What Is Flag Football? We’ve Got the Answer for You!

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Many people are familiar with American football, one of the symbols of the United States. But many people still don’t know the football flag, although it and American football are considered to have much in common.

So what is flag football? How do you play flag football? Scott Fujita will help you clear those queries. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get into the details to explore!

What Is Flag Football? 

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“Flag football” is the same as “American football,” except it lacks body contact.

“Flag football” is a variation of “American football. The significant difference between the two is that “Flag football” features less body contact.

Regarding football, tackling is necessary because it is used to down other players. But for flag football, the player will pull flags off of other players’ flag belts to down them.

This sport was first held in the US during the 1930s. Since flag football has spread worldwide, the number of countries hosting this sport is increasing. 

This sport gained popularity during the 40s when many American military soldiers couldn’t risk getting injured. That’s why they found an alternative to American Football.

The sport has become even more popular with children over the past decades. Last year in the US  alone, its popularity grew by 38% among children.

One of the good reasons for this popularity is that most parents do not want their children to get injured while playing American football. So most children now play flag football instead of traditional American football.

Many even recommend this sport become an Olympics’ official sport in the next few years. 

How to Play Flag Football?

Flag Football and American Football are pretty similar. The critical difference between them is the removal of physical contact.

Regarding American Football, tackling is an essential part of the game. For flag football, tackling is not allowed to down players. 

Rather than tackling, flags are attached to the belt of the player. One flag on the waist’s each side. Once a player has pulled off the flag from his opponent, the game will stop, and the next play will begin.

The purpose of these sports still remains the same. Whatever sport it is, the player still has to score a touchdown.

Types of flag football 

The Flag Football version of the UK is slightly different from the US one. For the UK version, only two flags are worn, differently from the US, where three flags per player are worn.

Furthermore, the UK version is played with five players per team. On the other hand,  for the US version, this sport is typically played with eight, nine, or even eleven players on each side.

Many people prefer the UK Flag Football version as it is much more effortless to play and allows you to play the game indoors with five players per team. 

Regardless of the version, they are suitable for all people, from children to adults, from men to women.


When Is a Touchdown Scored in Flag Football?

To score one touchdown in a flag football game, the player has to cross the goal line and enter the end zone with his possession of a football.

What Are the Benefits of Playing This Sport?

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Flag Football is much safer than American Football, making it safe for children.

  • Unlike American Football, this sport requires fewer people. A flag football game can start with seven players on each side instead of eleven players, like in American Football.
  • Flag Football requires more affordable equipment. Instead of investing in a helmet that costs $300 to $600, you can buy some Flags and a belt which is significantly cheaper.
  • Flag Football is much safer than American Football due to the lack of physical contact, making it safe for children.

What are the Dimensions of the Field Football Flag?

The typical dimensions of the field for flag football are one rectangle roughly 60 to 80 yards long and 20 to 30 yards wide.

What Is the Needed Equipment for This Sport?

To play this game, you must prepare football and ensure each player has one flag belt. The football is available in various colors, textures, and sizes, so it is easy to choose one that will work best for your group.

The flags also come in many styles and colors. Some belts have flags that attach with plastic or velcro fasteners, while other models feature the flags permanently attached so the whole belt will fall off when pulling the flag.

How Many Players on a Flag Football Team?

In most cases, a flag football team consists of five to seven players, but some teams have from four to eleven players.

How Many Points Is a Touchdown in Flag Football?

For this sport, a touchdown is equivalent to 6 points.

The Bottom Line

Flag football is very similar to American Football. The only difference is the lack of physical contact in the latter sport. As a result, flag football does not usually lead to contact injuries, making this sport more common among children.

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