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Letting children play sports, especially intensive sports like football, is a great way to exercise. However, you need to equip your baby carefully to ensure that there is no serious injury during the competition. One of the first items to equip are shoulder pads. With that in mind, Scott Fujita wrote this article to help you choose the best youth football shoulder pads.

In-depth reviews of the 10 Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads in 2023

1. Xenith Element Skill Varsity Football Shoulder Pads 

The Xenith Varsity Element Skill football shoulder pads are designed for skill players by prioritizing range of motion. Crafted with a built-in short chest pad and back panel, you’ll have maximum range of motion to help your rear shoulder catch without hindering your shoulder pads.

Xenith Element Skill Varsity Football Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear (X-Large)
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • High durability.
  • Reliability.
  • Light protection.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Good for speed players.


  • Strap sticks in front.

The shoulder pad has been designed as a lightweight and low profile design solution for various football fields. You need to choose Lineman, hybrid and skill along with play style and location.

You’ll further customize the product with detachable collarbone and deltoid shoulder pads. To get the recommended size, you need to take head-shoulder measurements using a standard ruler. Chest size and shoulder width vary from person to person. The lightweight protection of this pad is sure to work for you. They’re designed to help committed athletes, while the low profile design keeps you moving and all-round protection.

Bottom line

Xenith Varsity Element Skill football shoulder pads are perfect for wide ball receivers, defensive backs, running backs, quarterbacks and free kickers. Speed-priority skill pads with a short chest pad and integrated back pad for enhanced range of motion.

2. Xenith Velocity Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

Xenith Velocity Varsity is the best seller, when we talk about the best kids football shoulder pads for wide receivers. Lightweight protection and dynamic padding make them stand out from other brands. It has a low profile design and an unmatched range of movements. These wide retractable youth football shoulder pads can also be used as a bicycle shoulder pad. Let’s immediately refer to the best football shoulder pads.

Xenith Velocity 2 Varsity Football Shoulder Pads for Adults - All Purpose Protective Gear (Large)
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Light weight with excellent protection.
  • Dynamic cushion.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Flexible shockproof cord.
  • Can be easily removed.


  • You can feel a bit of restraint and protection around the neck.

These flexible shoulder pads on the market protect you in every match due to air-aware air-release shock absorbers to mitigate hard hits and fast movements. The injection molded plates and flexible shock cord are a range of motions that keep you safe. The waistband is like an easy chest strap for a snug fit. America is one of the countries with the most football shoulder pads.

An additional feature is the antibacterial foam, and the removable gaskets make this product unique and also make cleaning and maintaining the system simple. These low profile design football youth shoulder pads are also famous as football pads for kids.

Bottom line

This product comes in all sizes and the size chart is also on the product description. Just to tell you about its shipping weight of just 5.0 pounds. This product has the best shoulder pad reviews and is considered the best junior football shoulder pad.

3. Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads

While children play in the trenches, extra protection will be needed so that their bodies are less likely to be shot. Xenith has been around for a very long time. The brand has been established in the trusted football industry. The Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads are of high quality and therefore highly rated.

Xenith Flyte Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear (Large)
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Stylish design and interface.
  • Hygroscopic.
  • Floating sternum plate.
  • Various impact points.
  • High durability.


  • Heavy for small players.

This pad is safe and stylish for one person to test. Since this item is stylish, it will allow you to check the safety features. It weighs less and weighs 4 pounds while the injection molded panels provide proper protection.

The padding on the side will also enhance security. Instead of worrying about elastic bands needing to be readjusted or tightened, the belt system has an effective component to provide the right position and ensure you are fully protected.

It comes with a pre-installed panel, but you can also add your own custom panel for extra protection and comfort. 

Bottom line

The Xenith Xflexion Flyte Youth football youth shoulder pads are quite pricey, so you may need to assess if your child is serious about playing football. If your child shows potential and determination, this shoulder pad is well worth the investment.

4. Schutt Sports DS Flex 2.0 Football Shoulder Pads

Prepare your young football star for game day with the Schutt Sports DS Flex 2.0 Child Shoulder Pad to stay protected on the field without sacrificing mobility. This all-position youth shoulder pad features a sturdy matte black exterior with 7mm vents. Raised folds in the arch add strength, while the AEGIS antimicrobial treatment fights bacteria buildup.

Schutt Sports DS Flex 2.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads, White/Gold, Small
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Lightweight.
  • Large ventilation hole.
  • Antibacterial treatment system.
  • Modern design.
  • Sturdy material.


  • You should check the size carefully.

A lightweight, versatile design for especially young athletes looking for protection in a different style. Extended body length adds protection. This pad is designed for any position on the field. 

Dual density padding combined with breathable mesh and 7mm vents allow for maximum airflow. For less movement and consistent protection, adjusted elastic belt features that attach to the arch at three points.

Bottom line

The best football shoulder pads for kids are fully humidified by allowing maximum air circulation. This is made possible thanks to the large ventilation holes in the mattress and the antibacterial treatment system. In fact, the Schutt Sports Youth Flex 2.0 Multi-Purpose Shoulder Pad serves better even during training like when playing games.

5. Franklin Sports Youth Black 6604-5 Shoulder Pads 

The best kids football shoulder pads are the ones that go perfectly with the outfit. These youth football quarterback shoulder pads are lightweight and therefore a perfect accessory to use with accessories.

Franklin Sports Youth Shoulder Pads - Perfect for Halloween Costume, Black (6604-5)
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Perfect for kids.
  • Real feel and look.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Best for costumes.
  • Affordable price.


  • Small size.

Besides, it is an ideal gift for people aged five to seven or wearing a size 7 shirt. Comfort is the main factor to consider when buying a shoulder pad. The Franklin Sports best youth shoulder pads are providing practical pads to help with the changing process. It’s time to make sure you get the feel and look of your bike with these bike football shoulder pads.

The pads are not intended to be used as protective gear for sports and football but as actual images for the Halloween football costume. It’s time you support your team using cache. Children love to feel and look like their favorite athletes.

Bottom line

Do you want to buy a Halloween costume football uniform for your kids and not necessarily for protection while playing sports or football? This is the ideal product that you should consider investing in. It is mainly designed for children aged 5 to 7 to show their support for their football team.

6. Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad

These best youth football shoulder pads are a blend of great appeal and performance. It also comes with a flat pad with the ability to sit low on one’s shoulders. In addition, it will assist you in reducing interference, and therefore this is the ideal helmet swing range.

Riddell Pursuit Youth Shoulder Pad, Small , Blue/Red
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Skin friendly.
  • Improve satisfaction.
  • Durable design.
  • Long experience.
  • Enhance comfort.


  • Not enough information.

Youth with integrated deltoid 1/4 shoulder pad will help you to choose different sizes. The welded z-fit system features nylon clips, allowing one to conveniently place on the pad. You will get the best comfort when using this item. The product will support you with easy adjustment and good value for money. With this item, you are guaranteed to get a shirt that fits well.

Bottom line

The Riddell Pursuit is designed to bring comfort and mobility to any position on the court. The belt system allows for quick adjustments, even between matches, and the lining can be removed and washed to keep little athletes fresh for the next game.

7. Champro Youth Scorpion Shoulder Pad

The protection of young football players is imperative as they can suffer serious injury and cause a major limitation in their career. Therefore, the CHAMPRO Youth Scorpion Football shoulder pad is a great choice for you to consider before any big situation.

CHAMPRO Scorpion Youth Football Shoulder Pad, Colors Vary
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Pre-drilled design.
  • Pro-cut epaulet.
  • Adjustable elastic straps.
  • Breathable mesh lining.
  • High impact arch.


  • Not suitable for a real football game.

This product has been designed in such a way that it provides adequate protection for the little ones so that they can play with all their confidence. The chance of injury when using these youth football shoulder pads is very low. 

It is even equipped with a release system to ensure that your child can turn them on and off without any hassle. They even feature high impact PE arches for maximum durability and protection.

Bottom line

Have you ever dreamt about taking your football performance to the next level? Then you need to buy these perfect football shoulder pads as they will offer great value and also extra protection for any young football player. 

This product is designed with tempered steel springs and cantilever design to ensure that the impact is dispersed and thus this maintains the shape of the shoulder pad.

8. Sports Unlimited Prospect Youth Football Shoulder Pads

This is one of the best football shoulder pads for kids that gives extra protection to the player. Therefore, it will protect you from bumps and so you can be sure that it will give you a snug and comfortable feel. One of the best things that you will notice about this product is that it features body lengthening.

Sports Unlimited Prospect Youth Football Shoulder Pads
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Multi-position stretch straps.
  • Light texture.
  • Internal ventilation channels.
  • Extended body length.
  • Double layer foam.


  • Lack of overall durability to some extent.

Like the flagship cache, this item features an expansive design that provides maximum protection for growing players. It will also help you absorb force better than a standard design. Design will go a long way to helping players avoid being scared. Therefore, they will benefit greatly. In addition, this pad is accompanied by various comfort features.

Its design will assist the player in keeping dry and cool and therefore perform very well. Its design is also easy to move due to its lightweight nature. While the quality of the pads may be lower than that of other youth football quarterback shoulder pads, they are best for young players looking for protection and comfort.

Bottom line

This is a popular design for youth football shoulder pads to increase full range of motion. As a result, you can use these pads anywhere from outside the numbers to the trenches. Plus, it’s a lightweight product that enhances your performance without weighing you down.

9. Xenith Youth Fly Football Shoulder Pads

The injection molded plates on the Xenith Fly are remarkably light, and they’ve been shaped to allow as much movement as possible, so they won’t get in the way of big play. They are based on a tang locking system instead of Velcro.

Xenith Fly Youth Football Shoulder Pads for Kids and Juniors - All Purpose Protective Gear (X-Large)
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Stylish design and quite durable.
  • It protects various impact points.
  • Floating sternum plate is included.
  • Effective dehumidification.
  • Provides excellent protection.


  • A bit heavy for small players.

This shoulder pad looks intimidating when you look at it, but it is known for its own style. Plus, all its safety features can be clearly seen by anyone. This Xenith shoulder pad is light – it weighs only 4 pounds. However, its injection molded panels provide the best possible protection. For more protection, some of these shoulder pads also have padding on the sides.

Instead of worrying about elastic bands constantly having to tighten and readjust, this shoulder pad uses a belt system. This system makes it effective to keep the pad in place and ensures that the wearer is protected at all times. 

It comes with a pre-installed panel, but you can also add your own custom panel for extra protection and comfort. More than that to ensure that your sternum is never at risk, this shoulder pad also has a floating sternum plate.

Bottom line

The Xenith Fly Youth football shoulder pads are quite pricey, so you may need to assess if your child is serious about playing football. If your child shows potential and determination, this shoulder pad is well worth the investment.

10. Schutt Sports Youth Y-Flex 4.0 Football Shoulder Pads

Shutt has been watched a lot for their top quality shoulder pads. They are one of the leading brands on the market today. This particular Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 shoulder pad is versatile and can be found in a variety of sizes for every player. It is known to provide maximum protection while keeping weight to a minimum.

Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads, Large
as of September 28, 2023 11:50 am


  • Versatile for any position and fits a lot.
  • Allows the player to make quick cuts and turns.
  • Extended body length.
  • All purpose and lightweight texture.
  • Breathable mesh.


  • The padding is a bit thin for some players.

The protective area is mostly on the inside, and this has mesh used to cover the inner foam padding. Since it uses dual-density padding, you don’t need to worry about its shock absorption. To ensure the body is effectively protected, it can also absorb blows from various angles.

Compared to some other shoulder pads, the Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 has an extended length, which adds extra protection. The extended length ensures that the body is fully protected as it extends towards the torso for added coverage. In addition, the mesh is very breathable and absorbs most of the moisture from perspiration.

Bottom line

This is a high quality youth football shoulder pad that allows you to attach it to other accessories easily. The product has three attachment points that facilitate consistent protection and limited movement. Moreover, this product allows air flow through the breathable mesh and vents for better performance and cooler.

The best youth football shoulder pads buying guides

Consider the season to choose the suitable football shoulder pads

Consider the season to choose the suitable football shoulder pads

1. Consider the season

There are football shoulder pads for every winter, summer and spring. When it’s already summer, your son should never use heavy shoulder pads. He also shouldn’t use pads that are too thin and light in winter. Well, be cautious as the shoulder pads vary depending on the weather of the stage the game is being played in.

In the summer, buy your son shoulder pads that effectively retain heat and breath. The pads must be able to allow adequate air circulation to ensure your son’s skin stays cool. 

Furthermore, they will be able to regulate core body temperature giving him just the right amount of heat that he can manage and play without stress. Shoulder pads with aluminized polyester inserts are effective in regulating the heat generated by the shoulder gear spacers.

2. Mind the position

There are different designs of football shoulder pads that cater to all specifications regarding the different positions of the players. All you need to know is that the function of the shoulder pads you buy for your son is very important. 

If he plays midfield, then buy him lightweight, low-profile pads that don’t restrict movement and speed. For defensive backs and receivers, their shoulder pads should be reinforced a bit as they need more protection.

In case your son is a runner in line, make sure your kid doesn’t get hurt by strong impacts by buying him a much stronger and durable shoulder pad. Free kickers and hitters require high speed, so they can use the same shoulder pads as midfielders.

Choose the best fitting football shoulder pads

Choose the best fitting football shoulder pads

3. Choose the best fitting

Take your son with you if you can when you go shopping for the youth football shoulder pads. However, if he’s not available then you can use his tape and chart to get his chest and shoulder measurements. Fitness is an important factor to consider as it allows for maximum comfort and concentration while playing. 

Furthermore, the device must be able to cover the chest and shoulders well for all-round protection. You should keep in mind that football shoulder pads come in different weights and are available in both extra-small and extra-large sizes.

4. Don’t forget the design

The overall design of the football shoulder pads should be comfortable and fit the player regardless of their position on the field. 

If your child is the type of player that handles a lot and takes a lot of hits, you may need some extra protection, especially around the back and sternum. This ensures that they receive maximum protection and the shoulder cushions effectively absorb any impact.

You should notice that the padding should not be too much. While having more padding ensures better protection, it can also be a bit heavy on the players, thus hindering their performance. 

A player receiving the ball wide or in corner positions requires a certain amount of mobility. This maneuverability will ensure that players don’t have to worry about being hindered by their own padding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash football shoulder pads in washing machine

Can you wash football shoulder pads in washing machine

1. Can the youth football shoulder pads machine washable?

Some football shoulder pads are machine washable while others are not. There are some shoulder pads already written in their purchase guide. But if not, you’ll need to ask the online retailer or store owner if you’re downloading it offline or if the shoulder pad you’re getting is machine washable.

Although some youth football shoulder pads are machine washable, you will need to remove them before placing them in the machine. This is to avoid causing any damage to the shoulder panels and cushions. If your shoulder pad is not machine washable, you can simply scrub it with a clean cloth dipped in soapy water.

2. Will the youth football shoulder pads cause chaffing?

Shoulder pads won’t actually cause chafing, as long as the pads are covered with some padding. Incidents of being gambled are extremely rare and only occur after a long period of playing. Many people also develop a rash, but this could be an allergic reaction to sweat or the weather conditions of the playground.

In the rare case that it happens, it could be due to some things that haven’t really been noticed. It is possible that the shoulder pads are not well taken care of, while some cause chipping due to the material used to manufacture them.

Can your position affects the football shoulder pads scaled

Can your position affects the football shoulder pads

3. Can specific positions affect the football shoulder pad?

This is a two-way question and we will explain it to you. Shoulder pads are usually made to cater for every player regardless of their position on the field. 

You can simply wear a shoulder pad as you like so far it serves to protect you and you can rest assured when wearing it. There are also shoulder pads that cater to specific positions, providing the necessary protection needed along with boosting player performance in that position.

Closing Points

Hopefully this article by ScottFujita has helped you in choosing the best youth football shoulder pads for your children. Please carefully check the features and conditions of use to ensure the best safety for your children. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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