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Basketball is a great sport, especially with the advent of the NBA. There are so many events surrounding this tournament that we could call it a year-round tournament. 

With the impact of the Coronavirus, there have been changes in the timing of this activity. The training camp date no longer follows the tradition. Let’s learn more about NBA training camp with Scott Fujita!

The Definition of NBA Training Camps

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When is NBA camp?

NBA training camps is a crucial factor supporting the evaluation and building of NBA teams for the upcoming seasons. It is time for coaches to start inventorying the squad.

They will evaluate the overall staff: returning players, rookies, and players acquired through acquisitions. In addition, coaches are also responsible for game planning for the upcoming season. For players, training camp is a means to help them get to know their teammates and their playstyle.

Another advantage of training camps for NBA teams is that it helps them recover physically. This period allows the players to rest and get in shape after an intense season. Thanks to it, basketball players can function more efficiently through the preseason games and extend their prime time.

In a typical year, recruits will adjust to reaching the next level by playing in the NBA Summer League or participating in events at team facilities before training camp. In the adjusted schedule, rookies have three weeks and a minimum number of games to get ready for their first NBA season.

Finally, some teams use training camps as agents to bring team members together. It will help the team members understand each other better as well as increase the ability to communicate internally. In the 2019-20 season, the Los Angeles Clippers enjoyed training in Hawaii. Of course, players will have enough health to practice and get to know each other most effectively in such an atmosphere.

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When Does NBA Training Camp Start: 2021-23 Season

The 2021-23 season takes place with many uncertainties and obstacles due to the Coronavirus. So, the NBA decided to put everything back on track this season. 

Although it is only a plan on paper, many sources have announced the restart of the training camp for the new season.

October 19 is the date that the NBA has chosen. It is the right time to start the regular season in previous seasons. If so, the camp will start earlier – around September 28. If the schedule goes as planned, April 10 next year will be the end date of the NBA regular season.

Getting everything back on track is a plan that the NBA has long cherished. After two seasons heavily affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, they expect that this schedule will go smoothly.

In addition, the league also set the NBA draft date as June 23. In addition, the date of Game 7 at the NBA Finals will be only about four days before. Pushing the schedules back as planned will confuse the teams that make it to the NBA finals this season.

If the next training camp starts on September 28, then the two finalists have only 68 days to return as soon as the 2023 season ends. By comparing the 2019-20 season, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat champions have just 51 days from the end of the season to training camp.

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The Timeline of NBA Training Camps Last Year: 2021-23 Season

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LeBron James had only two weeks to start a new season.

1. Timeline

The Covid pandemic has stirred up the NBA’s 2019-20 season. To solve the problem, the NBA created an active and innovative training camp program to wind up. 

They used the Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, for a camp called “The Bubble.” Here, the NBA season took place with eight games for the top 22 teams and then the playoffs.

The players participating in this camp have all passed the three negative coronavirus tests. The tournament was successfully held when no player tested positive for the virus. 

And we also know the Lakers are the owners of the championship. Perhaps this success in the last season has made the NBA more confident, they chose December 22 to start the new season.

December 1, 2020 is the start date of the new training camp. That means the camps open around the league Tuesday. 

Of course, there will be limited actions for athletes to ensure safety. November 18 is the day of the NBA draft and two days later the free agency starts operating.

It is also the first time J.B. Bickerstaff has stood in the Cavaliers team as head coach. The Lakers and Heat will have very little time to return to practice. Meanwhile, teams like the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets had to wait a long time to return.

2. Was The Start Date Too Early?

One of the controversial issues of recent times is whether the NBA is rushing things? On October 11, LeBron James just lifted the championship trophy with his teammates last season.

They started training camp within two weeks of the end of the season. We can see that it is this urgency that has drained the athletes’ energy and physical strength.

We respect the NBA’s desire to get things back on track. It’s impossible not to mention that many teams got a break early, but that’s still a bit unfair.

However, this has been the federation’s decision and until now, the 2023 season is going quite smoothly. While individual workouts are an aspect that must be limited, it is understandable in the context of a pandemic.

Annual Timeline of the NBA Training

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You should also follow the timeline from last season.

The impact of the pandemic in the past two years was heavy. So the NBA seasons have had a schedule change. 

However, should things return to normal, we believe you’ll want to know the exact timing. Referring to these timelines will help you follow the NBA’s schedule more proactively.

Normally, the NBA playoffs close in June. The next four months are a time for players to practice before appearing on the court again in October. 

Players will also tend to travel to de-stress or relax during that time. Meanwhile, the team’s offices will have to work year-round.

Final Thoughts

Training camp is an annual event of every NBA tournament. It creates a time to bond the team members together. In addition, this is also the time for players to warm up and get ready for the new season. 

Hopefully, after this training camp, the players will have enough physical and mental strength to dedicate dramatic matches for us!

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