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Football is undoubtedly a team game, but not all football positions are equally important. Football players can still have a significant impact on the game without even touching the ball.

What are the positions in football? What is the most important position in football? Below is a list of general rankings based on the effects of positions in the match.

What are the responsibilities of these football positions? Let’s find out with Scott Fujita.

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Quarterback is the most vital football position 

1. Quarterback (Offense) – The Most Important Positions In Football

The highest-paid players in the NFL season usually play in the quarterback, the best football position.

Quarterbacks take care of the touch of the ball in the attacking phase and assist in the passing game. No other football position can have such an impact on the win-lose outcome of professional matches.

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A modern quarterback must be the right combination of size, arm strength, and precision. He also needs to be able to disrupt complex offensive and defensive systems in a split second. Sometimes, quarterbacks even have to play the ball with their feet if necessary.

2. Left Tackle (Offense)

Left tackle is the first position in the five offensive linemen. They also play the most crucial role on the offensive line. These players are tasked with protecting the quarterback’s blind spots in positions where they usually look far away.

If the left tackle position can’t do its job well, the QB will get injured or hit. They must block defensive players on the opposing team who are trying to get ahead to tackle an offensive player.

3. Center (Offense)

Continuing in this list of the most important NFL positions is also an offensive lineman. The center is tasked with hiking the football for QB. Kicking the ball is a term that refers to placing the ball on the ground and then being brought from between the center’s legs to the QB’s hands for them to play.

A good center needs to know how to take advantage of an explosion of pass-rushing defensive tackles against them.

The center is also the one who must read the defensive tactics and call for the blocking system. Vision and playing IQ are the characteristics required in a reliable center. If the blocking fails, they will be the ones to take the biggest responsibility.

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4. Middle Linebacker (Defense)

The “Mike” linebackers are the captains of the defensive line. They are usually the ones who command defensive units and call out a defensive play. The main job of middle linebackers is to protect the center of the field from passes, corner quarterbacks, and handle back runs.

This player usually ends the season with more tackles than other NFL positions.

5. Safety (Defense)

The last line of defense is safety, which is the player farthest from the ball in a split second. As the game goes on, their value will increase. We need a guy with the proper fitness for receivers in range.

In the middle of the field, free safeties are equally important. Every team needs quality-free safety. They can knock out passes and go from side to side to pick up the ball. In the back end, safeties are great versatile athletes and are well interchangeable.

6. Defensive End (Defense)

A quality pass rusher will play a critical role in most teams. They are responsible for putting pressure on the opponent’s quarterbacks. If that fails, talented offensive players will have time to make a few passes.

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Wide receiver 

7. Wide Receiver (Offense)

Why are wide receivers not too high on the list of most important football positions this time? In fact, the more wide receivers on the field, the harder it will be for prominent faces to appear.

It’s essential to have a wide receiver with an incredible physique, win jump balls, and regularly hit the ball home. But when you consider that the quarterback is getting rid of the row with five receivers around, they’re no longer necessary.

8. Tight End (Offense)

The tight end is the next position on the list of required positions on a football field. These players will be smaller than offensive linemen but still taller than other traditional players.

The two main jobs of tight ends in today’s NFL are blocking and receiving passes from QB. We often see the primary attack relative of five men, therefore the name.

When a play goes on, these players will enter the open area to catch the pass and block the oncoming defenders.

9. Cornerback (Defense)

Of all positions in football, the cornerback is probably the most annoying position in the defensive line. This position is considered to have the most to do with football’s success over the past decade. Try to think more profoundly, and you will notice.

The NFL now revolves around heavy-passing. Possessing an elite cornerback will cut the field in half and create better counter-attack opportunities.

A bad cornerback player will be the weakest point and can break the team’s defense.

10. Running Back (Offense)

The position of running backs is likely to be higher than in previous decades. With the NFL’s current play, when they pitch first and use backcourt committees, the role of this position is no longer necessary.

However, a strong team with clever tactics can still turn running backs into an important position with offenses. Excellent running backs will help relieve pressure from quarterbacks and pick up passes from the backyard.

11. Outside Linebacker (Defense)

This position is behind the defensive line. The primary duties of linebackers include covering tight ends and ending or covering the running game.

Strong-side linebackers play a significant role when playing, but they cannot be compared to weak-side linebackers. These players are usually on the pitch on passing downs.

12. Right Tackle (Defense)

Right tackle is an important factor for high-end and excellent running games. However, they are still behind the left tackle because they are not in the quarterback’s blind spot. It makes him a lot more prone to fouls. In addition, this position will also not be able to create stronger matchups than the left tackle.

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Right tackle 

13. Left Guard (Offense)

Every player along the offensive line has a specific impact on the generation of attacks. But many coaches will place their most vulnerable front line backstop on the left chest.

These players need the strength to move defenders off the ball during runs.

One tactic that coaches often use to hide a player’s shortcomings at the point of attack is to guide the center of the double or chip coordination before climbing to the second level.

14. Right Guard (Offense)

Using the “slip” guard requires teams to place a solid pass stopper in the right guard. This formation often has situations where the central defender is pushed to the left to help the left-back and let the right-back one-on-one with the opponent’s defense.

In the running game, this position needs to be able to cut through second-level linebackers and move defensive tackles.

15. Kicker (Special Teams Offense)

The match can be decided when the kicker scores a field gold in the clutch. However, it is not common. Kicker does not participate as much as other positions on the field, so their importance is also inferior.

16. Punter (Special Teams Kicking Team)

Punters work to put your team in a better defensive position when it gets 4th down. A weak player will put the team in a difficult position. However, they are not a key element of the game.

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17. Returner (Special Teams Return Team)

Wide receivers often assume responsibility as returners. Some teams leave only one person to respond to kicks. The lack of appearance in the matches makes them low on the list.

18. Long Snapper (Offensive Special Teams)

The main task of the long snapper is to bring the ball to the punter and holder successfully. This work is not so necessary and can sometimes be to your detriment. An errant snap can give free points to an opponent.

Final Thoughts

No one can argue that the quarterback is the best position in football. Other rankings may change over time depending on tactics and trends in squad organization in the seasons.

Understanding the importance of each football position will help teams and coaches make intelligent personnel decisions. A correct choice will elevate the team and vice versa.

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