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As your child prepares to enter high school, he or she can try his hand at a heavier and sturdier baseball bat. That’s when we need the best drop 5 baseball bats. However, there are now many types of drop 5 bats in the market at the moment. This will leave you feeling confused to make a choice. That is why you should read this article of Scott Fujita.


Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats 2024 You Can Buy on Amazon 

1. Easton ADV 360 -10 l -5 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat

Elevate it with the Easton ADV 360 Synthetic Baseball Bat. This is a more expensive bat car but built with Easton’s Ultra-Lite Launch Composite with carbon fiber instead of aluminum.

Easton’s two-piece iSo ConneXion technology is patented. So, you won’t find another youth baseball bat with the same look. It is made in a variety of drop sizes/weights and approved for US Baseball.

EASTON ADV 360 -5 USSSA Baseball Bat, 2 5/8 Barrel, 31/26, SL20ADV58
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • The handle and knob smooth out vibrations.
  • The Ultra-Lite Launch Composite.
  • An all-round and extremely light balance stick.
  • Two-piece baseball bat.
  • A game changer from the last version.


  • Fairly expensive youth drop 5 baseball bats in the market.

Bottom line

The final feature of this balanced, all-composite best drop 5 USSSA baseball bats 2024 for young players is the Carbon Grip Dynamic Sensing System. It works in conjunction with iSo’s 2-piece CXN System to deliver the responsive, sturdy feel fans love to experience when they’re in contact.

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2. Louisville Slugger 2024 Meta BBCOR/USSSA Baseball Bat

This is the successor to the most loved drop 5 bat of 2020 and 2019, the love of everyone in contact. Louisville Slugger Meta is very clear, not prime. The Louisville Slugger Meta 2024 offers a huge composite barrel, great sound, the biggest sweet spot, a 3FX connection system that reduces vibrations and balanced swing weight.

Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR Meta (-3) Baseball Bat - 32"
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Large composite barrel with light feel and sweet sound.
  • The premium GT1 end cap ensures maximum barrel length and increased swing speed.
  • 12 Months Warranty with BBCOR Certification.
  • Reduce vibrations.
  • Unique and luxury design.


  • Need a time to completely break in.

Bottom line

It is one of the best balanced baseball bats of the Louisville slugger 2024 release. Although it cannot & should not be compared to the banned version. It is great for college exposure people who like to rotate balanced and composite barrels. It has a composite barrel though, it may not get hot out of the wrap and may need around 200+ hits to fully break in.

3. Louisville Slugger BBCOR/USSSA 2024 SL Solo Baseball Bat

Our celebrities love the Louisville Slugger Solo 2024’s light swing, large barrel and solid performance. In BBCOR, smaller players are looking for as much bat speed as possible but also comfortable enough with technique. Their ability to like the single piece bat likes Solo very much.

Louisville Slugger 2021 SL Solo (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat - 31" Black
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Extremely lightweight and delivers great performance.
  • The SPD Composite End Cap removes excess weight for an extremely balanced feel.
  • Large barrel design provides more impact surface for consistent contact.
  • Perfect design for a baseball bat.
  • Very durable drop 5 bats in the market.


  • Very light swings may not appeal to big-timers who want a light end load in their sticks.

Bottom line

For the USSSA, the drop 5 baseball bat is preferred over other versions because of the larger ones. Most smaller players prefer the lighter spins of two-piece synthetic racquets like the Meta or CF, but only good when it comes to exit speed with the Solo.

4. Rawlings 2024 5150 USA Baseball Bat Series

2024 Rawlings 5150 USA (-11) Bats are one of the best drop 5 baseball bats of them all. These lighter American bats come in different size options so you can easily choose your perfect bat. Besides, American bat 5150 has another weight reduction version of -5 & -10 drop weight and both of these bats also have size options. 

Rawlings 2021 5150 USA Baseball Bat Series, 31 inch (-5)
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Consistent performance and smooth feel.
  • Aerospace grade alloy ensures its durability.
  • Pop 2.0 technology creates a bigger sweet spot, claiming a better hit.
  • Well, the bat balances out with raw power.
  • Can be used for the most age of players.


  • Not enough information.

Bottom line

These best drop 5 bats are approved to play in different leagues such as AABC, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony & Little league. So if you’re playing with the previous 5150 series bats, we hope you won’t miss out on buying a new one. Rawlings never considers quality and standards. So don’t miss playing with these new USA 5150 bats.

5. Easton 2024 QUANTUM USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton Quantum is a solid aluminum large barrel design made of lightweight and durable ALX100 Performance Alloy. This bat has a concave end cap and a padded Flex handle, making it more comfortable to hold in the hand. It is approved to play in leagues and associations that adhere to the United States Baseball standards.

as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Aluminum 1 piece.
  • Lightweight ALX100 alloy construction.
  • Padded 2.2mm flexible grip feels comfortable in the hand.
  • Concave end cap.
  • Ideal choice for high school players.


  • Not a very perfect bat for the best drop.

Bottom line

Easton incorporated ALX100 Alloy material into this bat’s single piece, all-alloy design. Due to the bat’s reduced size 11, be sure to consider it for beginner players. Together with the drop size 11, the weight of this bat will allow for a very balanced feel. Get your hands on this bargain bat from Easton and I think you’ll be extremely pleased!

6. Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha (-5) 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat Series

The Louisville Slugger Omaha Baseball Bat is a durable, single piece alloy that gives you a literal bang for your buck. The way it’s designed is intended to give the swing what they call a “trampoline effect” when it connects to the ball. It’s an underrated bat that gives you more money.  It is a certified USA baseball bat, and the diameter is around 2 and 5/8″.

Louisville Slugger 2021 Omaha (-5) 2 5/8" Senior League Baseball Bat, 31"/26 oz
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • One of the best drop 5 baseball bats in the market.
  • The largest allows 2 5/8 inch barrels for the bat.
  • Vibration-reducing handle structure.
  • The ST 7U1+ alloy construction offers a big sweet spot with a solid, traditional feel.
  • Single piece drop 5 baseball bat.


  • Not enough information.

Bottom line

The Omaha 519 BBCOR 5 drop baseball bat is the most popular bat they make. See below for other models but for now check out the 2019 Omaha. This product has a lot of advantages and can be delivered to your door for free. Let me give you this one warning. Be careful because once your teammates see you tearing the ball all the time, they will want to use it.

7. Demarini The Goods (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat

The great success of The Goods BBCOR led Demarini to develop and release a version for the drop 5 baseball bat category. New for 2024 is what many expect. Merchandise drops 5 USSSA bats. This hybrid bat has among the biggest sweet spots on any 5 drop two-piece bat and is ideal for both contact and power-goers who prefer a two-piece bat.

DeMarini The Goods (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat -2 5/8"" Barrel - 31""/26oz, Black (WTDXGB5 2631-21)
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Moderate end load for powerful hitters.
  • Feels similar to wooden bats.
  • Hot out of the wrapper.
  • This bat has a balanced swing weight.
  • The handle of this drop 5 bat is easy to hold.


  • No disadvantages for the bat at the moment.

Bottom line

Our favorite loves the feel of The Goods. Despite its ultimate load, a lot of younger and smaller players think it is a right 5 baseball bat for them. On the data front, we’ve yet to see any player hit The Goods with as much success as they did. After all, it is the best drop 5 baseball bat. BBCOR is limited by a rather restrictive standard that many companies also achieve in their bat. 

8. Axe Bat Elite USA Bat 2020 Baseball Bat

Competition is always a challenge and earning the best Axe drop 5 baseball bats to beat your opponent is the best strategy ever. Using Ax Bat 2020 Elite will ensure you as a student the best experience while playing. All due to its superior strength and speed for better balance and maintaining focus in the game.

Axe Bat 2021 Elite (-5, 2-5/8") USABat Baseball Bat / 2-Piece Hybrid / 30" - 25 oz, Black/Silver
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • This bat is a two piece hybrid alloy drop 5 baseball bat.
  • It is optimal for a powerful swing.
  • Shock-absorbing material.
  • The handle is created for comfortable use.
  • This bat has the perfect design.


  • Some can feel sting on the mishits of the bat.

Bottom line

The full-length back and oval bottom connect your palm and the best drop 5 bat in a great way for you to hit every throw naturally. No vibration and smoother rotation, this drop 5 bat offers the best playing experience.

9. True Temper T1 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Our celebs love the half-inch size options. Since they had never heard of RIGHT Baseball, they were surprised how often the bats were ranked as well as the more famous bats. 

Despite being a few dollars more than the bat we liked the most, the T1 and T2 hold their own. The half-inch size could make all the difference for those looking for a hybrid bat with dial-swivel weights in the USSSA and USA that reduce 10, 8, and 5 spaces.

True 2021 T1 USA Youth BAT -10
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • The SmartPly process creates a balance between weight and balance.
  • This bat is a two piece drop 5 bat.
  • This bat offers optimal comfort when holding.
  • Composite handle to reduce vibration.
  • Half-inch size options.


  • There is not much information about this.

Bottom line

Hitters looking for a specific swing weight hybrid drop 5 bat, one not offered in Voodoo Balanced or Fuze, will prefer T1 or T2 as legitimate USSSA options.

10. Louisville Slugger Select 719 Baseball Bat

The new Select 719, a mid-range version of the Louisville Slugger’s Select 718, is designed for maximum durability and offers more power on contact. The Select 719 is a 3-piece combination construction made of ST 7U1 alloy + 2 ⅝” barrel and composite handle. 

The Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719’s -5 drop weight is to balance the swing weight. Louisville Slugger has combined power and speed into this bat.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 (-10) 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat, 32"/22 oz
as of May 24, 2024 2:04 am


  • Balanced design with unique 3-piece construction.
  • Maximum durability.
  • More powerful than its predecessor.
  • Lighter swing weight in the drop 5 bat.
  • This best drop 5 bat offers good pop sounds.
  • Bigger sweet spot.


  • Might be heavy for some youth hitters.

Bottom line

Moreover, the comfortable handle Lizard skin pro makes it look great and offers the perfect combination of tack and cushion. The US baseball stamp makes it approved to play in the AABC, Baby Ruth, Cal Rapkin, Dixie baseball team, minor league and PONY baseball league. This is hot out of the wrap which means it doesn’t need a break like bats made of synthetic materials.

Buying Guides to choose the Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats

You should consider the suitable length of the bat scottfujita

1. Consider the length

From knob to end cap, bat length is measured in inches. A longer baseball bat gives you greater reach, allowing you to hit balls on the outside of the disc. However, longer bats also tend to have more mass towards the end cap of the bat, requiring more force to rotate them.

We recommend swinging racquets of different lengths to decide which option best suits your shot. The right combination of length and weight will help you get the most out of your performance.

Baseball bats are usually found in the 24-34 inch range. Please check the size chart for an example of what length might work for you.

2. The weight is important too

Bat weight is measured in ounces (oz.). The weight of a bat is often associated with “reduced weight” – its length in inches compared to its weight in ounces. For example, a 32-inch, 22-ounce bat would be called a -10 bat.

There is a formula to calculate the weight drop of baseball bat scottfujita

3. How to calculate the weight drop

Formula: Bat length (in.) – Bat weight (oz.) = Weight drop.

As a general rule, the higher the level of competition or league (that is, junior and senior) the less weight is lost. The reduced weight means the bat feels heavier. So a -10 bat will feel lighter than a -5 bat.

Less experienced players often swing lighter bats for better bat control. More experienced players often swing a heavier racquet to help maximize power. One way to know if a bat is right for you is your swing speed. Bats that are too heavy will have a harder time swinging, causing loss of momentum, reduced distance, or a complete miss. 

If the bat is too light for the player, the player may miss out on the additional force they can generate from the heavier bat. A happy medium needs to be found. We recommend testing a bat with a direct pitch to find the weight that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use drop 5 baseball bat in high school scottfujita

You can use drop 5 baseball bat in high school

1. When should I drop 5 baseball bats?

Drop weights vary in Senior League Baseball, but players 10 and younger often use -10 weight drop bats. Players 12 and under typically use -8 weight reductions, and 13 year olds typically use -5 weight reductions.

2. Can you use the best drop 5 bat in high school?

BBCOR bats must have a fall weight of -3 or more. The lighter the bat will feel, the lower the drop weight (i.e. -4, -5, etc). Furthermore the BBCOR bat should have a barrel diameter not exceeding 2 ⅝”.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best drop 5 baseball bats will help young players become more confident with their shots. Let’s make lots of homeruns with our top 10 products on this list! If you have any concerns regarding the topic “the best drop 5 baseball bats”, don’t forget to leave a comment below, so we can discuss more.

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