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A football game, whether it is NFL, college, or high school, is divided into some quarters. So how many quarters are in a football game

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How Many Quarters Are in a Football Game? 

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A football game consists of four quarters for all play levels

A football game, regardless of level, consists of four quarters. One halftime, also known as a break, is between the third and fourth quarters.

The length of each quarter will depend on the play level. Each quarter in the college and NFL lasts 15 minutes, while a quarter in youth and high school games is 10 and typically 12 minutes, respectively.

People use quarters to provide one structure to a football game. They contain a period long, relying on the play level. Certain quarters can contain specific rules.

For instance, in a professional football game, the clock will stop with 2 mins left in 2sd and 4th quarters, but not the 1st and 3rd quarters.

Furthermore, breaking up a football game into several quarters will allow nuances in the game’s procedures to contribute to the game strategy.

How Long Are Quarters in The Football Game? 

You should know how many quarters in football. Now is the time to answer the question, “How long is each quarter in football?”

From the professional to youth level, the period length in every quarter reduces to adapt the skill, endurance, spectators’ interest in the game, and more.

A youth football game is the shortest because of the youth’s ability and physical endurance to concentrate for a shorter period.

A professional football game is the longest as it is the highest standard of skill and endurance. It provides longer games for various fans and lovers, which increases TV viewership and sales.

Youth Football

The length of each quarter in a youth football game depends on the player’s age.

Generally, a youth football game is ten mins in length. There’s a possibility of stopping the clock or running clocks only during specific game parts.

The running clock might always happen or when one team wins by a specific point margin. It ensures that this game ends faster to lower the other team’s demoralization.

High School Football

A quarter in a high school football game is twelve minutes in length. Like a college football game, there is no 2-minute warning.

College Football

A quarter in the college football game is 15 minutes in length. But the professional football game has a 2-minute warning at the end of the 2sd and 4th quarters, while a college football game does not.


How Long Is A College Football Quarter?

The average college football quarter will last slightly over forty-five minutes in real-time.

How Many Overtime Quarters Are There in The Football Game?

In a professional football game, there is only one fifteen-min overtime period.

How Long Is A Halftime In The Football Game?

How many quarters are in a football game

A football game has a fifteen-min halftime period for all levels.

All levels, from high school to professional levels, have a fifteen-min halftime period. The youth play levels might also follow that length of the period, but it could also be a bit shorter.

How Long Is A Halve in Football? 

In every football game, the halve refers to the total duration of the first as well as the last two quarters.

For professional football games with two fifteen-minute quarters, the length of the first or second half will be half an hour (or thirty minutes) each.

In regular time, thirty minutes of one football game is equivalent to approximately 1 1/2 hours of real-time.

When Will the Clock Stop in the Football Game?

The clock in football might stop for several reasons, including:

  • On a penalty.
  • During timeouts.
  • When one team scores.
  • When one player gets injured.
  • At a quarter’s end.
  • When a ball changes possession.
  • When the officials want to measure for one first down.
  • The clock is stopped for the Two Minute Warning in an NFL game.
  • The play clock might stop when one team gets the first down in a college and high school game.

What Is Called “Game Clock” in The Football Game?

In one football game, the term “game clock” refers to the total time per quarter.

How Long Are NFL Games?

You should expect one NFL game to last over three hours.

In recent years, the longest average was in 2015, when the average length was three hours and nine minutes.

What Factors Slow Down A NFL Game?

There are many variances in the length of one NFL game. There are a few factors that impact how long an individual game last, such as:

  • Penalties.
  • Game Flow.
  • Broadcast.
  • Weather.
  • Style of Play.
  • Replay Reviews.

The Bottom Line

How many quarters in football game? There are four quarters in one football game. This is the same for all levels of play, including NFL, college, high school, and youth. Yet, the duration of each quarter varies depending on the play level.

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