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With youth baseball players as well as child knights, the youth bats are their swords. Of course, they will need the best youth baseball bats to deliver the highest quality performance. 

The baseball club market is always vibrant, with lots of choices. So to save you time and effort, Scott Fujita has compiled this list of the best youth baseball bats in 2024.


Top 10+ Best Youth Baseball Bats Review in 2024

1. Easton 2024 SPEED COMP -13 USA Bat

Product highlights

This bat deserves to be at the top of our best youth baseball bats in the 2024 list. It’s so special thanks to its most potent polishing ability on the market. 

The material that makes this Easton bat is the ultra-light Hyperlite Composite. Along with this bat, you will have speed tees.

The Carbon Zero handle with a 90% carbon fiber composition ensures durability even if you use it for a long time. In addition, this handle prevents any vibrations. The grip with 2.2mm thick padding will bring comfort to your hand when holding.

With a drop weight of -13, this is a lightweight baseball bat. In addition, it has passed USA standards, so it is very suitable for ages 7-13 years old.

EASTON SPEED COMP -13 USA Youth Baseball Bat, 2 5/8 in Barrel, 27 in / 14 oz, 2021, 1 Piece Composite, Hyperlite Composite - Fastest Swinging Youth Bat, Carbon Zero Vibration Handle, Speed Cap
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am

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  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Long-lasting materials.
  • Cushioned handle for comfort.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Suitable for speed swings.


  • The composite material can crack.

Bottom line

This Easton 2024 Speed Comp -13 USA youth bat will capture the audience’s attention with vibrant colors. If you are searching for a lightweight club which can help your kids hit the ball quickly, this is the right choice.

2. Easton ALPHA 360 -10 USSSA Bat

Product highlights

When you buy the Easton Alpha 360, you get sturdy one-piece best little league bats. This aluminum bat is great for balanced shots and a solid feel. Easton used cutting-edge technologies to create this Alpha 360.

The Advanced thermal alloy construction with 360 Engineering for 360-degree is good for adjustable barrel accuracy. The aim is for the thinnest walls in the game, pushing the limits of performance.

The barrel becomes more flexible and responsive with Speed Cap technology. For fast swing speed, this bat provides an optimized balance for rapid swings. 

The grip part with Custom Lizard Skin gives players the most comfortable feeling when using. The Alpha 360’s gold and black design is highly luxurious and stylish.

EASTON ALPHA 360 -10 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat, 2 3/4 Barrel, 27/17, JBB20AL10
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am

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  • Luxurious design.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Good balance.
  • Flexible and responsive.
  • High-performance bat.


  • You should check your bat carefully before receiving it.

Bottom line

This Easton is a bat that has passed the USSSA and 1.15BPF standard. So you can rest assured choosing it for your child in the relevant matches. The barrel diameter is 2 ¾ inches, which is quite broad, so it is very suitable for beginners.

3. Easton ADV 1 360 -12 USA Bat 

Product highlights

The Easton ADV 360 is our next pick on this list. This top-rated youth baseball bat 2024 from Easton is the latest version of this year. Like other baseball bats with composite construction, these bats are durable and sturdy.

Soft Knob technology will provide a burst of power to hitters. It will help increase bounce and power potential. Your child’s shots will become much more robust.

You won’t have to worry about annoying vibrations as these bats will prevent any vibrations. It helps to keep the hitter’s spirit and not hurt their hands. The big barrel with 2 ⅝ inches offers a more prominent sweet spot for more precise shots.

EASTON ADV1 360 -12 USA Youth Baseball Bat, 2 5/8 in Barrel, 30 in / 18 oz, 2021, 1 Piece Composite, Launch Comp 360 Barrel Design, Carbon Zero Vibration Handle, Power Boost, Lizard Skin Grip
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Dynamic design.
  • Big barrel bat.
  • Suitable for powerful swings.
  • Lightweight.
  • Composite handle.


  • The price is pretty high.

Bottom line

Youth baseball bats from Easton always make us feel secure in quality, and the EDV 360 is no exception. The color of this bat is a bit more prominent than other choices. A drop of -12 means it’s a pretty light bat for your little child.

4. Rawlings Impact -9 Youth USA Bat Series

Product highlights

Rawlings offers the best budget youth baseball bats on the market. This Rawlings Impact is a prime example. With a larger sweet spot, it’s easier for hitters to hit the ball using this bat.

Although the price is relatively soft compared to the common ground, this is still a decent bat. It makes delightful sounds when hitting the ball. 

Because the barrel is made from sturdy carbon fiber for long-term use. With a lightweight and Hyperlite end cap, this will be a suitable choice for those who love speed.

Rawlings 2021 Impact USA Youth Baseball Bat, 27 inch (-9), Yellow, Black (USZI9-27/18)
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to contact baseball.
  • Stylish.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction.
  • Good balance.


  • Misleading description.

Bottom line

With a clean design and neutral colors, this is a bat that we think you will love at first sight. The handle part has a relatively thick lining so that you can hold it more firmly and comfortably. Plus, a -9 drop is a moderate threshold for a neat swing.

5. Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Bats

Product highlights

The Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Baseball Bat is one of the newly refurbished baseball bats released by this company. For baseball lovers who don’t have a lot of money to budget, this bat is for them. 

This model of bat ranges in length from 27 to 31 inches and 16 to 21 oz. So the ratio of this bat’s size is – 10 or 11. Here you are allowed to take two different numbers of drops.

They made this metal bat of 100% yarn and 5150 aircraft metal alloy. The material will increase responsiveness. And as among the best youth bats, it will give you longer playing time with it. As a one-piece bat, it has only one body part.

With a very sturdy handle, they attached the barrel. The handle is once again covered with a soft yet durable grip that will cause you to feel comfortable and smooth. Its superb design enhances speed and power to strike the perfect balance for this bat’s movement.

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat, 26 inch (-11)
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Approved by USA bat.
  • Approved by a few federations and horses.
  • Very cheap and affordable.
  • P0p 2.0 technology.
  • Aircraft-grade alloy 5150.


  • It vibrates a little.

Bottom line

This baseball bat is on Amazon’s Choice list for good reasons. With its eye-catching red color, it will boost your spirits before joining the match. The Rawlings 5150 is known as one of the best bats for youth baseball 2024.

6. Rawlings Raptor USA Bat Series

Product highlights

The circumferential weighted end cap helps transport energy and reduce unnecessary weight for faster swing speeds. Rawlings crafted it using an ultra-lightweight design for acceleration on contact. And a robust construction to propel the ball with force. The material is from aerospace metal that is responsive, durable, and high-performance.

With only so many features, Rawlings Raptor thoroughly deserves to be on this list of the best youth baseball bats 2024. The reduced swing weight of -12 allows for a super-light swing. It will enable young players to catch up on the court. 

Rawlings 2021 Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat, 28 inch (-10)
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Cool and stylish design.
  • Ultralight swing weight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Anti-bending.
  • Reaction end cap.


  • Not for IESA rules (all 2-1/4″ bats).

Bottom line

In addition, the alloy barrel is durable, sensitive to the extended sweet spot. So it can provide the best chance of contact. This best little league baseball bat can exceed performance expectations. As a plus, its vibrant electric blue and lime green design will be the envy of every kid on the field.

7. Easton Beast Speed -11 USA Bats

Product highlights

This Easton Beast Speed guarantees consistent performance at maximum comfort. This youth baseball bat is the perfect combination of speed, power, and control.

The composite handle combined with Lizard Skin tape is exceptionally light and durable. In addition, the handle pattern looks very modern and eye-catching. The large 2 ⅝ inches barrel ensures a large sweet spot for more effortless hitting.

Unique locking mechanism Dynamic Feel System & Connexion provides a tight and user-friendly feel. The aluminum alloy barrel is the biggest highlight of this Easton Beast Speed with extremely durable alloy material in ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction).

Easton Beast Speed -11 (2 5/8") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 27 inch / 16 oz | 2019 | 1 Piece Aluminum | ATAC Alloy | Speed End Cap | Lizard Skin Grip
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • ATAC alloy barrel.
  • Powerful swing weight.
  • Well-balanced bat.
  • Nice pop sounds.
  • High-performance bat.


  • You should maintain it carefully.

Bottom line

If you love the sound of the ball hitting the baseball bat, the Beast Speed is your perfect choice. It deserves to be on the list of the best youth bats of 2024 for the most confident and accurate shots.

8. Rawlings 2024 Exclusive Chaos USA Bats

Product highlights

Rawlings built this Chaos USA (-11) to hit the ball in practice and competition for young athletes. This USA baseball bat promotes consistency and efficiency using Rawling’s aerospace-grade alloys. They designed 2 ⅝ inches wide caliber to facilitate player contact with the ball.

Along with a drop of -11, this youth bat is relatively light and neat. For children aged 7-10 years, this is a suitable gift. This USA baseball youth bat also has a very affordable price tag. Your little league will love this gift.

Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Chaos USA Youth Baseball Bat Series, 30 inch (-11) Green, Black, White USAC11-30

1 used from $81.64
Free shipping
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Massive sweet spot.
  • Bats fall precisely.
  • Factory quality materials, eco-friendly.
  • Special features.
  • Excellent design, convenient.


  • Not a good distance bat.

Bottom line

Along with the cool neon green and black design, we highly recommend the design of Rawlings Chaos. The handle part has an extremely sturdy and thick design that resists vibration and keeps the hitters’ hands more comfortable.

9. Easton Ghost X Evolution -8 USA Bats

Product highlights

In case you’re in search of the best youth baseball bats like the Demarini CF, the Louisville Slugger or the Marucci Cat, consider the Easton Ghost X. This quality two-piece youth bat will satisfy even the most demanding of your needs. 

High-tech handling construction with the use of the highest quality materials will keep the product’s durability. In addition, it also contributes to creating pop sounds to satisfy your hearing.

The CXN Evolution structure is the highlight. With the use of Nitrocell foam, it feels lighter when used. In addition, it connects very well and the handle and barrel effectively prevent vibration. 

This best youth baseball club incorporates the latest technologies to ensure an optimal user experience. However, its cost is the biggest problem we can think of.

EASTON Ghost X Evolution -8 (2 5/8") USA Youth Baseball Bat | 31 inch / 23 oz | 2019 | 2 Piece Composite | CXN Evolution | EXACT Carbon | Speed End Cap | Lizard Skin Grip
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Two-piece bat.
  • Composite handle.
  • Perfect for speed swing.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Good power balance.


  • Very expensive.

Bottom line

The Easton Ghost X will prove your class on the pitch along with a very modern and luxurious design. Accompanied by the most advanced technology. Although Ghost X has a high price tag, it is a worthy investment.

10. Rawlings 2024 Exclusive Remix USA Bat Series

Product highlights

If your kid is looking for the best youth bats suitable for beginners, the Rawlings Exclusive Remix is the right product. With it, your kid can learn the basics of baseball more easily.

With a drop of -10, this is a fairly light club. So your child can hold it easily. It also helps to rotate more flexibly for speed swings. The X-tended sweet spot along with the elongated barrel will help send the ball farther.

Rawlings 2021 Exclusive Remix USA Youth Baseball Bat Series, 27 inch (-10), Black, White, Silver, AMAUSAR10-27
as of June 20, 2024 3:54 am


  • Funny graphic design.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Good for swing speed.
  • High drop rate.


  • It tends to bend.

Bottom line

It is a product suitable for children aged 10 years and under. The design of Rawlings Exclusive Remix is fun and adorable. Each baseball club has a unique pattern. It will make your little hitter stand out on the pitch.

Buying Guides to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bats

1. The Anatomy Of Baseball Bat

best youth baseball bats scottfujita 1

Youth baseball bat anatomy.

To understand the different parts of the baseball bat you’re about to buy is always a good idea. We can divide the parts of a bat into 5 parts. Those parts are the knob, the grip, the taper, the barrel and the end, respectively.

Let’s start from the bottom first, the knob is the part that holds your hand in place so that it doesn’t slip out of the grip. 

The diameter of the bat will gradually increase from the narrow handle to the body through the taper. The place of direct contact with baseball will be the barrel. Ultimately, the end cap is a position that improves your bat control through weight restriction.

2. Age And League

When choosing youth baseball bats for your child’s upcoming season, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing is the rules of your kid’s league. The three most common regulators of bats are USABat, USSSA and BBCOR.

The USABat standard allows the user to create an experience like hitting a tree. At the same time, this bat allows batters to rotate lighter models. 

As for BBCOR (short for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) will give a wood-like feel even when broken in for baseball bats. The USSSA (American Professional Sports Association) sets the rules for powered bats for tournaments they allow.

Regardless of age, tournaments have specific bat standards for their equipment regulations. However, we can summarize it like this:

  • Players ages 4-6 often use tee ball bats.
  • The USA baseball bat or the USSSA bats are usually the right choice for players aged 7-13.
  • Players aged 14-18 will usually need BBCOR bats.

Usually, you can find the logos of these tournaments somewhere on the face or barrel of the bats. It will assist you a lot in the search for a suitable youth bat.

Again double check with your coach or tournament official before purchasing to make sure you have selected the right baseball bat.

3. Bat Length

best youth baseball bats scottfujita 2

Baseball bat sizing chart.

Once you’ve chosen a baseball bat that’s up to the league’s standards, measurements will be your next deciding factor. The bat length sizing can affect your plate coverage and rotation mechanism. For a bat that is too long, it may affect your speed and rotation.

What if the bat is too short? You will limit your plate coverage yourself, which means giving up an attack zone. So a bat with the right length will neutralize both of these points perfectly.

There are three ways you can determine the right bat length for you:

  • In the center of your chest, place the bottom of the bat. Then point it to the side so that the bat is in a position parallel to your outstretched arms. If you can comfortably touch the top of the bat with your fingertips, this is it!
  • In the center of the chest, place the bottom of the bat so that it faces outward. If you can reach your arms and grasp the barrel of the bat, the length is appropriate.
  • Build the bat next to your feet. If the knob of the bat touches the center of your palm, such a length is appropriate.

If you have trouble directly measuring the length of the bat, please use the comparison table we attached above. You can compare the data in the table to make the most reasonable choice!

4. Bat Weight

To choose the best weight for your bat, based on your feelings. If, after a few turns, you feel the club get heavy and start to sag, it’s not the right weight for you. 

A small test is to hold the handle of the bat and extend your arm to the side. 30 to 45 seconds is the standard time for you to hold an extended bat. If you can’t hold it for that long, this is a bat that’s too heavy for you.

Drop weight is also a factor that you need to keep in mind when choosing a bat. To determine the drop of a bat, subtract the weight from the length. 

For example, a bat that weighs 18 ounces and is 26 inches long will have a drop of -8. The greater the drop, the lighter the bat.

If you need a powerful bat, choose bats with as little drop weight as possible. Conversely, a bat with a large drop weight will increase your hitting speed.

5. Materials

Composite bat

People make composite bats with materials quite similar to carbon fiber. This material makes it easier to manage the weight distribution on the bat. 

The manufacturer can produce a bat with an even weight distribution. However, they also have the option of making bats with heavier end-loaded caps.

Conventional composite bats will have a larger sweet spot. But its biggest minus is the break-in time. Usually you will need about 150 shots to complete this stage.

One piece of advice for you is that this bat is unsuitable for temperatures below 60°F as this bat can crack at low temperatures. Take care and maintain it carefully to keep it longer!

Alloy bat

Alloy bats are people’s favorite choice for many years now. It is also known as an aluminum bat. Usually alloy bats cost less than composite bats, even without a break-in period. The weak point of the alloy bat is that the sweet spot is smaller than the previous pick.

Another strong point of alloy bats is that you can use it even when damaged. Instead of cracking like the composite one, these bats will dent. If you are a beginner or don’t know which bat to choose, aim for this.

Hybrid bat

Hybrid bats are the perfect combination of composite and alloy bats. It has the advantages of both types of bats: durable and lightweight. 

However, the cost of these bats will be higher than the common ground. It is the point that you need to consider.

Wood bat

Wood bats give you the traditional sound of hitting baseballs in a match. Wooden bats are gradually regaining their position and popularity in the market in recent years. 

Usually people will use Ash, Maple and Birch as materials for crafting. While the classic feel and sound of wooden bats are great, they are often more susceptible to damage than other types of bats.

6. One-piece and Two-piece Bats

best youth baseball bats scottfujita 3

One-piece and two-piece bat.

The club’s design is the final factor that you need to decide to find the best youth bats. There are two types, one-piece and two-piece designs. Depending on the type of bat, you will feel the difference in their flexibility and energy transfer.

  • One-piece bat has a solid metal design. When it comes into contact with baseball, this bat will be less affected. It is the principle to help save energy for you. It is a great choice for powerful, balanced shots. But be careful, one mistake and the possibility of you getting injured is quite high.
  • For a two-piece bat, they combined the barrel and handle. This split design creates flex in the swing, so the speed of the bat will be faster. These are also anti-vibration bats. So it is the perfect choice for those who want to stop that annoying stinging feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

best youth baseball bats scottfujita 4

Best Youth Baseball Bats 2024.

1. How do you size a bat for Little League?

Bats must be no more than 33 inches (34 inches for Junior/Senior League) in length. In diameter, it must be no more than two and a quarter (2,) inches. 

And if wooden, not less than fifteen sixteen (15/16) inch diameter (7/8 inch for bats smaller than 30 inch) at its smallest part.

2. What size of bat should a 6 year old use?

We work with dozens of parents as young as 6 years old about the size of the bat they use. The right bat size for most 6 year olds is 12 26/14 down or 10 26/16. We recommend staying between 14 and 16 ounces regardless of which bat you get.

3. What kind of baseball club hits the farthest distance?

Aluminum clubs are much lighter than wooden clubs. So they increase swing speed and allow longer distances to hit the ball. Aluminum bats also have a larger barrel and larger sweet spot, which is the space of the bat where you can hit the baseball.

Final Words

Phew, this is a long post. We hope that you can choose the most suitable product in this list of the best youth baseball bats. Depending on the rules of the tournament and the fitness of your kids, there will be different choices. Don’t be shy, prepare for a perfect swing!

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