Scott Fujita

Scott Fujita is known as a famous American football linebacker in the National Football League (NFL). As a man of sport, he has been a standout in three sports (football, basketball, and athletics). Currently, he is the headmaster of All Saints' Day School. Scott Fujita has served on the NFLPA Executive Committee as a Vice President since 2010. With his expertise, Fujita has worked with many popular sports channels on television such as New York Times, Fox Sports, and WDSU's “Saints on 6” Primetime... Besides, he is also a famous sportswriter who many readers love and support.

[Top-Rated] The Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support 2023

When participating in basketball competitions, the occurrence of injuries is widespread. To avoid those problems, you need the best basketball shoes for ankle support. There are many types of basketball shoes on the market. However, when it comes to ankle support, not all shoes are created equal. In this article, Scott Fujita will guide you […]

The Best Indoor Basketball 2023: Reviews, Buying Tip & Editor’s Picks

Basketball is an indispensable item if you want to play indoor basketball. Of course, for the best playing experience, you need the best indoor basketball.  In this article, Scott Fujita will introduce you to the most expensive and quality basketballs available today. Plus, we’ll also assist you in choosing the right indoor basketball.  Come on, […]

Best Portable Basketball Hoop 2023: Top-rated Choices and Buying Tip

If you are a basketball lover, owning the best portable basketball hoop will be like a dream. With it, your basketball practice will be more accessible. You can even play with your child for emotional bonding. However, making a decision is never easy. In this article, Scott Fujita will accompany you to learn about the […]

The Best Outdoor Basketball 2023 at Amazon: Reviews and Useful Tips

Basketball is a sport that many people love and choose to play to develop height and health. To practice proficient basketball skills, selecting the best basketball is essential. It will not be too difficult for players to choose a cheap basketball on the market. However, players need to grasp the basic knowledge. Scott Fujita has […]

The best basketball shoes 2023: Buying guides and Reviews

At the start of a new NBA season we are talking again about the best basketball shoes list. However, it is difficult to choose the most optimal list. So to help you make better decisions, Scott Fujita put together a list of the top 10 products we think are the most deserving. Top 10 best […]

How Long Is a Highschool Football Game? The Correct Answer Is Here!

High school football and college football started together in the 19th century. High school is the third football level behind professional and college leagues. How long is a highschool football game? It is one of the common questions, and Scott Fujita will give a detailed answer to it here. How Long Is a Highschool Football […]

What Is A Blitz In Football? An Informative Answer In 2023

There are numerous tactics and strategies basketball teams use to stop opposing attackers. It would be confusing to repetitively hear these terms spoken by commentators and don’t know what they are.  Among football’s popular tactics, the blitz is the first one you should be aware of. So, what is a blitz in football? What are […]

How to Stream NFL Games Without Cable? The Most Detailed Instruction

Autumn is coming! A new 2022 NFL season is about to begin. The match between Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will officially start on 9th September in 2022. That means only a few days left before we will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular performances. So, how to stream NFL games without cable? […]

Longest Field Goal In NFL History: Top 10 Of All Time

In the final minutes of the game, a field goal is always the moment that fans look forward to when watching their favorite team. If it were a game-winning goal, it would stir up a grandstand. Length is not an essential requirement for field goals in the NFL. But the longest field goal NFL player […]

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2023: Reviews & Buying Guides

For basketball players with wide feet, finding the right pair of shoes for you is a very difficult and time consuming task. Sometimes, we will have to trade the balance to be able to find a shoe with the right size by half the size. But for now, you don’t have to worry about that […]

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