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One of the most beautiful and attractive soccer techniques is kicking the spin ball. When watching the players perform them on the pitch, you will feel like they are doing magic with their feet.

However, have you ever wondered how to perform such kicks? Via this article, let Scott Fujita discover how to curve soccer ball!

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Curving the ball

How To Curve A Soccer Ball?

How do you curve a soccer ball? To perform this complex technique, players will need a long time to practice the skills.

Basically, you will need to go through three stages. Try to master each move one by one until you can play it smoothly without any problems.

Spinning The Ball 

The first stage is to rotate the ball. Soccer balls that fly in a curve usually have a certain spin, and you will have to practice doing it with your feet.

Line Up 

The first step is to approach the ball at a 90-degree angle. The best position for a vacuum kick would be 12 to 15 inches from the ball.

If you want to kick the ball straight, your feet will have to point towards the center of the ball. In this case, you have to position your toes slightly off-center.

You will approach the ball in the opposite direction of your dominant foot. So a left-footed player will approach the ball in the right direction and vice versa.

Stand 7 to 10 feet away from the ball before kicking. This distance is just enough for you to complete three strides.

Strike The Ball

Use the inside of your feet to kick the ball off-center and make it spin in flight. The only way to achieve that is to apply a stronger force to one side than the other.

Aim Your Kick

Focus your kick on the outside and under the ball. The counterclockwise rotation will help the ball fly and curve in the opposite direction.

One helpful tip is to regularly practice your kicking pose. Kicking the ball with the soles of the feet is a must for curved kicks or crosses.

Follow and rotate your feet in a J shape when kicking the ball. The more you practice, the more proficient and beautiful your movements will be.

Kick The Ball Differently

Try to experience the feeling of kicking the ball with different levels of strength. Your kicking position and foot strength will determine the spin of the ball quite a bit.

You should practice many different levels to find the combination that will give the ball the most spin possible.

Practicing The Kick 

Once you’ve learned how to make the ball spin in flight, you’ll need to practice kicking it to perfection.

Set Up Your Target

Set a target about 20 to 30 feet away from you to direct the ball towards it. You can take any item; however, a cone will be the most suitable item.

You need to put the target right in front of your eyes and aim the ball to its side. Use this target as a landmark when kicking the ball around.

Kick The Ball

When kicking the ball, kick the ball low and to the side. For a stronger lift, you need to aim for the end of the ball.

Depending on the direction of the kick, the ball will have a different curve. Usually, we will kick with our strongest foot.

Swing Around

You need to have a good follow-through if you don’t want to get serious injuries during kicking. When kicking the ball, not only do your feet rotate but so do your hips.

You need to rotate your hips in a semicircle motion to create spin during kicking. Also, lean your torso towards the kick a bit as leaning back can cause the ball to fly too high over the goal.

Practice Kicking From Various Positions

When playing, you will have many different situations than in practice. You need to prepare in advance to get the best performance when the team needs it.

Some of the different field positions that you should be aware of are:

  • Penalty kicks.
  • Free kicks.
  • Corner kicks.

Aiming Your Shot 

The final step is to position your kick. It is extremely important because your goal is to score goals.

Decide Your Goal

Depending on the curvature of the kick you want to make, align the spin accordingly.

  • When kicking the ball spin to fool the keeper in a free kick, you don’t need to bend it too much.
  • If you want to kick the ball over a defender’s wall, you need a big spin.
  • A big curve is a necessary condition to score in the corner kick.

Spin The Ball

Depending on which direction you want the ball to curve, rotate the ball to your liking. 

Why do soccer balls curve? According to the Magnus Effect, the ball will curve in the direction of its rotation.

So, if you want to kick a curve to the left, make sure it turns left.

Kick Your Shot

Kick your shot to the far side where you want it to curve. You need to kick in the opposite direction so that the ball can fly in the direction you want.

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Valuable tips 

Valuable Tips

Football includes a lot of techniques, and kicking the ball is one of the most popular. To master this technique early, consider following these helpful tips.

Practice Frequently

The foundation of all action is practice. You will not be able to master the techniques if you do not practice them regularly.

Besides, each person’s strength and posture are unique. You need to constantly experiment with multiple positions and increase the kick until you find the optimal formula for you.

A slight flick of the ankle or pointing the toe upwards while kicking the ball can add spin to the kick.

Learn The Basics

Before you want to kick the ball skillfully, you need to kick the right technique. The curvy kick technique may seem complicated at first, but it gets easier if you follow it properly.

The correct kicking technique will also ensure avoiding unnecessary injuries. It also helps you optimize power and spin for the ball.

Be The Hero On The Pitch

Curved kicks at the right time will help players shine brightly on the field. A player is a person who has the ability to control the movements of the ball.

Create a difficult ball to block when taking a corner or create a large enough curve to break through the opponent’s defense. Depending on the playing strategy, each kick will have its own use.

If you can master the techniques, you will bring many advantages to the team.

Hone Your Skills

Technique is the most important factor, but good equipment will make you much stronger. Invest in a good pair of soccer cleats for the best results.

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How Do You Make A Soccer Ball Curve Right?

To make a curved ball, you need to apply force to the other side of it. So, if you want the ball to fly to the right, you’ll need to kick the left side of it.

How Do You Curve The Outside Of A Soccer Ball?

To be able to curve the ball against the outside of the foot, follow these steps:

  • Stand straight behind the ball about five feet away.
  • Place your dominant foot an inch or two from the ball and to the side.
  • Lock your ankle and position it, so the outside of your foot is exposed. You need to position the side so that the big toe is pointing up to the sky.
  • Kick the bottom outside of the ball with the outside of your foot at the base of your toes.
  • In the high direction, lean back and bend your legs to make the ball move up and down.

What Makes A Soccer Ball Curve?

The kicker applies spin during contact, creating a spinning motion to cause the ball to curve. In football, the same thing often happens with free kicks, corners, crosses, and other types of shots or passes. 

What Is The Hardest Soccer Trick?

The snake or ‘Elastico‘ is an extremely difficult move to do. It’s probably the hardest in football. 

A few players may have done this move before Ronaldinho, such as Zinedine Zidane or Rivelino, but Flamengo has capitalized on it more than anyone else.

Who Is The King Of Football Skills?

Leo Messi is definitely the king of football skills. Despite close competition with Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is said to have more of a mark in his arsenal. 


We hope this article has helped you understand how to curve the ball in soccer. The three-stage steps are:

  • Spinning the ball.
  • Practicing the kick.
  • Aiming your shot.

These techniques are not difficult to implement. However, you will need to put in the time and effort to practice if you want to use it well in competition. The right spin will help the player shine and make a strong impression on the pitch.

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