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Any sport requires a standard field size for matches to take place. The same goes for soccer, basketball, and football.

As a basketball fanatic, you may be wondering, “How many yards are in a football field?” If so, keep reading to get the correct answer.

How Many Yards Are in a Football Field?

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All football fields cover 57,600 square feet

All football fields cover 57,600 square feet or the equivalent of 1.32 acres. It is the same at all levels, from professional to high school.

The field is 360 feet (or 120 yards) long and 160 feet (or 53.3 yards) wide. It is 300feet (or 100 yards) long from one goal line to the other. 

After accounting for both the end zones of the field ( 10 yards for depth each), the field’s total length is 360 feet or 120 yards.

Unlike some other sports, these dimensions are the same at all levels, from professional to high school. Also, the amount of players on the field does not change at all levels, as there are always 22 players, 11 on each team.

Because this field is large, you should have excellent cardiovascular skills as a player to play this sport.

How Long Are the End Zones? 

By now, you have got the answer to, “How many yards in football field?” So what about the end zones?

The length and width of the end zones are 10 yards and 53.3 yards, respectively. It means the end zone’s width is the same as the football field.

The start of end zones is called the goal line. It is usually marked by one white line thicker than the other lines on the football field.

Hash Marks in Football

How many yards are in a football field

Hash marks in American football

One of the mutable elements of football fields is the hash marks. They are the white lines that stretch vertically up football fields. 

When players get older, these hash marks will get closer together. Thanks to that, it will be harder for the offenses since the ball is played more in the field’s middle.

Those marks play a significant role in football games. The team who can get its best players in space will often gain more chances for big plays.

When these lines get closer together (in the pros and college), the chances for big plays in space will become limited. That is why these marks are closer together.

How Far Are the Numbers From the Sideline? 

These numbers also play an essential role in football since coaches will utilize them to align wide receivers.

The top of these numbers should be nine yards from incidental measures, while their bottom commonly measures seven yards from the sideline.

Dimensions Of Field Goal 

The sizes of the field goal also change, making it harder for players to kick the ball through it with one field goal. The consistent thing is the height of the crossbar. All crossbars should be ten feet high from the ground level.


How Large Is an NFL Field vs.  An Arena Football Field?

The size of one Arena football is significantly smaller than one NFL field. The dimensions of an Arena Field are 85 feet wide by 150 feet long (or 28 x 50 yards). 

How Many Yards Is Wide One Football Field?

A traditional football field is 160 feet (or  53 1/3 yards) wide.

How Many Yards Long Is a One Football Field?

The length of a football field is 360 feet (or 120 yards).

How Many Yards Is an NFL Football Field?

NFL, college, and high school football fields are the same size. So an NFL Football Field covers 57,600 square feet with a length and width of 360 feet (120 yards) and 160 feet (or 53.3 yards, respectively.

Why Are the Dimensions of a Football Field in Yards?

The NFL utilizes yards instead of feet to divide a football field as it is more effortless to show that distance on the football field with intervals, making it easier for fans and coaches to keep track of their field position.

Wrapping It Up

How many yard is a football field? The dimensions of an American football field are 360 feet long, 160 feet yards wide, and covers 57,600 square feet. These dimensions are maintained at all levels, from professional to high school.

Compared to one soccer field, this field is smaller from an overall dimension standpoint. But both fields are generally large, requiring a lot of endurance.

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