Super Bowl XLVIII chat recap: Our cast of NFL players talks about the game

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Super Bowl XLVIII chat recap: Our cast of NFL players talks about the game

FOX Sports; February 2, 2014

me day has come and gone with the Seahawks steamrolling the Broncos.

While you watched Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX Sunday, we had a great conversation here at, too.

Listen to how our live chat with four former NFL players went. Chris Kluwe, Scott Fujita, Brendon Ayanbadejo and Coy Wire took your questions. FOX Sports 1 gambling guru Todd Fuhrman dropped by to drop some knowledge on the betting trends.


Live Super Bowl XLVIII chat
Sunday February 2, 2014
FOX Sports:

Welcome to the live Super Bowl XLVIII chat! Chris, Scott, Brendon, Coy and Todd will be joining us later. Go ahead and get your questions in now and come back around game time for the fun. Thanks, everyone.

Tough sledding for HOF candidates who didn’t get in yesterday. 2015 first year candidates include Seau, Warner, Orlando Pace. All worthy.
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Excited for @FFD‘s segment with @JayGlazer from the top of One World Trade Center #NYC #SuperBowl
Not on FFD it’s on main show>>”@beekman47: Excited for @FFD‘s segment with @JayGlazer from the top of One World Trade Center #NYC#SuperBowl
Classy move by Boomer to extend his condolences to Bradshaw…losing his father this week. Networks can get along. #ESPN #FOX
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It’s Crunch Time! Look out for my new @SUBWAY spot during today’s game. Cruncha Muncha… Fritos on my Sub!
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In 05, Wilson attended the Manning Passing Academy. Peyton was his counselor. When Wilson visited DEN predraft, Manning remembered his face.
Good morning from NYC. Been here since last Saturday. Have had a wonderful time. Now at Stadium with Joe and Troy getting ready.
I have met so many great fans that have followed me. They have renewed my desire to tweet during games Will do the best I can from the booth
Referee Terry McAulay (3rd SB) and umpire Carl Paganelli (4th SB) lead the crew. Both of them worked the NO/Seattle Division game
@MountaineerKing >>Hey King…Thanks a bunch. Wish you were here!! Be safe!
I got bored so I decided to run to the office for a little while #SuperBowl

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We are off and running w our Super Bowl pregame show on FOX.
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@mikeanchors>>Most stay at one position, Mike.
@ulttakedown@JayGlazer great tribute to all #nypd #nyfd for all their efforts #911″>> thank you much!!! Signing that… wow
@masapequaparkng@JayGlazer right guy did that segment on ground zero. #honest #FDNY #nypd” >so appreciate that
Mr. Sherman is in the building. Did a lap around field, rallying Seahawks crowd to get loud. @NFLonFOX

Back in the booth from the field, Pretty cool down there with lots of dignitaries. Saw the officials. Seem relaxed.
Field Judge Scott Steenson retiring after this game. This is his second SB. Really a class guy. Hate to hear he is retiring.
Comment From Jim

I want the Broncos to win, because of Peyton Mannning.

Scott Fujita:

I want the Seahawks to win, if for no other reason than that’s who I picked to win the SB back in August, and I want to appear as if I know what the hell I’m talking about.

Comment From Mark Bryant

I just tuned in, where is Terry Bradshaw?

Barry Werner:

Terry is with his family in Louisiana. His father passed away.

Comment From Paul

my prediction Seattle 31 Denver 24

Scott Fujita:

I got Seattle winning, 24-17

Comment From 70 yr. old grandmother

I want to see Peyton Manning win because of the way theColts organization treated him after his injury. And I do not like the defensive player for the Seahawks, no matter how good he us. He is not a role model for young people and is the rudest pro player I can remember including T O.

Scott Fujita:

You should look into Richard Sherman’s story. I would actually consider him one of the quintessential role models in pro sports. I’m not a fan of his emotional outburst after the game 2 weeks ago, but I view it as exactly that — an emotional outburst. Shouldn’t let that cloud an otherwise remarkable story.

Todd Fuhrman:

Anyone have cool “friendly” wagering games going on at their Superbowl parties? Prop bets? Nothing says SB like having a few bucks on the line

Scott Fujita:

I’m betting that I’ll eat more of my wife’s Walking Taco Dip than anyone else in my house.

Todd Fuhrman:

Scott, having been in that spot where emotions run high how tough was it to basically flip a switch doing post game pressers?

Scott Fujita:

That’s where the NFL’s 10-minute “cooling down period” before media can enter the locker room is so valuable. You’re much more likely to see an emotional outburst on the field 2 minutes after making perhaps the biggest football play of your life, then you are after 10-15 minutes, a shower, and a chance to compose yourself.

Comment From angelo

are you THE scott fujita

Scott Fujita:

No, I’m the other Scott Fujita.

Todd Fuhrman:

Makes total sense on the cooling down period, have to imagine even 10 minutes with so much on the line wasn’t enough after most games.

Todd Fuhrman:

Vegas current line consensus: Denver -2.5 (-120)…risk 12 to make 10 and 47.5

Comment From Pat Drayton

Hey Scott Fujita Do you think Russel Wilson can outplay Peyton Manning

Scott Fujita:

Depends on your definition of “outplay.” I don’t expect him to put up better numbers than Peyton, but he doesn’t have to. The Seahawks are built on (very) tough defense, run offense, and smart QB play. The Broncos are built, almost exclusively, on Peyton.

Todd Fuhrman:

Al: Bettors definitely gravitated towards the under with so much speculation but over money came in earlier this week when the forecast cleared up

Seahawks 24-17
@daviswrapz >>Nope. I like what I do now.
I want Seahawks to win, mainly b/c that’s who I picked to win it back in Aug & I want to appear as if I know what the hell I’m talking about

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