What Is the Post in Basketball? All You Need to Know

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A basketball court has many parts, and they all have specific names. Whether you are playing basketball in real life or watching the sport on TV, you might often hear coaches or players refer to the “post,” a specific area on the court.

So what is the post in basketball? What does post up mean in basketball? Through this article, we’ll make things easier for you to understand.

What Is the Post in Basketball?

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This term involves areas of a basketball court.

It involves areas of a basketball court from the baseline to the free-throw line. It is also known as the ‘paint’ area and “the key.”

The post comes in two positions: One close to baskets and one beneath free-throw lines. The upper part, near free-throw lines, is the upper post or high post. Meanwhile, the area that closes baskets is called the low post

The post is considered one of the most challenging areas regarding basketball. It is where the offensive player receives the most contact from the defender. 

This area is often the most crowded part of the basketball court and one of the places where mistakes occur most frequently throughout a match.

Mastering the post is not easy as it requires determination, effort, hard work, and skill. 

Why Do People Call It the Post in Basketball?

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The post plays an essential role in basketball.

By now, you’ve got the answer to, “What is the post basketball?” So why do people call it the post?

The post plays a vital role in basketball today, and there is much confusion regarding why people call it the “post” and the origin of this term. 

Believe it or not, this term comes from “posting up.” It is what the offensive player does when calling for a ball in the post.

Some people believe it được gọi là the “post” as there are four ‘posts’ (or four corners) to the paint area that dictates the location of the high-post or low-post.

Besides, “Posting up” is slang utilized in the US. Many people use it when claiming one area belongs to them.

For instance, when one personal trainer sets up with his client at the fitness center, he might tell the client something like: “Let’s post up here with the free weights.”

People also might use the term when planning with their family or friends. For instance, someone might say: “Why don’t we post up at this park and enjoy a picnic?” or “How can I post up at Rogger’s house before joining the party?”

How to Post up Basketball?

What is the post in basketball

A guide on posting up.

You’ve got the answer to, “What is post in basketball?” Now is the time to read a guide on posting up in Basketball.

When the basketball ball is changing possession, the offensive player has to move to the Basketball court’s other end toward a basket they’re attempting to score. There is usually one offensive plan that is set up first, and the player posting up just follows these steps:

Step 1: Determine the Position

Numerous offensive strategies include one player posting up or more and being all set to obtain one pass from a point guard.

Step 2: Receiving One Pass

Once the offensive player has been in the post position, he should turn his back on the basket while being all set to get a pass. 

He can make contact by eye with the passer and point guard to help this happen.

Step 3: Making The Move

Once the players who have posted up get the ball, he will have some options. As the scoring opportunity is high, the defenders should be aggressive.

A post player can make use of it by attempting to draw fouls. Also, he might rely on his precision footwork, speed, and agility to outmaneuver his defender.

He can drive in with one power dribble, drop step, shot fake, power move, pump fake, return the basketball to his open teammate, or get into the triple threat stance.

Step 5: Shooting the ball

Either low or high post positions deliver good scoring opportunities.  The player in those spots makes a slam dunk, up-and-under shot, a layup, or he can do one mid-range shot, such as a fadeaway, hook shot, or jump shot, depending on the play.


What Does It Mean to Post up?

When an offensive player positions himself in the post, he is posting up. To post up, players move into the basketball court’s post area, typically low posts, to obtain a pass.

From this area, if a player receives the ball, he can back down a defender, pivot, fake out, spin, or power dribble to make scoring opportunities.

About High Post and Low Post in Basketball

What Is the Low Post in Basketball

It is located at the bottom of the key on both sides of the basket’s sides. 

For many, it is the place under the basket and inside the paint area. In basketball, a match is often won and lost in the low post.

Secure low post areas are one of the primary priorities for the offense. They are attempting to secure the ball down low as that is where the high-percentage shot is: Layup, dunk, and hook shot.

The post player also has to crash the offensive boards when his teammate misses, opening the door for second-chance points.

Low posts do not only involve the offensive side. For the defense side, the post defender must attempt to stay physical opportunities without fouling, blocking shots, and boxing out to avoid missing second-chance opportunities.

What Is the High Post in Basketball?

While the low post involves the areas near the baseline, the high one refers to the area near the free throw line, where at the key’s top. 

It is still regarded as part of the post and is on both sides of baskets but is further away from the basket than the low one. 

Big players also use the high post when luring the defender away from baskets, freeing up one lane to the rim.

Like the low post, the high one benefits the defense and offense. For offense, this area is where many centers and power forwards line up before setting up a play or a pick.

Like the low post, the big player is also ‘post-up’ in the high post. Instead of layups, dunks, and hook shots, they often perform unbalanced and fadeaway shots.

What Are the Criteria for Post Player?

Big and tall are not enough to be effective in the post. The most important is the player’s physicality and the ability to stand his ground when pushed around.

Are Center and Post the Same?

The terms “low post” and “center” often go together, but they have two different meanings.

A center refers to a position played by one member of a team. Meanwhile, the low post involves an area of the court where any player on the team may move.

How Is The Post Related To “Posting Up”?

Posting up refers to a player in the offense who utilizes the back to force one defender off the low post to protect the basketball when they make space for one jump shot at short range.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand “What is the post position in basketball?” and “What is post up in basketball?”

The post is a vital part of basketball that should not be overlooked. Understanding what it means can enable you to enjoy the sport overall.

Thanks for reading!

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