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Every sport has its own rules and regulations for the players, and they must obey those rules and regulations.

When it comes to basketball rules, one of the basic things that almost every lover knows is, “How many steps can you take in basketball?”

But if you have just set foot in the world of basketball and don’t know it yet, this post will be a complete guide for you. Let’s go with Scott Fujita to explore!

How Many Steps Can You Take in Basketball?

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You can only take two steps without dribbling the ball in basketball.

Basketball players can only take two steps without dribbling. It is one of the basic basketball rules that have been around since this sport was invented.

There are various ways to interpret that rule, but the simplest way is that basketball players can take up to two steps in any direction.

If a player is a defense, he can only move sideways and can’t get into one defensive spot by moving forward. Besides, if he is on offense, he can take one step backward or forward and one step to the right or left.

What Is Traveling Violation in Basketball?

It is a foul or violation in this sport that happens when one player moves many steps but does not dribble the ball.

This rule means that players can only move up to two steps without the ball being dribbled, and three steps or more are considered traveling. But the fact is that this rule might be much more complex.

This violation is called whenever one player takes more than two steps without the ball being dribbled. It can occur when he receives the ball while stationary, moving or when he begins dribbling.

When he stops dribbling the ball, it is essential to establish a pivot foot. He can turn his pivot foot side to side to move or determine better angles. It doesn’t count as traveling if his pivot foot isn’t lifted until a ball leaves his hands.

How to Avoid Travel Violation in Basketball?

how many steps can you take in basketball

Practicing is the best way to avoid travel violations.

Through an online search, it is easy to know, “How many step can you take in basketball?” But practicing to avoid the travel violation in basketball is not as easy as it seems.

It is possible to avoid the traveling violation in basketball by understanding the basketball rules deeply and practicing them. They become your second nature.

This sport’s rules are significantly different from other sports, and it is easy to find a complete list of them on many pages for basketball or Wikipedia. 

However, you will not be able to master them by reading a list and trying to memorize them. It is wise to learn the rules of this sport via observation or by watching game footage.

Once you understand how to avoid these fouls in basketball, you should practice the skills necessary to allow them to become second nature. 

We recommend spending time practicing dribbling and shooting the ball. Over time, your body will know what to do when it needs to move in specific ways.


How Many Steps Is a Travel in Basketball?

A traveling violation is called if you take more than two steps without dribbling the ball.

Can I Pivot After Taking Two Steps? 

Pivoting after taking two steps is okay in basketball. But remember that you must pivot on one foot. If you try to pivot while jumping both feet, it will not be considered a pivot and will be illegal.

Can I Take Three Steps for a Layup? 

Yes! You can take three steps in basketball for a layup.

How Many Steps Can I Get in College Basketball?

If you receive the ball while progressing or upon completion of a dribble, you can take two steps in coming to a stop, shooting or passing the ball.

If you receive the ball while progressing, you must release the ball to start your dribble before your second step.

Can I Take Three Steps While Dribbling? 

Yes! It is possible to take as many steps as you like while dribbling your ball.

Are Taking Fewer Or  More Steps Effects The Game?

Taking fewer or more steps can significantly affect your game

Taking more steps is usually not good since it might slow you down and make it more challenging to move around. But there are a few cases where it is helpful to you, such as when you play against a taller player who has a longer reach.

Conversely, taking fewer steps might be much better as it lets a player change his direction easily and quickly without worrying about running into others.

Furthermore, taking fewer steps makes it easier for a player to dribble the ball.

Is Stepback a Travel?

Yes, stepback is travel in basketball.


How many steps can you take in basketball without dribbling? You can only take up to two steps without dribbling the ball. When you take more than two steps, a traveling violation is called.

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