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For sports requiring helmets, facemasks are one of the most necessary protective equipment. And football is such a sport.

Investing in the best NFL facemasks will help you a lot during the competition. It can protect the entire face, especially in sensitive areas such as the mouth, nose, and eyes.

The process of playing football often happens with intense collisions, and that is when a football facemask comes in handy.

Since this is a safety guard, it is not wise to just buy it on a whim. Scott Fujita will assist you with a list of awesome football facemasks and detailed buying instructions.

Let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

In-depth Reviews Of The Best Football Facemasks

Choosing football facemasks is not easy. You may be overwhelmed by the thousands of products on the market. No worries because we will assist you in finding the best quality product.

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask 

Product highlights

Topping the list is the youth football face mask from Schutt. This product received a lot of high ratings from the users.

This varsity football specialty facemask is highly reliable and meets all the durability standards set by the manufacturer. The primary material of the device is carbon steel to ensure safety but still have an extremely affordable price.

The overall architecture of this carbon steel facemask features a double-wire bar for enhanced support for the nose and eyes. Players in youth leagues will benefit significantly from the product. They can fully enjoy their match confidently and fiercely with the ultimate protection.

Another proud design of these Schutt Sports youth helmets and facemasks is the extended brow section. This design ensures improved visibility and visibility for all playing positions. Absorbing large impacts caused by frontal hits is also very effective.

Schutt Vengeance is versatile and suitable for many different positions in the field.

Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask for Vengeance Football Helmets, V-ROPO-DW-YF, Black
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Good shock-absorbing feature.
  • Made of carbon steel for balance protection.
  • Extended brow design for maximum vision.
  • Flexible for youth athletes.
  • It improves players’ confidence and performance.


  • It feels heavy and bulky.

Bottom line

High durability is one of the factors that make this best football facemask so popular. It can serve for a longer time than one would initially expect.

With an affordable price tag, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better quality product than the Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask.

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2. Xenith Prime Skill Football Faceguard

Product highlights

Skilled footballers looking for football accessories that expand their horizons but still offer ultimate protection should opt for Xenith Prime.

It has a design that helps provide foresight. It’s much easier to play football in the hot sun when you team it up with a helmet with breathable spacer fabric. One caveat about this product is that it is only compatible with helmets and clips from the same brand – Xenith.

Solid construction and high-grade carbon steel provide excellent durability. This device guarantees the protection of the player from any direct impact.

In addition, the polyethylene powder coating on the mask essentially enhances its durability. All of them will help extend the life of the product while keeping the price affordable.

The manufacturer has taken great care to include specific instructions for use and assembly for the product in the package. The installation is straightforward, and you can do it at home.

Xenith Prime Skill Football Faceguard (M - XL, White)
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Better field visibility.
  • It ensures a high level of durability, thanks to the carbon steel material.
  • Can withstand impact and hit.
  • Comprehensive and flexible because it works for any position.
  • Using solid and durable polyethylene powder coating.


  • Only compatible with helmets and mask clips from Xenith.

Bottom line

All in all, Xenith Prime is the best choice for skill positions. Maintaining maximum vision without sacrificing safety is a complex problem. Now, you can choose for yourself the product that meets the needs of both.

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3. Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask

Product highlights

Players who play defensive, tight end field positions, and even offensive lines will all love this product. The DCT EGOP-II-TRAD is another Schutt product with extremely high quality and durable carbon steel.

The cone-shaped shield increases the range of motion for performance athletes but protects them from dangerous force impacts. It provides maximum visibility to observe the match and the opponent’s movements more easily.

You can also choose the color according to your preference. Schutt offers six different options for users to have more decisions. The price of this product makes us expect quite a lot, and it can meet those requirements.

Schutt Sports VEGOP TRAD Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard, White
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Ultimate protection.
  • Maximum vision. 
  • Good face masks for all playing positions.
  • Wide variety of color choices.
  • Tapered faceguard design increases range of motion.


  • There is not much information and reviews.

Bottom line

The Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask provides comprehensive protection and intimidating style for any user. It is definitely a worthwhile investment. You can also refer to the Green Gridiron Riddell model if you want to find a similar product.

4. Schutt Sports Carbon Steel DNA-EGOP-YF Youth Football Faceguard

Product highlights

The Schutt Sports DNA-EGOP-YF is an exciting choice for young athletes. It comes with a pleasant price and good quality to protect your face from intense impacts during competition.

Like the other facemasks on this list, this product is made of high-quality carbon steel for ultimate durability. You can confidently go to the field without having to worry about problems or problems.

Schutt also uses new built-in technology to make it easier for the user to attach the mask to the helmet. It saves a lot of preparation time.

The product also comes with over 13 different color options. You can certainly choose a color that suits your taste. Stand out on stage without sacrificing safety.

Schutt DNA EGOP YF Youth Faceguard (Black, Youth)
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Strong overall construction.
  • Designed to protect users.
  • Available in 13 fabulous colors.
  • Offered at a reasonable price.
  • It works well for different players with different responsibilities and playing positions.


  • It will be pretty heavy and bulky.

Bottom line

The Schutt Sports DNA-EGOP-YF is the optimal choice for those with a low budget but still want to equip themselves with a quality product.

With various colors as well as an easy-to-install design, it is not too difficult for us to list it this time. This type of mask is also suitable for many different playing positions on the field.

5. Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT ROPO-SW-TRAD Facemask

Product highlights

Another candidate from Schutt in this list is the Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT ROPO-SW-TRAD Facemask. Overall, we are satisfied with the overall structure of this product. It is strong and can accurately protect the player’s face.

The product is also made from carbon steel. This material is popular because it has an affordable price but still ensures safety features when playing. Raised brow design maximizes vision enhancement.

Your ear loops feel cool to the touch, thanks to the quality interior lining. The conical shield design increases your range of motion and reduces potential areas of impact. With a total of seven color options, you can ultimately make your decision according to your preference.

This product is capable of meeting the needs of players in a variety of positions. Pair it with Schutt’s youth football helmets for the best support.

Schutt Sports VROPO SW TRAD Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard, White
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Available in 7 beautiful colors.
  • Offered at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Strong overall construction.
  • Designed to protect the player’s face.
  • It works well for many different players with different responsibilities and roles.


  • No reviews are available.

Bottom line

The Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT ROPO-SW-TRAD Facemask is suitable for mature and experienced players. It will give you the best protection with clear vision. If you’re looking for a similar product, we recommend the Under Armour Adult Sports Mask. Let’s try to find out!

6. Schutt Sports VRJOP DW Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard

Product highlights

Coming in at sixth on the list is one of the best wide receiver face masks available today – the Schutt Sports VRJOP DW Vengeance.

The product uses the same style worn by NFL players to provide an optimal user experience. With the primary material being carbon steel, you can completely trust the durability as well as the long life of this mask. It is also one of the popular choices for users today.

Some suitable positions for this protective equipment are wide receivers, tight ends, or running backs. Many horizontal bars below help prevent solid external influences from affecting your mouth and jaw. There’s nothing worse than broken teeth or bruises on your face after a match.

The extended eyebrow design is also a highlight of the product. We are completely satisfied with its effectiveness in enhancing eyesight. It also ensures sports equipment can absorb the impact of a frontal collision better than the competition.

Schutt Sports VRJOP DW Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard, Scarlet
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Have a solid and fantastic look.
  • Available in a strong bar configuration.
  • Built with affordable and robust carbon steel.
  • It works ideal for several football positions.
  • It has an enlarged brow design for more privacy and visibility.


  • Not an ideal choice for young football players.

Bottom line

Schutt Sports VRJOP DW Vengeance is also manufactured for durability and toughness, meeting the needs of different players holding different roles and positions on the field. It also looks great and powerful. It has a unique design, giving you a stand-out look when in the area.

7. Schutt Sports Super Pro Carbon Steel ROPO-DW-XL Football Faceguard

Product highlights

I highly recommend Schutt Sports ROPO-DW-XL Football Faceguard for those who are looking for a full-size face mask with the most solid protection. It meets the standards of durability as well as quality that the manufacturer has committed to the user.

It allows athletes to express themselves with aggressive play freely. Featuring a double-wire bar, this design adds a solid layer of defense to your face. The manufacturer also equips additional support layers in the jaw and mouth.

Carbon steel material is the star of the product. This strong material offers excellent durability but doesn’t burn your wallet.

Coaches or players can feel secure in using it, considering the value this device brings. Another strong point of the product is that it does not restrict the user’s view.

The shock absorption and impact force of this football mask are also very stable. This versatile soccer mask fits a variety of playing positions on the field. Durability and toughness allow you to use them for a long time without worrying about damage.

Schutt Sports Super Pro Carbon Steel ROPO-DW- XL Football Faceguard, Grey
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Made of carbon steel for enhanced strength.
  • Cone shield design increases the range of motion and reduces potential areas of impact.
  • XL Faceguard.
  • High durability.


  • It only fits XL Schutt XP Helmets.

Bottom line

Since the Schutt Sports ROPO-DW-XL Football Faceguard is an oversized facemask, it will fit the exact football helmet. Equip the product with a helmet from Schutt for best results.

8. Schutt Sports VTEGOP Titanium Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard

Product highlights

The final product has an astronomical price tag but is wholly justified considering its premium features. The Schutt Sports VTEGOP has a flexible design and is suitable for defensive and offensive lines players.

Schutt added oral protection with sturdy bars. Players can completely move freely without fear of impact from sudden substantial impacts. The wide-view design also allows you to see the game more closely but not dazzle when the light hits it.

Material is the biggest highlight of this product. Schutt Sports VTEGOP is proud to use the high-grade Titanium material you often see in the NFL. This material is highly durable while keeping weight to a minimum. Well, moving flexibly on the pitch will no longer be a dream.

The extended brow design also provides perfect protection for the entire face. In addition, Schutt also allows players to choose from 13 different colors. You will feel confident and stand out in competition with this product.

Schutt Sports VTEGOP Titanium Vengeance Varsity Football Faceguard, Cardinal
as of September 28, 2023 11:55 am


  • Titanium material for the best performance.
  • Wide variety of color choices.
  • Good oral protection.
  • It helps enhance vision.
  • It offers fewer grab points.


  • Hefty price tag.

Bottom line

Schutt Sports VTEGOP’s high price tag comes with guaranteed quality. Titanium material is the king of all mask materials. So you can completely trust that you have purchased the best product on the market.

Buying Guides

The facemask attached to the football helmet is the only barrier between your face and the opponents. It would help if you did not make a poor choice, but research and consider carefully before deciding.

Many people often choose the facemask with the most bars, but things are not so easy. Let’s find out the factors that you should consider when selecting the coolest football facemask in this section.


best football facemasks scottfujita 2

The material of football facemasks 

There are three common materials that you can find in football facemasks today: stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel.

Carbon steel is the most popular choice with football players. Its advantages lie in its affordable price as well as its high durability and toughness. The only disadvantage of this material is that it is much heavier than the other two options.

Stainless steel facemasks are a perfect combination of two factors: lightweight and high strength. You need to keep in mind that the price for this material will be much higher than the first material.

Titanium is again the preferred choice of professionals, college athletes, or elite high school teams. Its lightweight construction allows players to improve maximum speed. This material is also superior in strength and durability.

On-field Positions

Based on the position on the field, you can choose for yourself the appropriate face mask.

Closed cage

best football facemasks

Closed cage facemasks 

The closed case (aka full cage) is a mask that does exactly what you would expect. It is compatible with football helmets to protect your entire face without blocking your view.

Closed models often include lots of horizontal bars running along the bottom half of the mask. It is suitable for those who in the defensive line wish to receive maximum protection for their mouth, eyes, face and chin from their opponent’s arms, elbows and fingers. The positions that will benefit from this mask are:

  • Fullback.
  • Linebacker.
  • Defensive lineman.
  • Offensive lineman.

The more bars, the higher the protection and durability will be. Even so, it will reduce visibility and field of vision.

Open cage

best football facemasks scottfujita 4

Open cage facemasks 

Visibility is key to success with some positions, such as the offensive line. They use open cage masks around the eyes to maximize visibility. They still include bars across the nose that run down to the bottom for protection. Positions that will benefit from this helmet include:

  • Wide receiver.
  • Quarterback.
  • Defensive back.
  • Running back.
  • Kicker.

Some models can also give skill players additional protection. The manufacturer has created some auxiliary equipment such as extra vertical bars in peripheral view or jawline. Their purpose is to strengthen the safety of the eyes and mouth.

Some masks also act as sunglasses. It helps to enhance your eyesight in case the light is too bright.

Additional Features

best football facemasks scottfujita 5

You need to check out the additional technology of football facemasks 

What makes the best football facemasks stand out from standard football helmet cages is their special features. You should choose the latest products with advanced technology when playing on the football field.

Such improvements were born to provide better player protection. It also comes with better visibility and outstanding performance. One of the best examples is the upgrade of lighter materials and malleable metals.

These features provide all-around protection through better impact absorption. You can also expect them to be more effective in oral protection, minimizing injuries and concussions affecting the head.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will help you answer some questions surrounding the coolest facemasks in football.

best football facemasks scottfujita 6

The hardware of football facemask kits 

1. Does the football facemask come with a hardware kit?

Usually, you won’t get a hardware kit when you buy a football facemask. You will have to purchase them separately. All that the manufacturer provides are just the necessary tools for you to attach the face mask to your football helmet.

The tools often included in a football facemask set include:

  • Stainless steel cage screw.
  • Stainless steel cage T-nuts.
  • Cage straps.

2. Does the facemask have a clip to secure with the helmet?

It depends on the type of mask you choose to buy. Football helmets with at least one visor usually come with a purchase package that includes a stand. This device has the effect of fixing the visor to the bar.

The holder also comes with a clip so you can configure and secure the mask and its configuration bar to the helmet. You will rarely find a clip that comes with a mask.

3. How can you choose the facemask to fit your football helmet?

Depending on the brand of your football helmet, you can choose the proper football facemask. We will not recommend any particular product. Since this is a tool related to your own safety and health, take the time to research and learn about it thoroughly.

Be aware that major soccer helmet brands like Xenith, Schutt, or Riddell will design facemasks to fit certain types of football helmets. It is best to choose products from the same brand for maximum consistency.

best football facemasks scottfujita 7

Custom football facemasks 

4. Why is the NFL banning custom football masks?

The NFL banned the use of non-standard/overconstructed masks for the 2014 season. 

The NFL bans custom facemasks because football isn’t supposed to be fun. The site reports that NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy sent an email to, insisting players need to undergo medical testing to look genuinely original on the field.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a suitable football facemask is not easy. You need to research and evaluate the products carefully before making a decision. Since it is related to your own safety, it is perfectly reasonable to trade a little time and effort.

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