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NFL history has witnessed incredible touchdowns throughout the years. Fans had many loud laughs at the NFL players’ most significant celebrations at the end zone celebrations. Many of them have become signature celebrations when scoring a touchdown.

There are countless ways for players to express their emotions. Creativity is endless. Let’s go through a few greatest touchdown celebrations with Scott Fujita!

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Best touchdown celebration of all time 

The 10 Best Touchdown Celebrations Of All Time Rankings

Below are the best NFL touchdown celebration running in place

1. Chad Johnson Proposes to a Cheerleader After Scoring a Touchdown

During his NFL career, Johnson’s touchdown celebration always leaves a deep impression on the audience.

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It’s hard to pick out his best celebrations. But it can’t be “compared” to when Chad Johnson proposed to a cheerleading girl. Chad Johnson got down on one knee and proposed to her right after getting a touchdown. The girl agreed.

best touchdown celebrations of all time

Chad Johnson touchdown celebration 

2. Terrell Owens Eats Popcorn

Terrell Owens has shown many memorable celebrations throughout his NFL career. Terrell Owens even danced with cheerleaders.

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In addition, Terrell Owens directly signed autographs on the ball for a fan. He once ran for 50 yards to celebrate winning in the Dallas Cowboys star. However, a signature sentence making people immediately remember Owens is “Get your popcorn ready.”

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Owens pours popcorn on his face 

After scoring a touchdown, he immediately rushes to the fans and pours popcorn on his face “Get your popcorn ready” with Owens via this video.

3. Randy Moss Moons Everyone

Joe Buck was the one who hated this act of Randy Moss. No one hates Moss’s touchdown celebration more than Joe Buck. However, that makes the celebration even more special and famous.

Joe Buck even called the act a “disgusting act” before apologizing for the comment on air of Fox. Thanks to that, the celebration by Randy Moss became more famous.

Many fans expressed interest in this action. They thought it was cool and funny. It became one of the best TD celebrations in NFL history. 

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Randy Moss and funny celebrations 

Moss faked a moon toward the crowd of Green Bay Packers right after scoring a second touchdown in the middle of the football game. He also had to pay a $10,000 fine for this action.

Still, the celebration of Randy Moss has been fun and impressive in his career and in end zone celebrations of all time. Let’s see funny celebrations of Randy Moss via this video. 

4. Steve Smith Rows the Boat

Steve Smith & Antonio Brown shared their sincere thoughts about the most memorable celebrations. He admitted that the act of pretending but rowing was his best celebration of all.

Steve Smith went into the end zone celebration shortly after scoring a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. This action happened at the right time of the “Love Boat” scandal of the Minnesota Vikings. It drew uproar from a large number of Vikings fans.

Steve Smith made it to this ranking thanks to that historic moment.

5. Joe Horn – Michael Thomas Makes A Phone Call

The former wide receiver of the New Orleans Saints kept a cell phone in the goal post area. The NFL bans players from wearing props. As soon as scoring a touchdown, he rushed to the goal post, picked it up, and made a phone call.

The celebration of Joe Horn is wildly memorable. However, Joe Horn was “flagged” and fined $30,000 for his actions. Anyway, I think it’s cool in his NFL playing career. 

Michael Thomas also later replicated the famous cellphone celebration by Joe Horn. He was also “fined” $30,000 for the act.

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Michael Thomas fined $30,000 due to phone celebration 

6. Kansas City Chiefs — Defense Runs A Tip Drill

The Kansas City Chiefs defense defeated Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback in the end zone. The Kansas City Chiefs defense celebrated with a tip drill.

7. Juju Smith-Schuster Gave Birth to a Football

JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had a very creative way of end zone celebrations. JuJu Smith-Schuster lay down in the end zone and gave birth to the football. Then he held his football “baby”.

8. The Lambeau Leap – Best NFL Touchdown Dance

The Lambeau Leap is a fusion dance for a whole organization, not just any individual player.

LeRoy Butler (Green Bay Packers) has been spreading the red dance since 1993. Several players have tried to replicate the dance in recent years.

There are many opinions regarding this dance in end zone celebrations. It is a link between fans and teams. The dance is an excellent way for players to celebrate after the team wins. It may not be a dance move, but the Lambeau dance is still for everyone in gold and green.

9. Tennessee Titans Went Bowling as a Touchdown Celebration

Bowling at a football game? You are not mistaken. This unique way of celebrating has made it to these rankings because it is so outstanding. The Tennessee Titans players celebrated this way in 2018 after they scored a touchdown.

10. Seattle Seahawks Surf’s up in the end zone area.

The Seattle Seahawks offense celebrated their touchdown by breaking out their surfboards.

Final Thoughts – Best NFL Touchdown Celebrations

The burst of emotions after each win causes NFL players to create creative ways to celebrate. The post mentioned the best touchdown celebrations of all time in the NFL season. 

We may come across many more exciting ways to celebrate soon. Anyway, they are still funny and memorable moments for players to relieve stress after each victory.

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