2023 Fantasy Football Defense Rankings: D/ST Tiers

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Sometimes, we have to think about stable defensive strategies in a PPR match, not just focus on the attack.

The safe strategy is to find yourself excellent RBs and WRs, along with a good start at QB and TE in Week 1. No one can deny it. But it would help if you still thought about the D/ST position from now on to preserve the achievement.

With this position fluctuating from season to season, referring to the fantasy football defense rankings tiers are the safest option. If choosing the top D/ST fantasy football doesn’t work for you, it’s also a good idea to prepare a list on the waiver wire at each matchup.

How to find the top defensive line-up? Check out this ranking with Scott Fujita!

Fantasy Football Defense Rankings 2023

Are you curious about the best defense fantasy football 2023 list? Let’s discover which faces are in the top 10 list according to FantasyPros. Who will be your dead set to get picked?

1. Los Angeles Rams (LAR)

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Los Angeles Rams 

The Rams’ top spot is not a surprise. They have Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald so that they can get tons of defensive points. The team’s good performance in 2020 contributes to proving their potential in 2023.

Although defensive coordinator Brandon Staley has left for the Chargers coaching staff, the Rams are still a safe bet. You should consider this team if you want to own a quality D/ST lineup.

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2. Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT)

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Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Steelers ranked second in D/ST scores last year. It was an essential foundation to put them on this year’s list of best fantasy football defenses. From the ruined ACL, Devin Bush is back to breathe new life.

Other faces like Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cameron Hayward, or Joe Haden are still solid defenses. Each of their responses will probably make the opponent sweat quite a lot.

3. Washington Football Team (WAS)

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Washington Football Team

This team has the top defenses fantasy football includes the likes of Daron Payne and Chase Young. The WAS is back to wreak havoc on the opponent’s attack.

With the second-highest sacks of the entire NFL season last year, hopefully, they can hit even more impressive numbers this season. Let’s look forward to their performance.

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4. Baltimore Ravens (BAL)

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Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens’ point cap and force fumbles during last year’s PPR season took many by surprise. The team also managed to get into the end zone four times in terms of team defense and task force.

The Ravens’ roster includes stable defensive and game-control players like Jayson Oweh. If DB Tavon Young can come back strong from injury, the Ravens will rank even higher on the list.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB)

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 5

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers surprised everyone when they brought in a lineup of key defensive players who participated in last year’s Super Bowl. Joe Tryon is the addition to the passer position.

There are quite a few players in the Buccaneers who are close to reaching their 30s, but there are also still young players. This ambitious team can make it into the top 5 with the support of talented QBs.

Last year, the Buccaneers placed 9th in fantasy score with just one D/ST touchdown.

6. San Francisco 49ers (SF)

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 6

 San Francisco 49ers

With the arrival of defensive star Nick Bosa and a few other notable faces, the 49ers are off to a good start. We can expect their performance after unfortunate injuries.

With Week 1, this is a pretty stable defensive draft. You can try it if you want.

7. New England Patriots (NE)

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 7

New England Patriots 

The Patriots present themselves as a solid defensive team. While they lost a few standout faces last season, their interceptions are still at the top. This high fantasy football defense ranking is by no means exaggerated.

Acquiring Kyle Van Noy or Henry Anderson will strengthen the team a lot. Other players like J.C. Jackson, Jalen Mills, or Devin McCourty will also gradually bring the rain of points to the team.

And that’s we haven’t even mentioned the return of Dont’a Hightower.

8. Indianapolis Colts (IND) 

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 8

Indianapolis Colts

The return of All-Pro DT DeForest Buckner and All-Pro LB Darius Leonard will be a powerful source of motivation for the Colts. They may have a hard time losing a few key players, but the situation is not so bad.

With six stunning D/ST touchdowns and a high fumble-recovery rate last season, the Colts are sure to have a spot on the top defenses 2023 fantasy football. We’re not sure if they can keep up, but it’s a safe pick for now.

9. Buffalo Bills (BUF)

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 9

Buffalo Bills 

With players in steady form like Tre’Davious White, Micah Hyde, or Jordan Poyer, the Bills is a potential name. They are not an every-week play with a first-place schedule this season. But in hindsight, the Bills’ opponents were all quite agreeable.

10. Denver Broncos (DEN)

fantasy football defense rankings scottfujita 10

Denver Broncos 

Despite Von Miller’s absence last year, the Broncos managed to finish ninth in total sacks. Their defensive difference previous year was not so impressive, so you can consider if you want to play weekly.

Fortunately, the team added DBs Kyle Fuller, Ronald Darby. With Miller’s return, we expect they can go a long way in this PPR game.

In addition, there are still other positions on the list that you can choose from. They include:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (KC)
  • Miami Dolphins (MIA).
  • Cleveland Browns (CLE).
  • New Orleans Saints (NO).

Tier 4 of the top defenses in fantasy football rankings list includes:

  • Los Angeles Chargers (LAC).
  • Chicago Bears (CHI). 
  • Green Bay Packers (GB).
  • Seattle Seahawks (SEA). 
  • Minnesota Vikings (MIN). 
  • Arizona Cardinals (ARI). 
  • Philadelphia Eagles (PHI). 
  • New York Giants (NYG). 
  • Tennessee Titans (TEN). 

The faces appearing in tier 5 of the best defense in fantasy football are:

  • Carolina Panthers (CAR). 
  • New York Jets (NYJ).
  • Dallas Cowboys (DAL). 
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC).
  • Atlanta Falcons (ATL). 
  • Las Vegas Raiders (LV). 
  • Cincinnati Bengals (CIN). 
  • Houston Texans (HOU). 
  • Detroit Lions (DET). 

Final Thoughts

The list above is our latest ranking of the most impressive and potential PPR defensive formations. This list is valuable for starters to be able to make safe choices when competing. Hopefully, you will be able to dominate this season with elite decisions. 

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