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The National Basketball Association, or the NBA as it’s most commonly known, holds a draft for up-and-coming talents, mainly from the pool of colleges across the United States, to enter the professional game through its pearly white gates. Once a year, 30 teams from across North America get to take on new players in a draft format. This article will break down the NBA draft, from lottery picks to second-round selections, delving deeper into the mechanics that fuel one of basketball’s most anticipated yearly events.

Who is Eligible for the NBA Draft?

For all the seasoned wagerers out there, it’s essential to understand and research who is eligible for the NBA draft before making any nba picks that may affect your sportsbook. And just how thorough research is needed for wagering on the NBA draft, it’s very much required for NBA teams to assess the best talents to join their roster. That being said, the NBA draft consists of 60 players who are picked by 30 of the professional teams from the NBA.

However, the draft isn’t solely about college basketball talents. It can involve players from different leagues worldwide or athletes who have previously played for colleges. Nevertheless, players must be over 19 and have been out of high school for at least one year to be eligible.

The NBA Draft Lottery

The order in which the teams get to choose is determined by their performance in the league the previous year. For example, the worst-performing teams get to pick at the top of the draft, gaining access to many of the best incoming talents. That being said, a lower-performing squad doesn’t necessarily get to decide who they want first, and this is where the NBA draft lottery comes into action.

The 14 lowest-ranked teams participate in the lottery; this lottery then decides the order in which the teams will get to pick in the draft. Numbered balls achieve this in a machine representing 1 to 14. Four balls are then randomly drawn out with 1001 different combinations the balls in the machine can make. These combinations are vitally crucial in the NBA draft lottery as each of the 14 teams is assigned a number of these combinations, and the team that matches the numbers drawn out gets to make the first pick. The order for the rest of the team’s picks is also made using the same lottery.

Nevertheless, the lowest-ranked teams still hold a slight advantage in the NBA draft lottery, as they receive more combinations than a winning team from the previous campaign, which receives less. After the 14 teams who have taken part in the NBA Draft Lottery make their picks, the remaining 16 teams are allowed to make their picks; again, this is determined by how they played in the previous season, with the best-performing franchises picking last in the draft. For example, the NBA champions are the last to pick in the draft. The idea is to create a more equal playing field for the season ahead.

Can NBA teams trade draft picks?

NBA teams can trade draft picks, which has become a common practice in the league. This adds an extra dimension of excitement and thrill to the spectacle. Teams often look to swap perspective up-and-coming talents for more experienced players to address problem positions on their rosters from previous seasons, meaning there are plenty of unexpected thrills and spills in the draft every year.

That being said, there are some restrictions regarding trading picks. This comes in the form of the Stephian Rule which prevents teams from trading their first-round picks in consecutive years, this rule was again brought in to ensure fair play between all NBA teams over the season.

Top NBA Draft 2024 Prospects

It’s the home stretch before the NBA Draft 2024, which will take place on June 26 and 27 over two nights instead of just one like previous drafts. Two French players currently sit on top of the pile of prospects looking to join the NBA, with small forward Zaccharie Risacher of JL Bourg and Perth center Alex Sarr. Kentucky teammates Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham also look good as things stand.

Another name to look out for in the 2024 draft is Serbian playmaker Nikola Topic. The 18-year-old currently plays basketball at Red Star and has been returning from a lengthy knee injury. He has plenty of film to make a dent in this year’s draft proceedings. 19-year-old Cody Williams of Colorado University has also been suffering from an injury setback. However, he could still come in high on the lists of many NBA teams in the draft looking for an aggressive and confident player on the court. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that not all NBA draft prospects transition to the NBA easily, and sometimes, opting for an experienced player for a lower pick can be the best move to make.

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