What is the Hardest Position in Football?

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In the previous post, we shared about the easiest positions in football. Today, we are going in the opposite direction – the hardest position in football.

The hardest positions require the player’s superior ability compared to other regular positions. These positions often decide whether to win or lose on the field. You must have the capacity, strength, intelligence, and even courage to play these positions.

Cornerback is the hardest position on the NFL football team. Cornerback requires both superior, physically demanding, and extreme mental discipline.

Let’s dive on to explore the five hardest positions with Scott Fujita!

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The toughest position ín football is cornerback 

What is the hardest position in football?

Cornerback is the hardest position on the NFL football team. Cornerback requires both physical factors and extreme mental discipline.

Today’s NFL history has enrolled many heroes for the hardest football position. However, many players have had to remove their names from that list and never return.

Of course, in football, every football position is essential. However, it is not easy to become a ruler. The players who play in the following five positions must be the best.

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1. Cornerback

hardest position in football

Jaire Alexander is the best cornerback in NFL history 

The hardest position in the NFL team is the cornerback. At the same time, it is also one of the most difficult positions in other sports.

The great athletes who play for cornerbacks are usually minor in stature. However, he is usually the most talented.

This player needs outstanding high speed, insight on the ball, and intelligence. The reason is that their opponent is the most potent offensive line – the wide receivers.

He always had to perform a tough and vital job. Even if the performance of a cornerback is superior to that of wide receivers, they are still at a disadvantage. The wide receivers know his routes. Therefore, in addition to good health and agility, he needs intelligence to overcome opponents.

Overall, the cornerback is a difficult position. And great cornerbacks need to have a steel spirit.

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2. Left Tackle

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The offensive tackles have terrifying attack power 

All offensive linemen have to solve challenging tasks. However, the offensive tackle takes on a more difficult task than that. In particular, the tackle on the quarterback’s blind side faces a big challenging mission.

Most of the quarterbacks are “left-handed.” When quarterbacks drop back to pass, their backs are at the left side of the football field. Therefore, the reverse side of the football field is usually the blindside to cover most fouls.

The defensive line understands this problem. The defensive linemen usually plan to put the most skilled rusher at the defensive end, sometimes, an outside linebacker on the side. The job of the left tackle is to control that player from attacks.

It’s just that it’s not that difficult. However, a left tackle has other jobs to do. They must also block massive defensive tackles.

The offensive tackles have terrifying attack power. They are people of great physical strength. They weigh more than 300 pounds. These people are usually the most significant and most vital, but the slowest (most).

In addition, a left tackle must be someone with outstanding running ability. The opponents of the tackle are edge rushers. These guys are among the best and fastest in football.

That quickness allows him to quickly approach and attack, quickly closing in on his target and outrunning his opponent.

Therefore, left tackles – the opposing team of edge rushers must have a superior ability compared to their opponents to have a chance to win. Left tackles play football thanks to their speed and intelligence. 

3. Quarterback

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Quarterback is an important position in football games

Quarterback is the most important position in a football game. However, the quarterback is not the most difficult position. He is someone with a precise and robust arm.

To play well in the quarterback position, players need to understand the offense inside and out.

The first is understanding the behavior, position, and playing style of your teammates. Second, he needs to read the defensive linemen script to plan responses and change the way he plays in an emergency.

When passing downs, a quarterback must read the defensive lineman within a second. The receivers often change their run routes. It depends on what the defensive linemen do. The quarterback should soon realize that. He is also in charge of play calling. 

Usually, team members will consider a quarterback as the person who leads the team in the game. It’s not the most challenging job. Yet, it is difficult enough that a player cannot do it.

A quarterback should be talkative and easy to get the message across. If he were a quiet loner, his team’s reputation would indeed be harmful.

The quarterback positions are key positions of the NFL team.  A quarterback can be the God of the team if he wins. However, he will become a villain in the eyes of fans if he encounters a failure, even though the fault is not entirely on the quarterback.

4. Center

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Center does an important job in a football game

The center is one of the most important and challenging positions. He is the leader of the offensive line. Intelligence is the most important factor that a center needs.

A center will kick the ball and give it to the quarterback. He starts with a critical mission and plays on a problematic mission throughout the football game.

People often call offensive linemen the giants of the field. They play the ball skillfully and intelligently. These people are so outstanding that female fans often fall in love and forget to watch football.

The linemen’s task is sometimes to block on such big players. Also, they need to deal with smaller players with flexibility and agility. After letting the ball in the quarterbacks ‘ hands, a great center will take care of all of those projects.

5. Middle Linebacker

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Middle linebacker is a good position in the NFL team 

Middle linebacker is also the most difficult position in football games compared to other positions. Besides, it is also a demanding position. 

The tough position requires a lot of things from the player, such as strength, size, toughness, speed, smartness, and so forth.

This position has the same importance as a quarterback. A middle linebacker needs to have quick knowledge and pre-snap reads about their opponent. It significantly contributed to the success or failure of the football team in that match.

A middle linebacker is no different than a strategist. Sometimes, a middle linebacker spends every day in the movie room. 

The aim is to study the opponent’s tactics and plan to solve them before the game officially starts. His decisions are of great value, so he cannot afford to make mistakes.

The job of a middle linebacker is to run from sideline to sideline. Players need incredible speed to cover backs out of the backfield or drop back into deep zones.

In NFL history, some of the hardest hitters have played for the middle linebacker position.

Apart from the top 5, check out thí video for the top 10 hardest positions on the football field. 

Other Hardest Positions in Football

  1. Strong Safety
  2. Outside Linebacker.
  3. Tight End.
  4. Defensive End.
  5. Free Safety.
  6. Offensive Guard.
  7. Fullback.
  8. Defensive Tackle.
  9. Kicker.
  10. Halfback.
  11. Wide Receiver.
  12. Kick/punt Returner.
  13. Punter.
  14. Long Snapper.

What Is the Safest Position in an American Football Team?

The defensive line is a safe place to play. It is also a relatively difficult position, but it is much safer than other positions.

The Easiest Position to Play Football 

  • Running backs.
  • Defensive line.
  • Wide receiver.
  • Play safety.
  • Offensive line.
  • Tight end.

Final Thoughts

The ranking showed us an objective view of the difficult position in football. It is a general assessment. Sometimes the toughness of the position depends on how each team plays.

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