of leather it is.

At present, the quality of the composite leather cover is getting better and better. With reasonable prices, good quality, composite leather basketballs became the most popular.

People often use this type of basketball to play on indoor basketball courts. But besides that, manufacturers also process basketballs outdoors. Therefore, basketballs made from composite leather are very popular, and this type of ball is famous the most today.

  • Rubber basketball

This type of basketball is of rubber material with good elasticity, durable. Rubber balls are very suitable for outdoor basketball practice. The most significant advantage of rubber balls is that it is cheap. The price is the cheapest compared to the two types above. Therefore, rubber balls are trendy in schools.

best outdoor basketball scottfujita 4

NBA outdoor basketballs.

4. Price

The basketball price segment is quite diverse. There are many prices from affordable to high-end for professional playing needs. Players need to consider their financial ability to choose an investment.

For beginners, students do not need to choose to buy too expensive products. For them, mid-range outdoor basketballs are suitable. 

For professional players, it is better to invest in better quality products from reputable suppliers.

5. Basketball for indoor or outdoor use

When buying a basketball, you need to pay attention to the type of ball used indoors or outdoors. You can easily confirm this by examining the glossy surface. Usually, the manufacturer will note “Indoor” or “Outdoor” on it.

Depending on your different training needs, you will buy yourself the right ball. With indoor basketballs, its material is usually quite soft and wears out quickly. It is only suitable for indoor training. Outdoor basketballs are generally of rubber material, which is very durable. So it is ideal for playing basketball outdoors.

6. Bounce

To test the bounce of a basketball, you need to inflate the ball. Then you release the ball at the height of 1.8 meters above the ground.

If the ball bounces more than 1 meter, the ball has good bouncing. If the ball bounces less than 1 meter, the ball is of poor quality. You should not choose to buy a basketball like that.

7. Quality of the basketball’s craft

Choosing a basketball with excellent craft will help you improve the efficiency of your training. It also increases durability and helps save some money.

Therefore, when buying a basketball, you need to check the quality of that ball carefully. A genuine, quality ball always has suitable ball coatings and joints. Ball adhesion must be good. After using it for a while, the glue will not peel or tear.

8. Cover the basketball when hitting

A quality basketball must have good adhesion when playing so that the ball does not easily fall out of the hand. Before choosing to buy a basketball, you need to test the ball and check the surface ball. If the ball’s cover is too smooth and does not create friction, you should not buy that basketball.

9. Barcode of the ball

The last thing we want to share with you when buying a basketball is to check the printed barcode of the ball. Authentic basketballs will have full barcodes and certificates. When purchasing a ball, you need to ask the consultant about the bar code and the full certificate. Thanks to that, you avoid buying fake balls, poor quality balls.

best outdoor basketball scottfujita 1

Indoor-outdoor basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my outdoor basketball?

Playing basketball every day will cause the surface to get dirty quickly. If not cleaned, the ball is not durable. Below are instructions for users to properly clean and maintain basketballs:

  • Let’s use warm soapy water to clean the basketball. However, you do not press the whole ball into the water or soak it in the water.
  • It is better to take a soft cloth soaked in soapy water. It is to wipe the slots and ridges on the glossy surface to remove adhered dirt.
  • After cleaning, you need to dry the glossy surface with a soft dry cloth. Store the shade in the shade and avoid direct light.
  • Should have a net bag for basketball to hang up.

2. Where can I buy good outdoor basketball?

To save time and costs, you can choose to buy products online on e-commerce platforms. Amazon is the most reputable address you can refer to. Many different models and prices in many segments are accessible for you to choose from. In addition, you can buy directly at reputable sports equipment stores in the area.

3. Should I buy rubber, natural leather, or composite leather basketballs?

It depends on the playing and financial needs of each specific customer. If you want to buy a basketball practice and at a low cost, you can choose a basketball made of rubber. If you’re going to buy a ball for intensive training, buy a composite or natural leather ball.

If you are buying balls for professional tournaments, buy balls made from natural leather. Please consider the intended use before making a purchase decision.

4. Should I buy Spalding or Molten basketball?

Spalding and Molten are two reputable and quality sports equipment brands. They come with outstanding features chosen by players.

  • American basketball brand Spalding

Spalding is a sponsor for many prestigious tournaments around the world. Spalding’s basketball products are diverse in designs, sizes, and materials. They qualify for the big game. Spalding balls are lighter in weight than Molten balls.

  • Japanese brand Molten

Molten is also a prestigious brand, sponsoring many major tournaments. Molten’s basketball material is high-quality, diverse for many types of courts, many tournaments. Standard ball design with multiple deep rips provides better grip than Spalding balls. However, compared to the actual size, the weight of the Molten ball is less.

Both brands provide quality ball products for competition and daily practice. However, the Spalding brand is slightly better. They have various designs, standard designs, sizes and weights, and many cheap options for players.

5. Is there any good product but top 10 best outdoor basketball as above?

Yes. A lot! In addition to the ten best outdoor basketball, we suggest you a few more ideas as follows:

  • Spalding NBA Street Phantom.
  • Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber.
  • Spalding NBA Varsity.
  • Wilson Evolution Game Basketball.
  • Spalding Replica NBA Game Ball.
  • And more

Final Words

Buying an outdoor basketball is no longer difficult, isn’t it? Basketball will be an effective tool to help players learn new skills, practice, and play effectively. Depending upon different needs, you can choose a basketball model with convenient features and an affordable price.

Hopefully, the above information shared by Scott Fujita will help users clarify and find the best basketball. Thank you for reading!

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