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The New York Jets team has a good chance of becoming the No.1 Pick in the 2022 NFL draft order. The Jets did not improve much and lost 0-3 against the Denver Broncos. A lucky start to the season gave the Broncos a chance to come in at the 28th overall pick.

Scott Fujita will update the full projection for the NFL draft order 2022 in this post.

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2022 NFL draft order 

NFL Draft Order 2022 and Team’s Average Draft Position 

Currently, there are five trades related to the first-round pick in NFL Draft 2022. As expected, the New York Giants will have two top ten picks. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles will likely have three first-round picks. 

Wentz played in Week 1 after dealing with a preseason foot injury. It wasn’t until game two that he sprained his ankle again. Wentz resumed playing in Week 3 after injury. However, he could not help the Colts gain the 1st win of the year.

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The ESPN Football Power Index projects the NFL Draft thanks to simulating season remainder 10,000 times.

NFL game probabilities depend on the model’s ratings for the individual teams in addition to game locations. After that, the order will rely on the records that the model believes the clubs will have after 17 NFL games. Also, it depends on each team’s average draft position in the simulations.

The NFL Draft 2022 is full of talents. Check out this video to have the most comprehensive view:

Below are NFL draft results 2022:

Ord. NFL Team Average draft position FPI chance to earn No. 1 pick FPI chance to make a top-five pick
1 New York Jets 4.2 Average draft position 23.5% 72.6%
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 4.3 Average draft position 25.7% 74.4%
3 Detroit Lions 5.2 Average draft position 15.2% 63.6%
4 New York Giants 5.9 Average draft position 11.6% 57.1%
5 Houston Texans 7.2 Average draft position 7.5% 48.3%
6 Atlanta Falcons 7.4 Average draft position 5.7% 40.6%
7 New York Giants 9.9 Average draft position 2.4% 24.0%
8 Washington Football Team 10.4 Average draft position 2.0% 23.3%
9 Philadelphia Eagles 11.2 Average draft position 1.7% 19.5%
10 Indianapolis Colts 11.4 Average draft position 2.2% 22.0%
11 Pittsburgh Steelers 12.9 Average draft position 11.0% 38.4%
12 Philadelphia Eagles 13.0 Average draft position 11.2% 39.1%
13 New England Patriots 14.9 Average draft position 7.1% 28.9%
14 Cincinnati Bengals 15.9 Average draft position 6.3% 23.9%
15 New York Jets 16.4 Average draft position 3.7% 18.5%
16 Minnesota Vikings 17.1 Average draft position 4.3% 21.0%
17 Las Vegas Raiders 20.0 Average draft position 0.9% 7.4%
18 Tennessee Titans 20.5 Average draft position 3.2% 14.2%
19 Green Bay Packers 20.6 Average draft position 1.5% 10.4%
20 Los Angeles Chargers 20.6 Average draft position 0.9% 7.1%
21 Miami Dolphins 21.0 Average draft position 0.6% 5.8%
22 Carolina Panthers 121.5 Average draft position 0.5% 4.4%
23 Cleveland Browns 21.9 Average draft position 0.6% 5.1%
24 Kansas City Chiefs 21.0 Average draft position 1.6% 8.9%
25 Baltimore Ravens 22.0 Average draft position 0.5% 4.9%
26 New Orleans Saints 22.3 Average draft position 0.4% 3.6%
27 Arizona Cardinals 22.9 Average draft position 0.2% 2.3%
28 Denver Broncos 23.5 Average draft position 0.2% 2.7%
29 Dallas Cowboys 23.7 Average draft position 0.6% 4.4%
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24.5 Average draft position 0.1% 1.6%
31 Detroit Lions 26.2 Average draft position <0.1% 0.5%
32 Buffalo Bills 28.1 Average draft position <0.1% 0.4%
Table. 2022 NFL draft results by ESPN stats


When Is the 2022 NFL Draft?

The NFL 2022 draft order is the 87th annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises. The 2022 NFL Draft aims to select newly eligible NFL players. 

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The draft started on 28th April and ended on 30th April in Paradise, Nevada.

nfl draft order 2022

The NFL Draft aims to select newly eligible NFL players.

2022 NFL Mock Draft

Much has changed since May, with better signs of top prospects in the new college football season.

New York Giants

The Giants need a left tackle to replace Nate Solder. They need to allow Andrew Thomas a more comfortable position at correct tackle. 

Kirkland is a smooth player who wants to upgrade their pass protection big-time for Daniel Jones or other QuarterBacks.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati has a lot of builders. Now is an excellent time for Cincinnati to set up a good offensive line and defense.

Kenyon Green is a versatile player. The inside offensive line receives a boost from him to play offensive tackle.

New York Jets


Tennessee traded a seventh-round selection and Isaiah Wilson -offensive linemen to Miami. The aim is to exchange for a 2022 seventh-round selection.

Los Angeles Rams – First Roun

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LA Rams 

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals should consider cornerback in 2022 by finding the next Peterson in mind.

Andrew Booth Jr. is an active corner. He has the advantage of speed as well as ball skills to give the Cardinals a great gift.

Some Outstanding Players in 2022 NFL Mock Draft

  • Brandon Smith.
  • Zach Wilson – Quarterback.
  • Trevor Lawrence – Quarterback.
  • Michael Thomas – Wide receiver.
  • Rasheed Walker – San Francisco 49ers.
  • Kyle Hamilton – Defensive Backs.

Final Thoughts 

Above are the NFL draft results by ESPN stats. We hope the news is useful to you. Don’t forget to visit Scott Fujita to keep up to date with the latest news on sports events!

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