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The ability to free throw the ball to score a goal is crucial to any excellent basketball game. It is a straightforward yet complex skill to perfect. Any great basketball player must learn how to shoot a basketball correctly with consistent results.

  • To begin, you should take the correct posture.
  • Then square up your arms; your dominant hand will shoot.
  • The other will guide the ball up and over your head in a route to the hoop.
  • Follow through with the shooting hand in a backspin-producing motion.

Let’s dive right into the details with Scott Fujita!

What Is The BEEF Shooting Technique?

BEEF is a basic shooting strategy to consider whether you play basketball alone or as a team. This strategy helps you enhance your balance, form, overall shooting, and control skill on the field. 

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BEEF Strategy Improves Your Balance

Consider the parts of the BEEF principal to improve your free jump and throw shooting: 

  • (B) Balance: Maintaining a robust and balanced base will assist in laying the groundwork for a perfect jump shot. With a slight bend in the knees, pressure will be evenly distributed between both legs. 
  • (E) Eyes: Most experts agree that the ball will follow your gaze, so ensure you gaze at the basket. It’s up to you where you emphasize, but the front or rear of the basket rim is an excellent place to start. 
  • (E) Elbow: As you get ready to shoot, your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle with your body. Your shooting hand fingers should be on the ball, and another hand should make a light touch on the side of the basketball with your elbow beneath the hoop.
  • (F) Follow Through: You flip your wrist to enhance the overall force and produce a backspin when you follow through with the shot.

Shooting is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of the game, and even a minor increase in shooting percentage can result in a significant increase in total points. 

The best method to improve your shooting abilities is to practice in the form of intelligent shooting exercises. Individual shooting activities to incorporate into your basketball training program are listed below.

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How To Shoot A Basketball Step By Step?

The fundamental basis to shoot a basketball is to follow these steps:

1. Take A Right Posture 

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Maintain The Balance

Maintaining balance and being able to handle the ball effortlessly may be achieved by positioning your feet correctly. Put your legs apart and stretch when shooting the ball into the basket. 

The distance between your feet is about shoulder-width and in a comfortable spot. When shooting the basketball, this way can assist you in maintaining your weight, so you don’t fall over. 

Bend your knees slightly and place your dominant foot ahead of the other if you intend to go forward. For instance, if you are left-handed, your left foot should be slightly ahead of your right foot. 

Get balanced before taking the ball so you can aim as soon as possible without restoring your equilibrium. Additionally, gently bend your knees to make jumping simpler when shooting the ball. 

Although the phase requires effort, once you have mastered it, you’ll be able to adopt a stance and execute the shot faster.

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2. Assemble A Straight Line

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Assemble A Straight Line

You must also know how to stand while maintaining control of the ball. Using the fingers of your dominant hand, grab the ball. Assemble a straight line between your eyes and the ball that leads to the basket.

Maintain proper elbow alignment and hand stability to guarantee the ball travels in the appropriate direction. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your lower arm. When you raise the elbows slightly to target the shot, they should be in line with your shoulder. 

Once you’ve got the ball, ensure you can control it with at least your thumb and fingers. This way makes it easier for the ball to exit your hand.

3. Concentrate On Your Goal

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Focus On Your Target

By focusing on where you aim the ball to go, you can see the goal. Consider focusing your attention before shooting on the back rim or the backboard of the net. 

Therefore, you can stay focused on the task at hand and prevent extraneous distractions that may interfere with your shooting ability.

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4. Take A Shot

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Remember To Lock Your Elbow

Keep your hands on the ball while flicking your wrists forward to propel the ball toward the net with the preceding stages in mind. You drive the ball higher and into the net; make sure to arch your arms. 

Your arm must be fully extended, and notice to lock your elbow. The more experience you have with these processes, the easier it will be to perform them without planning ahead of time in the future.

What Is The Proper Shooting Hand Position?

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Proper Shooting Hand

Basketball shooting starts with the shooting foot and concludes with the hands. Even the most excellent body posture won’t save you if your hands aren’t in the right place or you don’t follow through. 

Hand placement is essential for developing consistency as a gunner since it impacts feel, correct spin, connection, and control through the release. Remember the following: 

  • Put your dominant hand’s forefinger on the ball’s air valve to determine proper hand posture. Take a few practice strokes with your hand sliding to either side of the ball to get acquainted with this posture’s balanced feel.
  • Always grip the ball using your finger pads, leaving enough space to breathe between your palm and the ball. 
  • Keep your eyes towards the two or three basket hooks facing as you line up the shot, and consider dropping the ball just over the front section of the basket. 
  • Do not let go too soon! A higher ball striking makes it more difficult for defenders to get in the way of your shot. 
  • Keep your elbow in line with the hoop as you throw the ball, stretching your arm fully so that your elbow is above your eyes at the time of release.

Tips For Shooting At Distinct Ranges

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Consider Your Body And Movements

When taking a shot, it’s critical to consider your entire body and shooting motion. Consider your shot as a fluid action involving several moving sections of your body. 

The only method to shoot for any range, whether near the basket or beyond the 3-point line, is to use one forceful flowing motion. Long-distance shots usually need more force, while close-range ones necessitate delicacy. 

To get the ball closer to the basket, you must use enough power to avoid overshooting the goal. On the other hand, long shots need much energy and a single smooth motion to keep the ball moving toward the goal.

Knowing how to shoot is one thing; doing it is another. Scott Fujita offers advice on how to use your knowledge on the basketball court through practice.

Basketball shooting drills and routines can help you establish muscle memory, naturalize the action, and feel confident shooting to the free throw line every time you take the court. 

To better comprehend how to shoot a basketball perfectly, you must keep these tips in mind.

  • Practice your posture in front of a mirror if you don’t have a ball. Concentrate on shooting foot placement and lower body position, as well as loading the hips, bringing your shooting hand up to your forehead in a straight line.
  • Walk around the hoop for 15 minutes, keeping an eye on the rim. Familiarize yourself with the hooks and the number of hooks facing you at various degrees and distances. 

Without the need for a ball, practice sprinting to a random location on the floor, pausing, and swiftly locating the rim hooks with the eyes. 

  • On the ball, work on your wrist alignment. Put your middle finger on the basketball air valve, and let the ball lie in your hand to feel its center. 

Take ten shots while standing only several feet from the hoop by first locating the air valve. Then take ten more by just finding the ball center with your hand.

Basketball drills can help you build strong shooting skills and overall basketball abilities by allowing you to practice these shooting techniques regularly. 

The most common mistake when shooting a basketball is shooting just after you’ve descended from your jump’s peak. This one is a paradoxical mistake since you don’t exploit the additional force created by the leap, leaving your jump shots considerably weaker than it could be. 

To fix this issue, focus on your rhythm during practice. Notice to identify a spot on your path throughout the leap, and shoot before reaching the top of your jump.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you may understand how to shoot a basketball better. These easy techniques can help you improve your shooting accuracy, confidence on the court, and your game strategy. 

Your exercise will ensure you retain a solid foundation to create a basket each time you use the same fundamental rules. The ultimate meaning of success is persistence.

If you want to be one of the successful basketball players, you must maintain the same postures and actions regardless of defending or attacking the basket.

Thank you for reading!

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