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Every sport requires a specific field to take place. In most circumstances, those fields feature unchanged standard sizes. However, for many sports, the area and size of the field can vary, depending on the play levels.

Through this article, Scott Fujita will help you answer, “How many square feet is a football field?” So if you are interested in this topic, keep reading to see more!

How Many Square Feet Is a Football Field?

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A standard football field covers 57,600 square feet.

A standard football field covers 1.32 acres or 57,600 square feet. Its length and width are 360 feet (120 yards) and 160 feet (53 1/3 yards), respectively.

It is 300feet (equivalent to 100 yards) long from one goal line to the other. If you include both the end zones of a field (10 yards for deep each), the total length of one football field is 120 yards or 360 feet.

Unlike other sports, these dimensions are unchanged at all levels, from NFL, college, to high school. Also, the number of players on the field is unchanged at all levels, as it is always 22 players (with 11 on each team).

Since football was born, the size of football fields has undergone many changes, including many small changes and even several revolutionary changes.

Each change is part of the sport’s ongoing efforts to enhance player safety, improve the game, and maximize the fan experience.

How Many Acres Is One Football Field?

The playing field, including two end zones of one football field, covers just over one acre (1.32 acres).

How Long Is One Football Field?

Any football field is 100 yards long, including two end zones (10 yards or 30 feet deep on each end). The total length of this field measures 120 yards.

How Big Are the Goalposts? 

Regarding the goal posts, the posts on both sides are 20 feet tall, while the crossbar is 10 feet high, making the total height 30 feet. 

In both NFL and NCAA play, the goalposts are 18.5 feet apart. Meanwhile, goal posts for the high school play are 23 feet, 4 inches apart.


How Big Is a Football Field in Square Feet?

A standard football field covers 57,600 square feet.

What Are Hash Marks?

How many square feet is a football field

The hash marks on a football field.

The hash mark refers to the white lines that stretch vertically up a football field. They are the mutable element of football fields.

These hash marks are 1 yard apart. The main difference between NFL college and high school fields is the gap between the two hash marks.

Here is the detail of the distance between two hash marks at each level:

  • NFL field: 18 feet, 6 inches.
  • College field: 40 feet.
  • High School field: 53 feet, 4 inches.

All plays will begin between or on the pound signs, depending on where the previous turn finished.

For instance, a ball will be put on one right-pound sign if the previous play finished along the right sideline. Thanks to that, teams do not have to run plays very close to the touchline, giving an extra advantage to the defense.

Are Football Fields the Same as Soccer Fields?

American football and soccer are two different sports. Although they do not have multiple factors in common, one of the similarities between the two is the field shape.

It is why many lovers typically wonder if the two fields are the same and can be utilized interchangeably. 

The answer is no. Football fields are not the same as soccer fields, and one of the fields can’t be for both games.

What Is the Biggest Football Stadium?

In college, the Michigan stadium features the most significant capacity stadium. Specifically, it can hold up to 107,601 people and is considered the “Big House.” 

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the largest stadium in the NFL. Its capacity is up to 93,607 people.

A Soccer Field vs. A Football Field: Which Is Longer?

A soccer field is typically longer than a football field if we only consider the field of play or goal line to goal line measurements. 

  Football Field Soccer Field
Width 53 1/3 yards (or 160 feet) Maximum: 100 yards

Minimum: 50 yards

Length 100 yards between goal lines (or 120 yards including two zones) Maximum: 130 yards

Minimum: 100 yards

Wrapping It Up

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