5 Basic Skills Of Basketball [Must-Know Tips]

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Basketball is one of the world’s most basic games, and the goal is to put the ball into the basket as many times as possible to gain more scores than the other team.

However, the mechanism by which an individual or a group does this is far more intricate than it appears at first look. So, what are the basic skills of basketball?

Shooting, defense, dribbling, passing, and rebounding are some of the most significant abilities in the basketball game.

The article will provide detailed information about skills in basketball.

Let’s dive right into the details with Scott Fujita!

Five Basic Skills Of Basketball Every Player Must Know

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Knowing These Skills Can Improve Your Game

Every basketball team needs players to do everything at the most significant level. Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan were all capable of handling the ball, passing it, shooting it, rebounding it, and they play good defense alongside the greatest of the best. 

Most basketball courts will have a spot for you if you excel in one or two of the five basic skills of the game basketball. Aside from these basketball-specific talents, agility, leaping ability, quickness, and stamina. 

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For instance, one cannot be effective at defense and rebounding without the ability to leap, just as a competitor who is not the fastest would most likely not be as excellent at defense as another who is faster.

#1. Dribbling

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All basketball players need to know how to dribble. You’ll be able to go up and down the court, get past defenders, and total plays with this talent. Ball-handling abilities and understanding of how to stretch your fingers for ball control are required for proper dribbling. 

It is also advantageous if you can dribble with both hands effectively. The good news is that you can work on your dribbling skills on your own. Even if you only train for a short period, you will see considerable gains in your ball-handling skills. 

  • Instead of dribbling with your palms, dribble with your fingers.
  • Practice strong dribbles or pound dribbles.
  • For more excellent ball support, stretch your fingers wide.
  • Practice dribbling using your off-hand as well. Do dribbling drills using your left hand as well if you are right-handed.
  • Look for methods to improve your dribbling speed. You’ll be able to get to your spots faster if you have a rapid dribble than the defenders.

If you improve your ball-handling skills, you will have a lot more possibilities on offense. Players who can handle the basketball have a better chance of going to the rim, which is essential for any team’s success.


#2. Passing

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Another technique that, if learned, may help you become a great basketball player is passing. Basketball is a team sport in which players must locate a teammate who is available for a shot. Passing the ball to this player might mean the difference between scoring and not scoring. Great passers are a crucial element of a basketball team and often set up scoring opportunities. 

To send the ball to a teammate on aim and on time when under pressure, you need a specific attitude and a certain level of awareness and intellect. There are several passes to consider, including chest, outlet, bounce, and others. 

Even most professional basketball players aren’t great passers since it is such a complicated ability to master. Only 10% of 400 players in the 2019-20 NBA season can average five assists per game.

  • Spacing: You should be aware of the best passing distance. If you pass to a teammate who is too close, he is likely to lose the ball. (Or, even worse, he may fumble the ball due to jammed fingers.) On the other hand, throwing long passes (such as coss-court throws). increases the chances of a turnover or the pass being telegraphed. 
  • Make the simple pass: It’s not necessary to be dazzling all of the time. Swing the ball when someone is open. 
  • Look ahead: You may catch the defender off guard for an easy goal if you seek openings for an outlet pass or a quick lead pass. You’d be shocked how many scoring chances come from merely looking forward and passing the ball forward. 
  • Never get tired of passing: Your own team may not always catch your throws, but it should not deter you from making the correct decision.

#3. Shooting

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You may practice passing and shooting alone, just like dribbling. However, if you have basic shooting faults, such as poor form, it is essential to have someone who can assist you improve your shot. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend hundreds of hours training appropriate shooting techniques. 

Shooting the ball into the hoop is scoring points in the basket. It necessitates handling the ball properly and tossing it into the atmosphere toward the hoop while avoiding opponents. A proper shot involves precision targeting, leg lift, and arm extension. Jump shots, free throws, and layups are just a few of the shots you’ll need to master. 

  • Get your legs involved: Bend your knees and slam the ball into the target.
  • Snap your shooting elbow: This suggestion handles various issues, from arm extension to maintaining follow-through. Snapping your elbow without stretching your arm is impossible. 

It now results in a higher shot arc as well as the wrist snapping motion. You’ll be able to hold that follow through if you snap your wrist. 

  • Pay attention to your grip: Your fingers must be broad, much as while dribbling, so you can control the ball with one hand. Here between your palm and the ball, there should be some gap.
  • Be balanced: There are very few hard and fast rules here; do what comes naturally. Some people prefer their feet to be facing or square to the basket, while others want their feet to be a bit sideways. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, with the throwing foot slightly front and the non-shooting foot following.

#4. Rebounding

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Although height and jumping ability are advantageous, rebounding is a question of will as much as skill. Some players possess the skill to predict where an errant shot would land, and the muscle to keep larger opponents at bay. 

One of the keys to excellent rebounding is cutting out your opponent, often known as rebounding. Maintain your focus and attention to be successful. 

Most players find it difficult to achieve basic basketball abilities, especially when it comes to fundamental skills like rebounding. 

One strategy to improve this fundamental ability is to try to collect a missed shot before someone else does or to go near where many rebounds fall in the hopes of grabbing one and keeping possession of the ball. 

If your squad isn’t particularly adept at getting offensive skills, continue to practice! It will be beneficial since, in a real-life game setting, every point matters.

#5. Defense

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Standing close to an opponent while stopping them from going towards their intended place on the court is an essential defensive ability. Getting past opponents, stealing balls or controlling rebounds, blocking shots, and so on are all examples of good scoring. 

One of the most fundamental basketball abilities is defensive skills. Because it defends teammates from opponents’ scoring, allowing one’s team to score. 

Basketball defense is fundamental and crucial. You may practice alone or with a partner; try to prevent the other people from reaching an item, controlling a ball, or doing anything else. 

It may take some time for you to master this fundamental ability. However, it will be helpful on the court! Standing near another player while advancing towards their preferred place on the court or making plays is one approach to practice defense. 

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Basketball Player

By getting past opponents during a game, controlling rebounds after missed baskets, blocking opponents’ shot attempts, and more, you can keep them from doing so. 

One of the most fundamental talents is defense since it protects teammates from scores that might open up scoring possibilities for others on the team.

How To Improve Your Basketball Skills?

There are no quick fixes when it comes to becoming a great basketball player. You cannot command the ball to go to the hoop. To reach the objectives you set for yourself, you must invest time and effort and cultivate the correct mindset. 

Practicing and investing in the time after that would only get you so far. You should use strength and conditioning programs, eat well, get enough rest, and be focused at all times. Whatever you want to improve your situation, go all out and give your best.

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Keep Practicing

Final Thoughts

To sum up, acquiring basic skills of playing basketball is an essential element of playing games or simply training alone since each important skill builds on the previous one. They all come together for a spectacular performance when it’s most required! 

Every basketball talent can be improved. At all levels, exercises and techniques are utilized to teach the basketball games correctly and develop better players. The five basic skills of basketball are crucial in various ways, but they always come back to cooperation.

Are there any basic basketball skills you’d like to learn more about? Let Scott Fujita know about it!

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