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NBA League Pass is crucial for basketball enthusiasts to watch NBA games. It provides the connection to out-of-market games that are not on national TV.

The free trial period would run through December 29th. How much is NBA league pass?

NBA League Pass price is $199.99/annually ($28.99/month) while NBA League Pass premium $249.99/annually features no commercials. If you just need to see a Team Pass for following one team, it will cost $119.99/annually.

If you want more options, Scott Fujita will provide a list:

NBA TV Live $59.99
Team Pass $119.99
League Pass (All Teams) $199.99
Premium (All Teams, No Commercials) $249.99
Premium + NBA TV $279.98

How Much Is NBA League Pass Cost? 

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What does an NBA League Pass cost?

The NBA League Pass cost is $199.99 for a year. NBA League Pass Premium featuring All Teams and No Commercials costs $249.99 for a year.

With the two versions, it is possible to enjoy up to four games one time with mosaic views on one digital device. NBA Team Pass cost is $119.99 for a year if you are just a fan of one team.

You can also add NBA TV. For each one-time purchase with the price of $59.99, it is possible to approach NBA TV coverage. It includes live games and programs for the National Basketball Association.

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Devices To Watch NBA League Pass 

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NBA League Pass devices.

Even if you stream NBA League Pass, it would have an approach for you to watch games or listen to sounds. 

NBA League Pass would support a number of operating systems:

  • iOS.
  • Android.
  • Amazon Fire TV and Kindle devices.
  • Roku 3 and 4.
  • Apple TV.
  • Android TV.
  • Samsung smart TVs.
  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 3 and 4.
  • Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo.

It is fine to log into the computer the out-of-date way if you like.

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NBA League Pass Outstanding Features

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NBA League Pass special features.

The NBA promotes the deal of League Pass commitments with some outstanding features. For NBA fans who look forward to the history of the NBA game, the Classic Games collection will earn much special interest.

The collection consists of more than 60 classic games that date back to 1963. Each NBA game represents a key moment in NBA basketball history.    

NBA League Pass and Team blackout dates

While you have to pay a hefty fee for your NBA league pass subscription, NBA League Pass and Team Pass owners are similarly damned blackout dates like any other streaming fan. 

The blackout date is the games you cannot watch as these games are broadcast locally in your area. 

For instance, if you reside in Los Angeles, it is impossible to see Lakers or Clippers NBA games at the same time. It is because these games are broadcast in your region, although these games will be ready for streaming 3 hours after finishing airing.

The blackout date mostly impacts basketball fans who are living near their favorite NBA teams. If you are a Bulls fan and live in Chicago, it does not matter. If you are a Lakers’ enthusiast and live in Los Angeles., it is necessary to ensure you prepare a streaming service to cover your local channels with ESPN and TNT.


How to watch the NBA League Pass online? 

There are a few methods to watch the NBA League Pass online or YouTube TV. However, no method quite compares to the NBA League Pass. For basketball fans who desire to watch games as required, the NBA League Pass is the best approach. 

The NBA League Pass is not a perfect program. Still, with the help of the inevitable blackout date, it provides NBA fans the most choices for their money in every NBA season.

What is the NBA League Pass?

The NBA League Pass program has the same operation as other streaming services. In a certain NBA season, the NBA League Pass subscription requires paying per month or per year upfront. 

Every subscriber is able to stream games live and watch NBA replays after the game is airing. The replay is available for streaming about three hours after the NBA game completes. Then, if you need to work during one important NBA game, it can wait for you to finish your work.

NBA League Pass vs. NBA Team Pass

In a particular season, NBA Pass provides a couple of noticeable plans: League Pass and Team Pass. Each of them gives streaming access to live games, full NBA game replays, and digital audio broadcasting for live games. The only difference is that the One Team subscription only gets access to certain features for one team in each season.

Therefore, if you choose NBA Team Pass, it is necessary to ensure you admire one team to follow. If you are in the TV market for one team, you need to consider if it is worth doing.

Final Words

NBA League Pass price is $199.99, and NBA League Pass premium (all teams and no commercials) is $249.99. Let’s become an NBA League Pass subscriber and enjoy all of the NBA playoffs! Thank you for reading!

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