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The rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again, known as NBA YoungBoy, has been active in music. However, instead of building a career with hits, he received public attention because of his private life. NBA YoungBoy has been through many love affairs and shares children with almost every girl he dates.

How many kids does NBA youngboy have? At the age of 23, NBA YoungBoy had seven children with six different women. In April 2023, it was announced that he was expecting his eighth child with his seventh woman, Jazlyn Mychelle.

Via this article, Scott Fujita will help you understand more about this rapper’s biography, career, and private life. Let’s start.

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NBA YoungBoy

How Many Kids Does NBA YoungBoy Have?

NBA YoungBoy allegedly has a total of seven children so far, although no one knows the exact number. The number and identity of baby mamas are also a topic of much interest. With such a large amount involved, there is bound to be drama and trouble going around.

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This section will give you more comprehensive information about these children.


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The first child of the rapper, Kayden, was born on July 14, 2016. His mother is Nisha. In his father’s single Kacey’s Talk, Kayden appeared in a video with his half-brother Kacey.


Kamiri is one of the NBA YoungBoy’s sons with Starr Dejanee. He was born on July 6, 2017, and had a younger brother, Kamron. However, in June 2018, YoungBoy posted a status on Facebook to say that one of his sons, baby K, is not his biological child.

NBA YoungBoy has expressed disappointment that a boy is not his biological son, but he will continue to raise and keep the boy a secret in the future.


Nia is said to be one of NBA YoungBoy’s one-night stands. Nia gave birth to Taylin on March 19, 2017. After a blood relationship test, people actually confirmed that Tay is one of YoungBoy’s children.


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Kacey and NBA YoungBoy

Kacey was born on February 13, 2019. He also appeared in a video of the single Kacey’s Talk. Jania Bania, his biological mother, is a social media influencer.


The baby girl, Armani, is the second child of NBA YoungBoy and Nisha. Armani is a special Young Boy’s child whose name does not start with the letter K. Her brother is Kayden.

Kodi Capri

On Thanksgiving 2020, Houston actress Drea Symone gave birth to their daughter, Kodi Capri. Her actual birthday is November 26. Many rumors suggest that this is the second child of the couple.

Drea Symone posted a photo of herself and her daughter on Instagram, who she tagged as Kens.

Kentrell Jr

how many kids does nba youngboy have

Yaya and NBA YoungBoy 

Kentrell Jr is the youngest child of NBA YoungBoy, born on January 9, 2022. His mother is Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of boxer Floyd Mayweather.

After their son was born, Yaya’s relationship with NBA YoungBoy also ended. She was arrested in April 2022 for allegedly stabbing one of YoungBoy’s children’s baby mamas, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs.

Biography Of NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy’s real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1999. According to a source from Fader Magazine, young Gaulden mainly lives with his grandmother because his father was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

As a toddler, NBA YoungBoy broke his neck during a wrestling match. The injury forced him always to wear a head brace and left permanent scars on his forehead. YoungBoy loved music from an early age and once said that he started writing music at seven.

In 9th grade, NBA YoungBoy decided to drop out of school to focus on his music career. However, he was soon arrested for robbery and sent to the Tallulah, Louisiana Detention Center. Not long after his release, Young Boy and his friends were once again accused of using criminal acts to pay for the filming of a music video. The FBI eventually reported that he was caught while he was trying to escape.

TMZ sources said that NBA Young Boy had been bailed after a few months in prison in Louisiana.

After releasing eight independent mixtapes from 2015 to 2017, the famous rapper attracted many followers and fans. Atlantic Records signed him in 2017.

His debut studio album Until Death Call My Name in 2018 entered the top 10 on the US Billboard 200, at number seven. In 2019, NBA YoungBoy released his first studio album and quickly reached the top of the Billboard chart. The album contained three singles titled Slime Mentality, Slime Mentality, and Make No Sense.

In April 2020, NBA YoungBoy also teamed up with late rapper Juice Wrld on Bandit.

His 16th mixtape, 38 Baby 2, went on to debut at number one on Billboard. When he released the music video, the number of fans exploded and increased rapidly. We can see a scene of him riding around Houston with a .38 pistol in his hand. He named the song after the street he grew up in.

NBA YoungBoy also released his second studio album in 2020 Top.

What Is NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth?

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NBA YoungBoy picture 

Based on Celebrity Net Worth, NBA YoungBoy is worth $6 million thanks to his successful career. Not only succeeding with high-ranking mixtapes and albums, but YoungBoy also creates engaging music videos.

His most-viewed video, Untouchable, has around 140 million views. Other music videos also have impressive views of about 100 million views. Through these media, YoungBoy’s creative ability is vigorously spread. Gradually, he has more fans around him.

For YoungBoy, music is his peaceful place, and he often comes up with impromptu tunes every day.


The Criminal Story Of NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy’s criminal history is as “detailed and epic” as his career.

In November 2016, the male rapper was accused of jumping out of a car and opening fire on a group of people on South Baton Rouge street. Police detained him before a show in Austin. He was charged with two counts of assault with a firearm and attempted murder. After pleading guilty, YoungBoy’s sentence was reduced to 10 years of probation and three years of active probation.

On February 25, 2018, NBA YoungBoy was again caught on hotel surveillance footage attacking someone. He also received a three-month sentence for his involvement in a shooting that occurred in Miami.

In May 2019, the rapper allegedly participated in a fatal street shooting outside Trump International Beach Resort in Florida. He was ordered to probation for 14 months, and in December 2019, the suspended sentence for two counts of attempted murder officially ended.

On Monday, September 28, 2020, authorities arrested several people following reports of possible illegal activity in Baton Rouge. Social media posts show YoungBoy being among those detained.

NBA YoungBoy was detained by the FBI on Monday, March 22, 2022, after attempting to flee Los Angeles Police after being pulled over. On October 22, TMZ reported Youngboy had been bailed with an option from the judge to provide $500,000 in cash and $1.5 million in assets.

YoungBoy was released four days later to serve his pre-trial prison remainder time and placed under house arrest in Utah. 

His release will allow NBA YoungBoy to continue recording music from his home studio.

Final Thoughts

How many children does NBA YoungBoy have? So far, NBA YoungBoy has had eight children in total, if we consider his last child. However, these are all just rumors, and the exact number is still a mystery to the public. We only know the identities of seven children.

As a talented artist, no one can deny the musical blood flowing in him. But at the same time, YoungBoy also has a problematic personal lifestyle filled with sex and violence.

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