What Is Flex in Fantasy Football? Everything You Need to Know

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If you have just begun to discover fantasy football, you may be confused with some unique vernacular utilized in fantasy. One of them is the term “flex position” or “flex.”

So what is flex in fantasy football? What is a flex player in fantasy football? Scott Fujita has got the answers to them. So let’s get into the details right now!

What Is Flex in Fantasy Football? 

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The flex can be a wide receiver, tight end, or running back. It is a critical position in any lineup to win weekly matches. The main purpose of the flex spot is to add flexibility to your roster in fantasy football.

In fantasy football, the team owner needs one quarterback, two wide receivers, two running backs, one tight end, one defense, and one kicker to fill one standard starting lineup.

Along with preparing all these positions to fill the starting lineup, several leagues select to have one flex player. In leagues that use a flex position, the draft might become one race to pick up the most players in these positions.

Flex Scoring in Fantasy

The flex spot might change weekly and is a critical slot in one lineup when the season advances. But it is also the most difficult dot to fill from match to match.

You will stand in front of too various reliable players for you to pick from when one fantasy draft takes place. It will leave the flex spot to be altered heavily during one season to look for players with the greatest matchup.

But in one PPR league, the team will get one extra point for each reception one player causes during the game besides the yardage they get.

When playing in this league type, it will be helpful to utilize a wide receiver for the flex spot as more wide receivers in one game mean more selections to slide into the slot in your starting lineup.

Choose Flex Type  

It tends to be challenging to compare wide receivers to running backs as it is difficult to determine the number of touches each player would get in the respective games. The owner might insert one tight end for the flex spot in a few cases.

It isn’t recommended as running backs and wide receivers typically get more chances to create plays as well as score during one game. When determining what player type is used to fill the spot, several experts think it will significantly depend on the league type being played.

When it comes to one standard league, the running back position tends to become a more reliable choice for the flex spot. The reason is that in one standard league, the points will be more reliant on the yardage one player gets instead of the times they can touch the ball.


What Is Fantasy Football?

what is flex in fantasy football

Fantasy football allows you to choose your rosters by joining a draft where all relevant NFL players are available.

Fantasy football refers to a game where the participants act as general managers and owners of virtual professional football teams. The competitors choose their rosters by joining a draft where all relevant NFL (National Football League) players are available.

What Are Top Flex Players in The Fantasy Football Game?

The best flex players should be players that have the most points from the wide receiver and running back positions. They’re the top players in the fantasy football game, but flex spots typically focus on sleeper players.

What Are the Best Flex Players?

The following are players that can be utilized as flex spots, including:

  • Cooper Kupp.
  • Austin Ekeler.
  • Ja’Marr Chase.
  • Jonathan Taylor.
  • Justin Jefferson.
  • Christian McCaffrey.

Does Any Other Fantasy Sports Have the Flex Position?

Flex position has received fame thanks to Fantasy football. With that in mind, many people wonder, “Is it the only fantasy sport have a flex position?”

Both NBA and  MLB fantasy deliver versatile roster positions. Regarding fantasy baseball, the roster position is not considered one “flex position;” it is known as a “Utility Spot.” 

In most cases, fantasy basketball leagues have versatile spots such as “Forward” or “Guard,” where you can roster any forward type in the forward spot and any guard type in the guard spot.

What Is Super Flex in Fantasy Football?

In the super flex format, there is a “flex” spot where you can place one running back, wide receiver, quarterback, or tight end. So, in the super flex format, you can begin two quarterbacks per week.

What Position Is Best for Flex in Fantasy Football?

The top flex fantasy football players are the player that has the most points from the wide receiver and running back positions. Flex positions typically focus on sleeper players.

What Is a Speed Flex in Football?

SpeedFlex builds based on the technology utilized in earlier helmet models. Flex is engineered into the helmets’ facemask, shell, and attachment system.


So what does flex mean in fantasy football? Flex in fantasy football refers to a roster spot utilized to make the fantasy manager flexible. Several different positions can fill this flex spot. 

For instance, some standard flex leagues enable the flex spot to be filled by a wide receiver, tight end, or running back.

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