Who sings Sunday Night Football?

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If you are a loyal fan of Sunday Night Football, you are probably familiar with Carrie Underwood. As of September 13, 2020, she has been in 8 seasons as a performer of the opening song: “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.” 

Carrie Underwood’s music has always sounded like an integral part of this show in recent years. She will return for her 9th season on September 12th, 2020. Do you know who sings sunday night football?

1. Who sings the Sunday night football theme song?

Carrie Underwood has been the voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football theme song since September 2013. In addition, there are several other SNF singers as follows:

  • Pink (2006).
  • Faith Hill (2007 -2012).
  • Joan Jett (2019).

The most famous song is called Waiting All Day For Sunday Night. The song’s purpose is to encourage the fighting spirit of the teams. This song plays an important role.

who sings Sunday night football 4 1

Carrie Underwood created heroic moments before the teams start to play.

Pink (2006)

Alecia Beth Moore is also called Pink. She is an American songwriter, famous since 2000 with the album “Can’t Take Me Home”. She was to record the song for the SNF song for the first time.

Faith Hill (2007 -2012)

She is known as a famous American actress, country music singer as well as singer for Sunday night football. Considered the most popular country singer of all time in the world. She has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. 

She acted as an SNF song’s performer for 6 years.

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Carrie Underwood  (2013 – now)

She is a famous country singer and a songwriter, especially with the role of NFL Sunday night football singer. This country superstar rose to fame when she won American Idol in 2005. She makes an impressive appearance in a new video. It has been 8 times since she first sang in this event. 

Until now, she is still singing for the opening of this program. The charming NFL Sunday night singer will return for the ninth season.

Joan Jett (2019)

Joan Jett was the lead singer of The Blackhearts and became considered the queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. One of her best songs is “I Hate Myself for Loving You”.

With an invitation from Carrie to celebrate the NFL’s 100th anniversary, Joan Jett and this country Sunday night football song singer created a great Sunday Night Football song that has never happened in the history of this program.

2. About Sunday Night Football

If you are a sports fan, you will surely know about this program. It is also known as a weekly television program of National Football League (NFL) matches created by NBC. 

NBC Sunday Night Football is the most anticipated television program every weekend about National Football League matches. 

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Under the direction of producer Fred Gaudelli, it is a favorite program of sports fans around the world. In the US, it was officially broadcast on NBC.

Like the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, this program was broadcast on August 6, 2006.

who sings Sunday night football 5 1

Favorite TV show.

3. History of Sunday Night Football theme song

Along with the answer to the question “Who sings the NFL song?”, we will provide you the history of this program’s song through the details below. 

2006 – The first year

In this season, the singer performing the Sunday Night Football opening song is Pink. This song is a remake version of “I Hate Myself for Loving You”. Her performance was shown on a monitor, like the one in Times Square that was leased by NBC at the time.

2007 –  The beginning of Faith

She is a person who took over the role of Pink. Some of the lyrics have been changed slightly, the song tends to lean more towards the country music genre.


This season was released on September 7. She created a great moment with the opening song while dancing. Around her were video screens with simulated action games.


In 2009, Faith resumed her role in a self-contained studio.


She performed the opening song next to a Ford Mustang convertible. This time, she was filmed in the Hollywood Hills in California.

During Week 16, the intro was temporarily canceled due to the game moving to Tuesday instead of the usual.

who sings Sunday night football 3 1


This season featured some changes, including performing next to a motorcycle.

2012 –  Last year of Faith Hill

The show’s opening for 2012 featured some changes. Typically she walked through the tunnel towards the stage to perform with a rock band in front of audiences. This is also the last year that she participates in this program.

2013 –  First year of Underwood

Carrie Underwood NFL has replaced Faith from this. Before the battle of Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams, she created and performed in a computer-generated stadium. 

Starting this season, the song is canceled at all playoff games aired on NBC.


The glamorous singer on Sunday night football reprises her role at a computer-generated stage.


For her third year comeback on Sep 13th, the NFL singer Sunday night once again performed on a computer-generated stage.


During its fourth season on Sep 11th, Underwood performed “Oh, Sunday Night” replacing “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night”.


On Sep 10th, Underwood returned to her role in a glamorous red dress.

who sings Sunday night football 1 1

The return of the country singer.


Underwood’s music was played again at the new Sunday night football on Sep 9th. However, she created a great performance called “Oh Sunday Night” instead of “Game On” at the opening.


Who sings Sunday night football 2019?

This Underwood’s comeback was very special with the role of Sunday night football singer 2019. She teamed up with Joan Jett to perform the original NBC’s Sunday Night Football song.


On her 8th comeback, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a new Sunday Night Football song could not be recorded.


Her song will be played on Sep 12th, 2020

Dramatic battle between the Dallas Cowboys the Los Angeles Rams 1

The dramatic battle between the Dallas Cowboys & the Los Angeles Rams.

4. Great combination of Jett and Underwood in NBC’s Sunday Night Football opening song

sunday night football singer

Great combination – 2 idols are singing.

NFL Carrie Underwood teamed up with Joan Jett to sing the theme song for Sunday Night Football in 2019. They sang “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” as the intro. 

With the help of Jett’s own teams, both of these charming football singers have made the performance so perfect. This is such a great combination that satisfies many fans. 

This is not the first time Joan Jett and Underwood have stood on the same stage. One month before this union took place, Joan Jett and Carrie Underwood met on stage during the 2019 CMA Festival on ABC. They had a very interesting meeting.

Interestingly, it was Underwood who came up with the idea to invite Joan Jett to appear and join her in the performance. She presented the idea to executives to make it a reality. 


There’s no denying that the songs play an important role in this show so that they become much more interesting and exciting. No matter who sings SNF song, the Sunday night football female singer mentioned above did a great job in their roles. We will continue to hear Carrie Underwood’s voice in the seasons to come.

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