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While watching NBA games at home is also fun, the experience certainly won’t be as immersive as watching it live. And if you watched it live, what better location than courtside seats? 

When watching live, every move of the player becomes close and lively. You can be lucky enough to see big stars in real life. So are you wondering how much are courtside tickets? Let’s find out with Scott Fujita in this article!

How Much Are Courtside NBA Tickets?

If you wonder, “how much do courtside NBA tickets cost?” The answer is that courtside tickets for an NBA game will range from $300 – $50,000. It’s extremely impressive for the range of courtside tickets. There are many reasons for this price range:

  • Popularity of a team.
  • The place where the game is held.
  • How good is that team’s performance.
  • how is the knockout with the upcoming season.

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The courtside seats nba finals.

1. Definition Of Courtside Seats

Just by listening to courtside seats, you can already imagine it. It is the section of the bench closest to the court.

In basketball, there is almost no distance between the ball court and the audience. So owning a courtside position means you will be only 1-2 meters away from the star players.

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2. Reason NBA Floor Seats Are Popular

One of the things that make professional basketball different is that you can see the matches up close. In other sports, there is usually a certain distance between the field and the audience. Basketball is not like that.

It is the first benefit that floor seats bring. There’s nothing better than being able to sit close to your favorite players. If you’re lucky, you can even socialize or chat with them.

A second reason basketball fans love the courtside seat is its authenticity. With so close, you will feel like you are part of the match. You will stand in the perspective of players and coaches. It helps a lot if you are also a basketball player.

Factors Determine The Cost of Courtside Seat

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Many factors decide the NBA floor seat price.

1. The Team

The reputation of a football team plays a huge role in determining the NBA courtside tickets price. It is natural because the big teams will have more fans. Even if their performance in the season is not as good as other teams, people will still pay more attention.

Some big names of the NBA league are the Golden State Warriors or the Los Angeles Lakers. With these teams, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a courtside ticket. The ticket price of floor seats for small teams like the Atlanta Hawks or Utah Jazz will not be too high.

However, the reputation of the teams is constantly changing. So the price of these tickets also varies from year to year. That’s why you need to check carefully before buying.

2. Types of the Match

Usually, the price of courtside tickets will also fluctuate based on the nature of the match. The NBA playoffs series is the time when the NBA has the most significant revenue. When we compare it to regular-season matches, the courtside seats cost is likely to be more than double. It will depend on the region and the names of the two competing teams.

However, the real monster is the NBA finals. Since this is the last and most explosive match of the tournament, the price will certainly not be low. In 2019, $5000 is the average ticket price for you to own a slot in the Toronto Scotiabank Arena. On the other hand, a seat at Oracle Arena by the Warriors will cost $3000.

Sitting courtside in matches like this also proves your class. If you pay attention, we often see celebrities on the courtside seats. So unless you can make a six- or seven-figure salary, courtside seats are pretty far-fetched.

Some numbers to show you how much are NBA courtside tickets in the finals:

  • At the 2019 NBA finals, someone spent more than $100,000 on two cheapest courtside seats in NBA. This means that the price per ticket to sit courtside is $50,000. It’s a very overwhelming number.
  • The average price of VIP floor seats at the 2018 NBA finals was $47,723. There was a spectacular price increase from $16,000 in Game 1 to $76,000 in Game 2.
  • The most expensive ticket of all time at NBA games was in 2017. This year someone sold a pair of courtside tickets for $133,000. This price includes a fee of $17,000.

How To Get Courtside NBA Tickets?

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There are three ways to buy tickets for floor seats.

Stop askingHow much are courtside Lakers tickets?” since with such a price, getting courtside tickets is not easy. If you’d like to own them, there will still be a way for you.

There is only one way to save money when you want to own courtside NBA tickets. You can buy them in lesser-known cities or small markets. You understand why. Floor seats at Staples Center or related to the Lakers have sky-high prices. Therefore, we recommend choosing economical ticket prices.

There are three ways you can buy NBA game courtside tickets. The first way is through certified ticketing websites. You can select the basketball game and then tick the floor seats you want to own.

A second way is through third-party intermediaries, also known as the black market. However, the courtside seats price of these tickets is often much higher. Mostly because of the added service price. It’s so expensive that it makes you feel like you’re paying for an extra ticket.

The final way is to find people who want to resell their courtside tickets. Some holders will charge a meager price, especially close to the start of the match. The reason is that they are afraid that no one will buy the ticket after that.

Final Words

Sitting courtside at the NBA game is a great experience for any basketball fan. However, to be able to win a ticket there, you will need a lot of luck and money. If you ask me if it’s worth it, the answer is 100% yes. It will be your dream opportunity and if you can grab it, take it. Via this article, we help you to answer this question “how much are courtside seats at an nba game”. 

Thank you for reading!

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