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Imagine your team is awarded a penalty, and you are the chosen one. In this situation, you need a specific guide on how to kick a soccer ball with power and accuracy more than ever. Don’t worry, in this article, Scott Fujita will guide you specifically.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball With Power And Accuracy

The simple steps to help kicking a soccer ball with power are briefly written as below:

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  • Step 1: Trick yourself for success.
  • Step 2: Take a good touch of the ball.
  • Step 3: Keep your eyes on the ball.
  • Step 4: Put your foot next to the ball.
  • Step 5: Swing your arms.
  • Step 6: Pull your kicking foot back.
  • Step 7: Lock your ankles.
  • Step 8: Position your body correctly.
  • Step 9: Kick the ball.
how to kick a soccer ball scottfujita
There are some simple ways to kick the ball perfectly.

1. Trick yourself for success

Making sure you’re ready to receive the ball is an important part of preparing yourself to actually shoot it. By being alert to his surroundings and other players, a player can soon decide what he or she intends to do with the ball when it is received.

The ability to read the situation quickly will tell a player how long they will have the ball, whether any teammates are opening up or if they are in position to shoot on goal. This preparation will help ensure a successful kick.

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2. Take a good touch of the soccer ball

Kicking the ball too close will reduce your strength and accuracy. Even professional footballers don’t kick the ball well when it gets caught between their feet. 

A good touch will put the ball a few feet away from you. You will be able to shoot the ball in one step. If you take a lot of steps before kicking, your touch is too far in front of you.

You can touch the ball with the inside of the foot, outside of the foot. You can also touch the ball with the laces of your foot. Depending on the situation, you will choose the touch.

The way you hit the ball depends on the type of kick you use. For example, touch the ball at a slight angle to establish a correct kick, and touch the ball directly when performing a straight kick.

3. Keep your eyes on the soccer ball

After doing steps 1 and 2 correctly, you should know your goal, have an idea of where everyone is on the field, and the ball should be directly in front of you. Next – keep an eye on the ball!

Knowing what you need to do to get the ball into the hands of an intended teammate or behind the net, keep your eyes on the ball as it sweeps across the field.

This will greatly increase your accuracy and ensure that you hit the ball in the right spot and hopefully on target!

how to kick a soccer ball scottfujita 1
Adjust part of the foot on the soccer ball.

4. Plant foot next to the soccer ball

The position of your foot has a huge effect on your kick. Paying attention to where you place your foot will improve the accuracy and momentum of your kick.

For most kicks, place your foot even with the ball vertically and a comfortable distance from the ball horizontally. If you want to put the loft into the ball, place your feet wider. Where you want the ball to go, point your foot.

Correct positioning of your foot will solve problems with your kick. To determine where to place your foot, push your kicking foot out then move your placed foot forward to the correct position.

5. Swing your arms

Swinging your arms gracefully while shooting improves balance and strength. It makes the kick smooth and sporty. You will be more beautiful and kick better.

To use your arms, raise the arm corresponding to your position foot while you simultaneously move your other arm backward. Swing your arms forward as you make contact with the ball.

how to kick a soccer ball scottfujita 2
Keep your head high and pull your shooting foot back.

6. Pull your kicking foot back

How far back you pull your kicking foot back will be determined by how much force you need to exert to kick the ball. For example, when winding up to shoot, you should draw your foot back while bending at the knee until it forms a V to help you generate more force.

However, for a simple short pass, you will only need to pull your foot back a short distance to generate enough power to hit the target. With time, all players will learn how much power they need for each kick.

7. Lock your ankles

Think of your foot like a golf club. All golf clubs are made of metal because they are very sturdy. Metal does not bend when hitting a golf ball. Any flexibility will reduce power and accuracy. To make your foot become firm and straight, lock your ankle. 

8. Position your body correctly

In most cases, the ball will go in the direction your body is facing. This means you have to lean in the direction of the target and understand that it is very difficult to get the ball to the intended position if you are facing the wrong way.

This is because it is difficult to control the flight path and accuracy of the ball if different parts of your body are fighting with each other. Just as you will lose power and accuracy if you stand too close to the ball, you will also lose power and accuracy if your body is not properly positioned.

9. Kick the soccer ball

After following the previous steps, you should now be in a great position to shoot with precision and power.

But what part of your foot should you use to kick and your kick should land on the ball? Both of these depend on what you are hoping to achieve.

For a powerful shot on goal, with your legs bent into a V and your body leaning toward the target, hit the ball with your shoelaces.

The large bone in the foot just behind your big toe will act like a club and push the ball toward goal with force.

For maximum power, you want to hit the ball to its center, not too close to the ground. If you want to give the ball a little spin or let it curve into the back of the net, then you can simply hit the ball to either side of its center depending on how you want it to go.

However, a normal pass will require a different technique as it is usually not necessary to hit the ball with maximum power. In this case, players should use the inside of their foot, which is generally more accurate but with less force.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball Hard And Powerful: 5 Useful tips

how to kick a soccer ball scottfujita 3
Useful tips help striking the ball in proper way.

1. Use your laces

Where you want to aim to get the most power from your shot is the top of your foot.

2. Striker landing

If you’re hitting the ball with the right momentum and technique, you’ll land with the same foot you’re kicking first. Think of it like sweeping your feet under the ball and swinging so hard that your body is in the air and can only land with that very soothing foot.

3. Keep your feet flexible 

Keep your bent foot facing the ground as if you were hitting the ball to make sure contact with the ball.

4. Tracking

People tend to stop swinging their feet when they make contact with the ball and just watch the ball. The shot isn’t over until the next stage is over, I think hitting the ball over the ball doesn’t stop there.

5. Plant foot position

For balance, accuracy, and power, make sure to place the foot of the tree (the foot you are not kicking) about a half-foot next to the ball and facing the direction you are shooting. Think of it as the scope on your gun as the target to attack.


Along with this article, we hope it helps you understand the simple steps for this question “how do you kick a soccer ball properly?” And always remember, practice makes perfect! Work hard for the best results!

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