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A basketball team has five positions, and the point guard tends to be more important than the rest.

As the smallest position on the basketball court, these players are responsible for running the offense and demonstrating all possessions go as smoothly as possible. They also need to be one scoring machine.

So what is a point guard in basketball? What are the must-have requirements for point guards? What does point guard do in basketball

We will help you answer these questions via this post!

What Is a Point Guard in Basketball?

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Point guards can make chances for their teammates to score.

The point guard players are expected to be great at passing and dribbling the basketball. So they can make opportunities for their teammates to score. 

But that’s not all. These players need so much more than that. They are team leaders, the players their team turns to lead them on offense.

These players must have positive attitudes and keep morale high as they are the members their teammates turn to for support.

The point guards are commonly one of the shorter players of a team (this position does not require height like some other positions). 

But they are also typically the fastest players as they control their team’s offense.

What are Key Requirements Point Guards?

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Point guard players need to possess many qualities.

By now, you’ve got the answer to, “What does point guard mean in basketball?” So what qualities should point guards have?

Lead A Team

Point guard positions are considered an extended version of the coach on the basketball court. These players can direct their teams and determine how the team will play. 

This position has the same role as the quarterback position in football. It might include encouraging their teammates and boosting them before a game.

Know Team-Mates Weaknesses and Strengths 

These players must know and be able to use the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.

For example, They need to know if a specific member has an advantage in the post or off the dribble to come up with proper play accordingly.

 Team-First Attitude

The main goal of the point guard position should be to give teammates the best chance to score. Instead of creating scoring opportunities for themselves, these players shouldn’t care who scores.
When these players only care about their stats instead of the win/loss record of the team, the team will be in trouble.

High Basketball IQ

Point guard players must have a high basketball IQ  to keep the tempo under control, read the opponent’s defense and decide which play will give their team the best chance to score a goal.

Control A Ball Well

Point guard players need to think about many things during the first eight seconds of one offensive possession.

For example, they need to get the basketball down the ground with their head up, decide the best play to perform, read the defense, and get their teammates in the proper positions.

These players have a short time period to worry about the rest. That is why they must master ball-control and dribbling skills.

Know Where Each Player Should Be 

Point guard players should know where each player should be in each match to determine and run the best plays.

Decent Passing Skills

Excellent passing skill is also a must-have for point guards.

The key requirement of point guards is to distribute the ball to their teammates to make a chance to score.

It might be tough passes off of one pick-and-roll or to get the basketball to post players on the block.


What Are the Skills Needed for Point Guard?

As a point guard player, you need to possess (but are not limited to) the following skills:

  • Selfless.
  • Run the offense.
  • Leader on the basketball court.
  • Excellent ball handler.
  • Controlling the tempo.

What Does a Point Guard Do in Basketball?

What is a point guard in basketball

Point guards are the most difficult of the five positions on the basketball court.

The point guard position is considered the most difficult of the five positions on the basketball court.

These players are responsible for getting their team into its offense, ensuring all opportunities for other players are aware of their roles on the basketball court. Moreover, they create scoring for other players around them and themself.

The point guard players run the offense and typically are the best dribblers and passers of a team. Point guards defend the opponent’s point guard and attempt to steal the ball.

Who Are the Top Point Guard Players of All Time?

Here are some of the top NBA point guard players of all time:

  • Magic Johnson.
  • Walt Frazier.
  • Bob Cousy.
  • Steve Nash.
  • John Stockton. 
  • Oscar Robinson. 

Most people consider player Magic Johnson to be the greatest point guard of all time.

How Many Types of Point Guards?

Pass First Point Guard


  • Unselfish.
  • Run pick and roll well.
  • Get the teammates involved.
  • Movement of the ball.
  • Know where players like to shoot from.


  • Passive on offense.
  • The defense may read the player.
  • May not be one confident scorer or shooter.
  • Pass too much miss a chance to score.

Score First Point Guard


  • Draws fouls.
  • Can catch fire.
  • Is aggressive on offense.
  • Can score in any fashion.
  • Scores Points when needed.


  • Selfish at times.
  • Bad shot selection.
  • Will continue to shoot when cold.
  • Players on the team cannot get a rhythm going.
  • Lack of defense to save all energy for offense.

Balanced Point Guard


  • Is not selfish.
  • Score and pass.
  • Like to run pick and rolls.
  • A threat to the defense isn’t readable.


  • Fluctuate in Points.
  • Need the ball a lot to create.
  • Increase in turnovers.
  • Can miss opportunities to score.

Defensive Point Guard


  • Force turnovers.
  • Defend full court.
  • Score points off steals.
  • Be the defensive captain.
  • Defend the best player on the opponent.


  • Can get into foul trouble.
  • Can not be one  creative passer.
  • Do not score a lot of points.
  • Can get into altercations.

What Are Some Good Tips for a Point Guard?

To be a good point guard, you must be an excellent passer and dribbler. Also, quickness is essential, allowing you to get the ball up the court and play defense against the opponent’s point guard.

The Bottom Line

Through the above article, we have helped you answer questions related to a point guard in basketball, like “What is point guard position in basketball?” or “What is the role of a point guard in basketball?”

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