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If you are an avid NFL fan, you’ll want to own at least one NFL Jersey. Buying NFL apparel from no-name and unknown stores will only save you a bit of money at first.

Therefore, buying a NFL Jersey is not easy. Scott Fujita has compiled a list of the best place to buy nfl jerseys. You will receive officially licensed goods from your favorite NFL team in return. Sounds appealing, right? Let’s dive in!

The Best Place To Buy NFL Jerseys Online

During this section, I would like to introduce you to the top 6 most reliable and quality NFL shops available today. Let’s see which websites they are!

1. NFL Shop: Officially Licensed NFL Jerseys

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NFL Shop

When buying jerseys for a particular tournament, the first place you should think of is their official website. Their jerseys are genuinely unique, with premium quality down to the stitches. Of course, the price per product will also burn a hole in your wallet.

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The NFL online shop offers every NFL team a wide selection of jerseys, numbers, and colors. Some die-hard fans will also love the retro or limited edition jerseys of a few popular NFL teams.

The store ensures the most accurate color, quality, and texture of the jerseys are preserved. At the collar, they also include the metallic NFL shield as a sign of authenticity.

You can also customize your jerseys with embroidery or stitched tackle twill numbers and names. The NFL Shop also allows you to customize the name and number as required to create a jersey of your own.

Currently, the NFL Shop is having “Deal ends soon.” Please use the corresponding code on the website to receive the discounted price and free shipping. For newbies, they’ll also give you a 10% discount!


  • The highest quality jerseys are available.
  • You can find any jersey.
  • Full customization options.
  • Free shipping for specific orders.


  • Expensive price tag.

2. Fanatics: Official Distributor Of NFL

As a hardcore NFL fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the name Fanatics. This site has all the gears you can find related to the NFL. You also won’t need to worry about reliability as Fanatics is an authorized distributor of the NFL.

One feature that I like when using Fanatics is the Clearance Section. Here you can find every type of NFL jersey at the best price. Whether it’s the authentic Pro-Line, Replica, or the NFL’s Centennial limited edition jersey, you’ll find them all!

Households will also love this site as it includes both sizes and options for kids and women. What do you think about wearing NFL jerseys as family jerseys?

According to the rules of Fanatics Inc: “No portion of this site may be reproduced or duplicated without the express permission of Fanatics” – Please rest assured that all content in this site is original.


Even better, Fanatics regularly organizes sales off deals that can be up to 60%. That will be the best time for you to choose the official NFL gear for yourself.

You can use Visa, Master Card, Amex, or Paypal when shopping here. Fanatics also offers a lot of NBA merchandise.


  • A wide range of official NFL gears.
  • It offers something for everyone.
  • There are several different types of Nike threads.
  • The Clearance Session provides the best deals.


  • Online chat is a nuisance.

3. Lids: A Reasonable Choice

Lids is an NFL shop known for its sports hats. However, they started to enter the NFL jerseys market recently to compete with the NFL Shop.

This shop NFL website provides you with an easy search feature through the search bar. Their products here also have a variety of designs and sizes from men, women to children.

Lids make their jerseys, so they will be much cheaper than the authentic shops we mentioned above. Even so, they still pay great attention to every detail of the shirt. You might notice the stitched tackle twill numbers and names, the chain maille mesh grill, and even the metallic NFL shield.

If you want to wear loose, choose a slightly larger size one to two dimensions. Lids usually only produce true-to-size jerseys.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Great quality jerseys.
  • They offer some limited jersey choices.


  • You can not customize your jerseys.

4. Etsy: Vintage NFL Jersey Marketplace

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If you are looking for classic NFL jerseys from the 90s, Etsy is the perfect choice for you. The jerseys here are primarily second-hand, so it’s pretty cheap.

You can type search keywords to lead to the choices available in the market. A trick is that the more detailed the keyword, the closer the results will be to your wishes.

Be aware that when you buy second-hand or second-hand items, their quality will not be the same. To be sure, you should choose the shops at the top of the NFL shops with the most reviews right now.

We also recommend paying attention to the NFL shield. If it’s authentic, its colors will sparkle and shine rather than just a flat monochrome color.


  • You can find many vintages and retro jersey options here.
  • Seamless and smooth UI.
  • There are some rare and limited jerseys.
  • Good fraud system.


  • You need to check the vendors carefully to avoid fake jerseys.

5. Eastbay: A Great NFL Jersey Vendor

At Eastbay, you can find authentic NFL apparel in the market. Use the players product search and the filters available on the site to search faster and more efficiently.

We love shopping at Eastbay because they tweaked the design of their jerseys to fit their fans better. And just like that. They retain all the quintessence from the materials to the creation of the NFL jersey. The mesh fabric is very breathable, so you can completely wear it in the summer.

Eastbay has a downside: they don’t have a lot of NFL gear related to non-famous or non-star players on the team. You will also go through a tough time finding away versions of the kit. Eastbay regularly organizes sales sessions with sale prices off 50%. 


  • Free shipping.
  • Affordable price point.
  • There are fit alterations for casual fashion.
  • High quality material.


  • Limited jersey options.

6. Dick’s Sporting Good: A Variety Of Choices

The final pick on the list is Dick’s Sporting Good. This site has lots of NFL apparel and gear for you to consider.

The quality of the NFL jerseys at Dick’s is reasonable with meticulous and vivid details. They also allow you to search and filter for jerseys related to your favorite team within seconds.

Even so, I get quite a few complaints about their customer service and shipping issues. You need to think carefully before making a decision!


  • Good quality jerseys.
  • A variety of choices.
  • Smooth and seamless UI.


  • Poor customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer more NFL jerseys-related questions for you!

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Nike NFL jerseys

1. Reebok vs. Nike jerseys, what are the differences?

Material is the main difference between old jerseys from Reebok and new jerseys from Nike. The Nike jerseys use a material that is 20-30% thinner and lighter and it has a more body-hugging shape. Another difference is that Nike’s jerseys have four-way stretch for more effortless movement.

2. What are the different kinds of NFL jerseys?

Currently, there are five types of NFL authentic jerseys on the market. These include:

  • Elite Nike jersey: This shirt is the type that the players will wear during the competition. Its main feature is light, airy, easy to move, and waterproof material to bring the best playing experience to the wearer.
  • Limited jersey: This shirt has the same design as Elite Nike, but the main material is polyester. Usually, people wear it during game days, not official competitions.
  • Game jersey: You will find this pattern most often in stores. It also has polyester’s primary material, but the quality will be inferior to the above two types of shirts.
  • Pro-Line jersey: This shirt does not come from Nike, so that it will lack familiar logos or trademarks. All other features are similar to the Game jersey.
  • Throwback jersey: The primary purpose of this shirt is to pay tribute to the great players who have retired. Their number is limited.

Final Thoughts

We truly hope our article can help you find the best place to buy jerseys online. Have you tried any of the stores on this list? If you have any, don’t forget to share it with us.

Thank you for reading!

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