What size NBA jersey should I buy?

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If you are keen on the NBA, you will want to support your team by wearing their NBA jersey. You can easily search for NBA jerseys at online shops or an NBA store. They don’t come cheap. So you don’t want to pay a lot for an NBA jersey that doesn’t fit, do you? Let’s find out the answer to “What size NBA jersey should i buy?

Tips to choose NBA jersey

To effectively choose an NBA jersey, you need to consider two factors:

  • What do you wear a Jersey for?
  • What is your size?

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What do you wear a Jersey for?

Let’s start by deciding what you wear the NBA jersey for. Will you just wear it to hang out with friends or do you wear it to play basketball?

This plays an important role in determining your NBA jersey size.

Specifically, if you only wear it to the public or something like that, you should buy a loose and baggy jersey. Thanks to that, this jersey will give you maximum comfort.

If you are going to wear it for sports, you’ll need a jersey that fits well so you can move freely.

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If you are keen on the NBA, you will want to support your team by wearing their NBA jersey.

What size NBA jersey should I buy?

If you’ve determined the purpose for wearing the NBA jersey, it’s time to find the right NBA jersey size.

The easiest way is to go to a clothing shop and try it on. You probably won’t buy the jersey at that shop, but you can get the NBA jersey size you need. Then you need to keep in mind the brand, style, and size. Then all you need to do is buy them at online stores.

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Alternatively, you can also take your measurements and adjust your jersey size accordingly. With a tailor’s measuring tape, you can easily get your bust measurements by measuring around the bust. To measure the length of the body, you need to measure from the shoulder down to the waist area.

If you want to buy a jersey that fits, choose the jersey that is closest in size to your measurements. If you want to choose a wide jersey, you need to change to a larger size.

However, things don’t seem to be so simple. Different brands have different sizes. Here are a few examples:

1. Mitchell and Ness jerseys

They include two types, Swingman, and Authentic jerseys. Swingman jerseys usually come in the correct size. Meanwhile, Authentic jerseys usually come in smaller sizes.

Therefore, when choosing Swingman jerseys, you can choose the right jerseys for your size. In case you choose Authentic jerseys, you will need to increase the size.

2. Nike NBA Jerseys

They also offer two jerseys including  Nike swingman and Nike authentic jerseys.

They are all smaller in size. Hence, they’re great for sports. If you’re looking for a Nike Jersey for casual use, you should go for something generous in size. You must consider increasing the size, it is best to go up two sizes.

Distinguishing Swingman and Authentic jerseys is not easy. Both are slim and fit. However, you can tell them apart by their length. Authentic jerseys are usually about two inches shorter than Swingman jerseys.

3. Fanatics Jerseys

Fanatic is a major brand in providing NBA jerseys. Their products are all affordable. They also recently released the NBA Fast Break Replica jersey. As a result, you can buy high-quality jerseys at an affordable price.

Overall, Fanatics Jerseys have a more standard fit than other brands. They usually fit around the shoulders and chest area. However, the waist area is a bit loose.

Brands do not apply the same size index. Therefore, you will have difficulty in choosing. Next, we will take a look at the specific brand’s jersey.

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Reebok NBA Jerseys Size

When it comes to great and high-quality NBA jerseys, you cannot ignore Reebok. They always follow a strict procedure to create great products. As a result, their jerseys became popular all over the world.

If you are considering a Reebok Jersey, you need to know that they have different levels of jerseys, including:

  • Pro-cut.
  • Authentic (1st and 2nd generations).
  • Swingman.
  • Youth swingman.
  • Replica.
  • Youth replica.

Authentic (1st and 2nd generations) come in certain sizes. These include S (40), M (44), L (48), XL (52), XXL (56) and 3XL (60). Swingman also follows this pattern up to XXXL. Meanwhile, others stop at XL or XXL.

Pro-cut jerseys are jerseys worn by players. They even have the player’s signature. Therefore, they are very expensive.

Adidas NBA Jerseys size

Adidas is a big brand in the sports industry. Proof that they have produced the perfect jerseys for professional players and fans alike.

The Adidas NBA Jersey comes in sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. If based on bust measurements, their sizes are in the following ranges: XS (31-33), S (34-37), M (37-40), L (41-44), XL (44-48). ), 2XL (48 – 52), 3XL (52 – 56).

If based on waist measurement, their sizes are in the following range: XS (27-29), S (30-32), M (33 – 35), L (35 – 38), XL (39 – 41), 2XL (42 – 44), 3XL (45 – 47). For hip measurements: XS (32 – 34), S (35 – 37), M (38 – 40), L (41 – 43), XL (44 – 46), 2XL (47 – 49), 3XL (50 – 52).

If you’re a newbie, it’s best to get help from a salesperson or someone with experience. They only produce Nike authentic and Nike swingman.

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Adidas Jerseys size

Nike NBA Jerseys size

Like Adidas, Nike is one of the world’s leading sports brands. Its reputation seems to have spread across the globe. Nike is one of the few sports brands that produce jerseys for players. Hence all their products are great.

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Nike nba jersey size chart

Nike doesn’t make fake jerseys. The Nike fake jerseys available in the market do not belong to them.

Available sizes of Nike jerseys, for both Authentic and Swingman, include S (40), M (44), L (48), XL (52), 2XL (56), 3XL (58).

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Nike Jerseys size

Pro-Cut Puma NBA Jerseys size

In fact, in the sports industry, a lot of people underestimate Puma. A lot of people thought that they were just a brand of shoes. However, they were wrong. They also offer high-quality jerseys.

They offer high-quality jerseys at an affordable price. However, they only produce pro-cut basketball jerseys.

They offer pro-cut jerseys specifically to the physical needs of the players. They rely on the exact measurements of the players when creating it. These jerseys are very expensive. They are often accompanied by the player’s signature.

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Pro-Cut Puma Jerseys

Their Pro-Cut NBA Jersey has a definite size. They are: S (36), M (40), L (44), XL (48) and XXL (52).

Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jerseys size

Mitchell and Ness is another well-known brand in the industry. All their products are perfect. As well as other famous brands, they offer Authentic and Swingman jerseys. However, you will not easily distinguish them. The only way to tell them apart is by looking at the stitches.

Since they mainly offer authentic jerseys, we will only mention the Mitchell and Ness authentic jersey size. Their available sizes are S (36), M (40), L (44), XL (48), 2XL (52), 3XL (56), 4XL (60), and 5XL (64).

Replica Champion NBA Jerseys

The Champion brand is one of the underrated brands. However, you can miss out on great products if you look down on them.

They make jerseys at amazingly cheap prices. The reason is that they deal in replica jerseys. However, their replica jerseys are so good you can barely tell them apart. If you are looking for jerseys at a cheap price, they are a great solution for you.

Their Jerseys are available in five adult sizes. They are: S (36, M (40), L (44), XL (48) and 2XL (52).

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NBA  jersey size chart

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Nike authentic and Nike swingman jerseys, which should I choose?

There is no answer to this question. It depends upon your demands and funds. If you have a good budget, you can consider Nike authentic jerseys.

2. Why are jerseys so expensive?

The main reason is high demand. Additionally, NBA jerseys are high-end fan apparel. The brands that make NBA jerseys are almost always premium brands.

3. Do they wash their NBA jerseys after each game or wear new ones every time they play?

They always clean the NBA jersey after every game.

4. Where can I buy NBA jerseys?

You can buy NBA jerseys at NBA shops, clothing stores. You can also buy at many reputable websites.

Reputable review sites also link to amazon.com. You can click on that link to purchase the product. By linking to amazon.com these review sites receive fees by advertising.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have chosen the best NBA jersey. You need to consider many factors before making a final decision.

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