Best leather soccer cleats 2021: Recommendations, Buying Guides & FAQs

You need a pair of leather cleats that fits securely and snugly, as well as one that is designed specifically for your needs. Scott Fujita will go through what to look for in the list of the best leather soccer cleats so you can make the wisest decision. Let’s find out with us.

In-depth reviews of the 10 Best Leather Soccer Cleats 2021

1. Vizari Men’s Classico FG Leather Soccer Shoes

The Vizari Men’s Classico FG Leather Soccer Shoes are best leather cleats for football players who prefer to play on hard and solid surfaces. The upper of the shoe is composed of premium full grain leather, which provides a better fit and more comfort. 


  • It is a quality, comfortable, soft, rugged cleat.
  • This cleat brough such a nice feel for the players’ feet.
  • The fit is excellent.
  • It has a traditional appearance that many consumers like.


  • Some users found it a little bit narrow at first, but it’ll widen out with time.

Bottom line

Vizari Men’s Classico FG Soccer Shoes are well worth the money. These soccer shoes are one of the few shoes suited to the needs of the most demanding players. It combines the best of each soccer cleat type to create something that is suitable for almost everyone.

2. PUMA Mens Ultra 1.1 Leather Firm Ground Artificial Grass Soccer Cleats

You have never experienced anything like PUMA Mens Ultra 1.1 Leather Firm Ground Artificial Grass Soccer Cleats. The best leather cleats take your game to the next level with its premium leather upper and ultra-fast pebax speed unit for rapid acceleration.


  • The most comfortable shoe.
  • It has the premium kangaroo leather upper which feels so soft on your foot.
  • The design is simple, with a complete back color that is suitable for every player.
  • The soccer shoe is super light.


  • Some customers think the shoes are boring.

Bottom line

The PUMA Mens Ultra 1.1 Leather Firm GroundArtificial Grass Soccer Cleats were designed to support all levels of football players, from professional to amateur. 

3. PUMA One 5.3 FG/AG Men’s Leather Soccer Cleats

PUMA One 5.3 FG/AG Men’s Leather Soccer Cleats have been redesigned for a better fit, increased speed on the field, and an enhanced touch on the ball. These best leather cleats feature a full grain leather vamp and toe region for better contact and control.


  • The best leather boots have ever been created. 
  • It is a good fit and comfy.
  • Awesome quality. Well worth the price.
  • The design is lovely. 
  • It does a good job at supporting and protecting your foot.


  • These shoes are not suitable for a man with somewhat wider feet than the normal.

Bottom line

You’ve been seeking for a leather cleat that can boost your performance on hard ground and artificial grass, PUMA One 5.3 FG/AG Men’s Leather Soccer Cleats are the one for you. 

4. Adidas Predator 18.1 Soft Ground Leather Soccer Casual Cleats

Adidas Predator 18.1 Leather Soccer Casual Cleats reborn to conquer the pitch, strap you in for all-out dominance. An elastic collar provides a sock-like fit for ankle stability, while the supportive knit upper mimics your heel form for solid lockdown.


  • The design was beautiful. 
  • It is durable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • It boosts player performance on the soccer field.
  • The leather feels so soft on the skin.


  • The white part gets dirty easily.

Bottom line

Adidas Predator 18.1 Soft Ground Leather Soccer Casual Cleats brought the latest generation which offer a fantastic new design that is all about control, touch, and looking great on the field. 

5. Nike Magista Opus Leather FG Soccer

The Nike Magista Opus Leather is designed for aggressive players who command play and create attacks on solid ground. These best soccer cleats 2021 feature a soft K-leather upper that enhances touch and feel on the ball for improved precision.


  • Nice design. Reasonable price.
  • It provides a good degree of support.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The material that it’s made of really allows your foot to fit nicely inside since they’re flexible.


  • The only small flaw was that the tongue had missing/torn stitching on the inside.

Bottom line

Nike Magista Opus Leather FG Soccer features a lightweight, supportive, and responsive nylon chassis that reaches all the way to the big toe for first metatarsal agility.

6. Adidas Mens Ace 17.1 Leather Soccer Cleats

The game is yours with Adidas Mens Ace 17.1 Leather Soccer Cleats. These boots include a quality leather top for a great feel and fit. The kangaroo leather soccer cleats are designed for use on soft surfaces. 


  • The boots were soft, comfortable and protective at the same time.
  • Great design. Beautiful color.
  • This pair of soccer shoes are easy to put on and get off.
  • Snug fit. They’re flexible.


  • The issue is that the sneaker shredded after a heavy strike.

Bottom line

This is your territory, and no one is going to take it away from you while you’re wearing Adidas Mens Ace 17.1 Leather Soccer Cleats in the game. These best kangaroo leather cleats is a boot that’s built to win everything.

7. Adidas X 15.1 Fg/Ag Leather Mens Football Boots Soccer Cleats

The Adidas X 15.1 Fg/Ag Boots Soccer Cleats that transforms precise movements into breathtaking power and speed. It was designed for those that are ambitious and have a strong attacking drive.


  • Great boot for great price
  • Very good shoes and workmanship.
  • Unlike most other shoes, the soccer shoes  are already soft at the first wear.
  • The shoe sits well on the foot, which is probably due to the leather.


  • The insoles were not made with good quality.

Bottom line

The new Adidas X 15.1 Fg/Ag Leather Mens Football Boots Soccer Cleats features all of the little genius’s magic in a game-changing design that is ideal for grassland and synthetic turf. The Adidas shoe is guaranteed to counter everything.

8. Adidas Ace 15.1 Fg/Ag Leather Mens Football Boots Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Ace 15.1 Boots Soccer Cleats is intended to give you complete control of the game on firm and artificial ground grounds. The best leather cleats are designed to allow you to make every decision, touch, and action precise.


  • This is a very high-quality boot for a low price.
  • The only cleat that can be used equally well on turf, soft surfaces or hard ground.
  • You can feel the softness and comfort from the minute you put them on. 
  • The shoe is very neatly processed and has lasted for a long time.


  • Some customers don’t like the feeling it brough.

Bottom line

The Adidas Ace 15.1 Fg/Ag Leather Mens Football Boots Soccer Cleats  provides exceptional ball control and grip. And, given its overall quality of having a larger amount in terms of soft leather material. 

9. Adidas X16.2 FG Leather Mens Football Boots Soccer Cleats

Men’s Adidas X16.2 FG Leather Football Boots Soccer Cleats are designed for the player who never gives opponents a chance. The best leather cleats are created for hard surfaces as well as artificial and natural grass.


  • The shoe just looks wonderful and leaves a strong impression of the leather.
  • The foot enters the boot immediately through the sock.
  • It fits well, comfortable and with good traction.


  • These cleats are not made for people with wide feet.

Bottom line

Men’s Adidas X16.2 FG Leather Football Boots Soccer Cleats earned the outstanding reputation because of its full grain leather and quick-drying synthetic lining.

10. Concord Leather Soccer Cleats Style S132XN

The Concord Leather Soccer Cleats Style S132XN are the most iconic, timeless, and mythical soccer boots that have ever been released. These cleats are exceptional, which reduces over-stretchability and provides you with a firm and stable grip. 


  • This pair of soccer cleats fit perfectly. Well made, worth every penny.
  • The cleat that can be worn on grass and soft surfaces.
  • Durable design. Enhance comfort.
  • All purpose and lightweight texture.


  • The spring or elastic that holds the tab to the sole can not stand the first put.

Bottom line

Concord Leather Soccer Cleats Style S132XN provide excellent comfort and support. This is a typical pair of soccer cleats available on the market for people with wide feet and large arches.

Key Features To Consider When Buying The Best Leather Soccer Cleats in 2021

1. The size

Leather shoes should fit snugly around your feet and feel like an extension of your body. A tight fit is essential for optimal control and allows all parts of a player’s foot to make contact with the ball. The best leather boots are cleats that were created specially for persons who want a cushioned feel in their feet.

power ranking the best adidas football boots of all time

You get to choose how tight you want the fit to be

2. Material

You should also think about the material of the cleats before selecting them. The majority of these shoes are composed of leather or synthetic materials. Many people choose leather since it is flexible and does not scratch too much. Kangaroo leather shoes have long been considered as the leading cleat leather material.

4. For hard ground

A natural grass surface with a hard, firm foundation is known as Firm Ground. The FG cleats are the most adaptable, as they may be used on a variety of surfaces (firm ground and artificial grass). However, if at all feasible, wear it exclusively on hard ground playing grounds.

puma one 1 low k leather socce 1591430765 d7faceae progressive

For hard ground, FG cleats are preferred.

5. For soft surfaces 

The SG soleplate is the best soccer cleat to buy if you just want to play on this surface. Never use these cleats when playing on artificial grass or turf. If you just play on soft surfaces on occasion or if you play both SG and FG, simply get a set of FG cleats that will operate well on both soft and hard ground playing surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should a pair of leather shoes last?

Soccer cleats should last for at least one season, which can range from 4 to 8 months. Depending on the materials used, your cleats will endure for an extra 2-3 months. Cleats might also endure two seasons or more if properly cared for. 

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe best

Leather shoes should last between 4 to 8 months.

2. Are leather football boots better than synthetic?

Real leather is a thicker material than synthetic, and these shoes give optimal protection to players. Real leather is thicker and lasts far longer than synthetic cleats. Leather shoes may really last for several years if properly cared for.

3. What is the best way to deal with stinky shoes?

Fill the offending shoes with baking soda. If the freezer method doesn’t work, add a generous amount of baking soda and leave the powder to absorb the odor overnight. Fill the shoes with fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peel. Because of the essential oils in citrus peel, it has a wonderful aroma.

16225447 soccer ball and shoes in grass isolated

Baking soda is the ideal approach to deal with smelly shoes.

Closing Points

All best leather soccer boots are designed to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. When it comes to choosing the best leather cleats 2021, there are several factors to consider. We hope this has given you a better idea of the best kangaroo leather soccer cleats.


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