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Before the NBA offseason began, audiences were familiar with the dramatic warm-up events. One of the most prominent events was the NBA Draft. Teams belonging to the National Basketball Association can draft potential players and wish to participate in the tournament. During the NBA season, the draft round will usually take place in late June.

How many rounds are in the NBA draft? Since 1989, the NBA Draft has included two rounds. It is much less than the entry draft round of other US and Canadian professional sports leagues, typically consisting of at least seven rounds. Each draft includes sixty players.

New players in the annual draft often bring surprises. They can be the leading player of a team later. Therefore, the location of choice is a factor that the clubs put their top concern. To learn more about the slot draw and related information, continue reading this article with Scott Fujita.

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The NBA Draft 

How Many Rounds Are In The NBA Draft?

The NBA Draft consists of only two rounds and is the fewest of the four major North American sports leagues. There will be sixty players participating in the draft round from start to finish.

Each NBA roster has fewer slots than capacity in other sports, up to a maximum of 15 players. So, usually, we only need two rounds to decide which player will make it through the draft each year. In both rounds of the draft, each NBA team will be allotted one pick. Once selected, the teams have the right to exchange selections with each other.

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NBA Draft Selection Process

The condition to participate in the draft round is that the player must be over 19 years old at the time of participation. Players who have completed all requirements for basketball at a US high school will have to eliminate at least a year from their high school graduation.

There will be restrictions when a player signs and declares to sports agents, then withdraws from the draft. However, this case rarely occurs in the NBA, but mainly in the NCAA. The process only included 44 contestants drafted from high school to college to play on NBA teams.

Players from college basketball are the NBA’s primary resource. Once a player completes four years of college, they are automatically eligible for the draft round. If a junior wants to participate, they will have to self-declare and drop all of their remaining college years.

Players not in the “international” category will have to wait at least a year after graduating from high school to qualify for the draft round.

For the international player, as long as he is over 22 years old, he will automatically be eligible for selection. Players under the age of 22 must self-declare their eligibility. They are nicknamed “early-entry candidates” or “early-entrants.”

NBA Draft Lottery System

Unlike other sports, the NBA draft has only 60 selections spread over two rounds. For picks 15-30, the order will be reversed to the performance of the playoff teams in the previous season. The entire second round will have the teams sorted from worst to best.

The NBA Draft Lottery is the event that decides 14 first-round picks.

This section will help you better understand the actual lottery procedure in NBA history.



In 2017, the NBA Board of Governors agreed on changes to the lottery system.

This improved format allows the team with the lowest regular-season record to receive one of the first five draft picks. In 2019, it was guaranteed that their position would not be lower than the fourth pick.

The primary purpose of the new system is to ensure that the odds at the top of the NBA Draft Lottery for three teams with the worst record of the season are always at 14%. Before 2019, the top seed’s lottery win rate was 25%. The proportions of the second and third seeds are 19.9% ​​and 15.6%, respectively.

After completing the draw for the first four draws in the draft round, the other lottery teams will continue to pick according to their reserve order against their record.

The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery Process

how many rounds are in the nba draft

The NBA Draft Lottery 

The draw time for the NBA 2023draft is Tuesday, June 22, at 8:30 p.m. ET. They will live stream the results.

The actual draw took place in a private room right before the national broadcast of the ESPN reality show. This draw will feature NBA officials, a member of the media, and representatives of the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

There will be fourteen ping pong balls numbered 1-14 in a lottery machine, and representatives will choose any. There will be 1001 combinations, and 1000 will go to the 14 teams participating in the draw.

The lottery machine will mix them up within 20 seconds and produce the first ball. The machine then mixes the mixture for another 10 seconds and gives a second result. The third ball will appear in 10 seconds, and the same goes for the last ball.

The team with a combination that matches the order of appearance of each ping-pong ball will be the first selected team in the list. The exact process will be repeated to find the next position. They will ignore duplicate combinations.

2023 NBA Draft Board: Team Order

According to the recent lottery results, below is a list of the teams selected in two rounds.

The First Round

The teams in the first selection list include:

  1. Detroit Pistons.
  2. Houston Rockets.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers.
  4. Toronto Raptors.
  5. Orlando Magic.
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder.
  7. Golden State Warriors (via Minnesota Timberwolves).
  8. Orlando Magic (via Chicago Bulls).
  9. Sacramento Kings.
  10. New Orleans Pelicans.
  11. Charlotte Hornets.
  12. San Antonio Spurs.
  13. Indiana Pacers.
  14. Golden State Warriors.
  15. Washington Wizards.
  16. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Boston Celtics).
  17. Memphis Grizzlies.
  18. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Miami Heat).
  19. New York Knicks.
  20. Atlanta Hawks.
  21. New York Knicks (via Dallas Mavericks).
  22. Los Angeles Lakers.
  23. Houston Rockets (via Portland Trail Blazers).
  24. Houston Rockets (via Milwaukee Bucks).
  25. Los Angeles Clippers.
  26. Denver Nuggets.
  27. Brooklyn Nets.
  28. Philadelphia 76ers.
  29. Phoenix Suns.
  30. Utah Jazz.

The Second Round

The list in order of selection of the teams in the second NBA Draft round is:

  1. Milwaukee Bucks (via Houston Rockets).
  2. New York Knicks (via Detroit Pistons).
  3. Orlando Magic.
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder.
  5. New Orleans Pelicans (via Cleveland Cavaliers).
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Minnesota Timberwolves).
  7. Detroit Pistons (via Toronto Raptors).
  8. Chicago Bulls (via New Orleans Pelicans).
  9. Sacramento Kings.
  10. New Orleans Pelicans (via Chicago Bulls).
  11. San Antonio Spurs.
  12. Detroit Pistons (via Charlotte Hornets).
  13. New Orleans Pelicans (via Washington Wizards).
  14. Brooklyn Nets (via Indiana Pacers).
  15. Boston Celtics.
  16. Toronto Raptors (via Memphis Grizzlies).
  17. Toronto Raptors (via Golden State Warriors).
  18. Atlanta Hawks (via Miami Hawks).
  19. Brooklyn Nets (via Atlanta Hawks).
  20. Philadelphia 76ers (via New York Knicks).
  21. Memphis Grizzlies (via Portland Trail Blazers).
  22. Detroit Pistons (via Los Angeles Lakers).
  23. New Orleans Pelicans (via Dallas Mavericks).
  24. Indiana Pacers (via Milwaukee Bucks).
  25. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Denver Nuggets).
  26. Charlotte Hornets (via Los Angeles Clippers).
  27. Charlotte Hornets (via Brooklyn Nets).
  28. New York Knicks (via Philadelphia 76ers).
  29. Brooklyn Nets (via Phoenix Suns).
  30. Indiana Pacers (via Utah Jazz).

Final Thoughts

How many rounds are there in the NBA draft? The NBA Draft will have two rounds. This league’s number of draft rounds is much less than that of other sports leagues like the NFL. The main reason is that the number of players an NBA team can own is much less, with 15 people.

A quality draft pick can have a massive impact on an entire team’s performance throughout the season, so clubs take drafts very seriously. Drawing with a higher percentage of wins for the underdogs is a good way to keep the rules fair. Every team can breakthrough, and that is the appeal of the NBA.

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