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How Much Do NBA Players Make On Average?

We are used to NBA players living a luxurious life in multi-million dollar mansions and expensive cars and brands. The salary of an NBA player is unlimited as they also receive bonuses from wins and titles and the base salary. Recently, NBA clubs have also created additional income for players by signing contracts with sponsors […]

When Does NBA Free Agency Start In The 2024 Season?

Due to the pandemic, the NBA free agency for the 2023-2024 season will begin differently than usual. Last year, the NBA free agency deadline was postponed for a long time. It took place in late November inside the Orlando Bubble, after the season restarted. When does NBA free agency start? The 2024 NBA free agency […]

How Many Rounds Are In The NBA Draft?

Before the NBA offseason began, audiences were familiar with the dramatic warm-up events. One of the most prominent events was the NBA Draft. Teams belonging to the National Basketball Association can draft potential players and wish to participate in the tournament. During the NBA season, the draft round will usually take place in late June. […]

Which NBA Team Has The Most Championships Until 2024?

The title of the championship trophy is originally Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Once a year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) rewards this championship trophy to the NBA team who succeeds in the NBA finals. Yet, the first name for the trophy until 1984 was Walter A. Brown Trophy. So which NBA team has the […]

How Many Teams Make The NBA Playoffs 2024?

The NBA announced that the 2024 playoffs would be extended to include a play-in round in each conference. So, how many teams make the NBA playoffs? Ten teams will proceed to the playoffs in each conference, with teams seeded 7th through 10th competing in a play-in tournament to earn a spot in the conference playoffs. […]

An Ultimate Guide On High School Basketball Court Dimensions

Not all basketball courts are the same. The size and nature of each type will depend on the age group of the players participating. These numbers were not generated by James Naismith but were drawn up after decades of competition. Today’s standard basketball court size is a rectangle of 94×50 feet. However, the measurements for […]

Top 11 Best High School Basketball Players Of All Time

In sport, there are many meritocracy rules, and basketball is no exception. The recent decades have witnessed the blooming of many talented high school basketball players, who all have one goal: to make the NBA, being on CBS sports aside. While there is no specific formula to evaluate a player’s skill and ability, impact on […]

How Many Periods Are In Basketball Games?

When watching a basketball game, spectators often pay attention to the remaining time of the match. Usually, there will be a clock to show the time. However, not everyone knows its mechanism of action and calculation. These watches are associated with “periods.” So How many periods are in basketball? The rules for periods in basketball […]

What Is a Point Guard in Basketball? Read to Get the Correct Answer

A basketball team has five positions, and the point guard tends to be more important than the rest. As the smallest position on the basketball court, these players are responsible for running the offense and demonstrating all possessions go as smoothly as possible. They also need to be one scoring machine. So what is a […]

Top 10 Best College Basketball Teams Of All Time

Like the NBA, the NCAA tournament attracts a lot of attention thanks to its dramatic and exciting matches. At college basketball, viewers can understand the culture and admire the incredible moments in each national championship game. Determining the best college basketball teams is not an easy task. Many factors can point out the success of […]

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