Jerry Rice: Pro Football Hall Of Fame Receiver Brief View

Jerry Rice is one of the legendary wide receivers of the National Football League (NFL). He is the leader in almost every major WRs statistic, with three Super Bowls and Rice’s NFL record reaching 100. He is also a regular face of the NFL All-Team and Super Bowl menu teams. With such remarkable achievements, many […]

Who Is Josh Allen From Buffalo Bills?

If you are a fan of Buffalo Bills, you must have heard about Josh Allen, a talented quarterback, who used to lead the Bills to their first championship. To know more about this football player and his career, keep reading with Scott Fujita! About Josh Allen Profile Full Name Joshua Patrick Allen Josh Allen Age/  […]

Tom Brady Vs Aaron Rodgers Stats And Comparison

Sunday’s NFC Championship Game marks the fourth meeting between the future Hall of Famers Tom Brady VS Aaron Rodgers. In the fight between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers, both QBs are at a very high level of performance. With a score of 30-20 on Sunday, Brady and the Buccaneers beat the […]

Worst NFL Team Ever In NFL History: Top 10 List [Updated 2024]

No NFL team wants to go into the game without winning. However, sport is not a win-win game. There are always strong franchises with overwhelming power when compared to the common ground. Similarly, there will also be times when they are so bad that they do not want to look back. Who is the worst […]

A Complete Rankings On The Best Tight Ends Of All Time

No position in NFL history has seen as many changes as the tight end position. From being the sixth attacking leader and catching the pass occasionally, tight ends have become a key position in attack. Some NFL tight ends are essential to a passing attack by an existing NFL team. They have entire packages designed […]

Why Do Football Players Wear Tape On Their Arms?

The image of NFL football players wearing tape extending from the wrist to the back of the triceps is becoming more common. The name of this tape is turf tape. Why do football players wear tape on their arms? Wearing football tape will help players avoid scratches when hitting the grass. The Kinesio tape also […]

The Best NFL Team of All Time [2024 Edition]

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s championship that takes place every year. It is one of the most significant sporting events in the United States. To get a ticket to the Super Bowl, NFL teams have to be excellent. And only the teams that have a good performance are eligible to participate in these games. […]

Jim Brown: Pro Football Hall Of Fame

If you are an NFL fan, you may know Jim Brown was a talented advisor whose primary responsibility for the Cleveland Browns was to run with the football. Today, we write this piece to honor Jim Brown and give those who want to know more about this talented man. Brown is not only the best […]

Updated Girls Fantasy Football Team Name 2024 – Best Ideas for Names

We usually think football is only for men. But no, women can also play football, and they play very well. Girls prefer playing fantasy football. When you read this post, you might be thinking about setting up your own women’s football team to play fantasy football league. Should you be looking for some interesting ideas […]

What is the Hardest Position in Football?

In the previous post, we shared about the easiest positions in football. Today, we are going in the opposite direction – the hardest position in football. The hardest positions require the player’s superior ability compared to other regular positions. These positions often decide whether to win or lose on the field. You must have the […]

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