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When starting to participate in important softball tournaments, preparing quality equipment is indispensable. One of them is a slowpitch softball bat, which can help you score a memorable home run. For a major youth tournament like the ASA, Scott Fujita has compiled a list of the best asa slowpitch softball bats 2024 for you to refer to and choose from.


10 Best ASA slowpitch softball bats 2024 reviews

1. Miken 2024 Freak Primo

The new Freak Primo 2024 is back and full of new bells and whistles. The MIken ASA Slowpitch Bat has been tested and proven with its massive 14″ Barrel, making it really hard to miss the sweet spot. The new black and red paint colors make this not only beautiful, but dangerous on the yard.

Miken Freak Primo 14" USA/ASA Maxload, 34x26oz, Black/Orange
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am

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  • Monster crate.
  • Great feeling with one ounce endload.
  • Hot out of the wrapper.
  • Great user ratings.
  • Most popular performance ASA Slowpitch Bat.


  • Expensive.

By using an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness, Miken ASA Bats use groundbreaking Tetra-Core technology that optimizes performance. To maximize its sweet spot and durability, the outer core layer provides increased flex allowing the inner core tube

These Freak Primo Balanced USA (ASA) 2024 (MP21BA) slowpitch softball bats feature a 2 1/4-inch standard barrel diameter, a 14-inch 100 COMP barrel, and a balanced payload favored by players

Bottom line

Freak Primo Maxload USA Bat 2024 will give you great versatility and power at the disc. With a four-piece design and a big sweet spot with a 1/2 oz end load, you’re sure to maximize your power throughout the season. 

2. Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Rival is a one-piece bat so it is suitable for tournaments that only allow players to use aluminum alloy one-piece softball bats. The design features of this bat seem limited. However, that’s what makes it special, it can comply with the strictest tournament rules. 

On top of that, this bat is also beginner friendly. Because of the amazing durability and strength that this bat has, Rival is definitely a great choice for those who are just starting out in the game and looking to improve their abilities in this area.

EASTON RIVAL Power Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat, 34/27, 12 Barrel, 1PC Aluminum, SP21RV, Dual Stamp

3 new from $104.46
Free shipping
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Combination of power and control.
  • In line with the strict requirements of the tournament.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Good impact feedback.
  • Reliable superior performance.


  • Not suitable for intense games.

These aluminum softball bats stand out for their speed, the Rival will give you quick swings, and you can improve your swing speed while maintaining a great level of bat control. Another important aspect is the ultra-thin 29/32” grip with an All-Sports grip that allows for a stiffer feel and good impact response. 

Most players also recall that the bat had great pop music and a very believable performance on the whole. Finally, with the plus point that it fits the strict requirements of the tournament, Easton Rival is an affordable bat with really good general characteristics, like other Easton bats this model is really well built and reliable.

Bottom line

This Easton Rival is a powerful bat. Rival is crafted of high-quality aluminum alloy, which extends its durability considerably. Like most of Easton’s aluminum alloy racquets, this model has a design that makes it evenly balanced.

This distinctive feature provides players with a combination of power and control. The slowpitch softball bats also enhance the combination of power and control by incorporating an extended 12-inch barrel.

Let’s immediately refer to the best softball bats

3. Miken Freak 23 Maxload

If you’re looking for some serious power then the Miken Freak 23 Maxload could be exactly what you’re after. This bat has also been upgraded with some newer features for the new season, fully approved to play in ASA tournaments.
Over the years this has been one of the hottest bat species and I don’t expect this year to be any different! After all, this is heavily confirmed by one of the best names in the business: Kyle Pearson.

Miken Kyle Pearson Freak 23 12" USA/ASA Maxload, 34x26oz, Navy
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Legendary player Kyle Pearson’s signature bat.
  • Blue and yellow color combination.
  • Flex 2 Power technology for high performance bin loading allows you to maximize your swing speed in the area.
  • 0.5 ounce maximum end load for galvanizing.
  • Made of 100% premium aerospace grade yarn.


  • High price.

Freak is crafted right here in the USA with 100% premium aerospace yarn, so you know it’s of the highest quality and durability for seasonal use. These asa slowpitch softball bats incorporate Flex 2 Power technology for optimal barrel loading, along with a 0.5-ounce maximum end load, both of which contribute to faster and more powerful shots. 

With both of these technologies combined, the Freak is a shock machine that lets you hit the ball farther than ever before.

Bottom line

These asa slowpitch softball bats are perfect for hard hitters who prefer a little more weight to their shots. And with a three-piece design, these asa softball bats cancel out negative vibrations while optimizing flexibility and response. 

Last but not least, this bat has a huge sweet spot, so you can always connect with the ball. Buy this cane today and swing the fence like Kyle Pearson.

4. Miken 2024 DC 41 Supermax

Miken slow pitch bats offer elite innovation with great cosmetics that any type of player can partake in. For the 2024 season, the new Miken DC-41 brings today’s famed Supermax payload onto a massive 14-inch reactor vessel to deliver performance gains and losses among the largest USSSA tanks on the market. 

Miken 2021 DC 41, Slowpitch Softball Bat, 14 in. Barrel, USA/ASA Supermax, 34x27oz, White/Black
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • The signature stick of Team USA player Danny Crine, softball legend.
  • The famous bat has gained a reputation in the industry for churning out insane hits with greater consistency than ever before.
  • This bat is ideal for experienced punchers looking for a slowpitch bat that can help them maximize their power to crush the ball with absolutes.
  • Two-piece design.
  • 100% synthetic construction.


  • The price can be quite high for slowpitch softball bats.

These best asa slowpitch softball bats use 100% premium aerospace-quality carbon fiber to ensure optimal performance and extended seasonal life. In the middle of the effective barrel and also skinny dealing, Flex 2 Power (also known as F2P) technology maximizes both payload and barrel flex to aid in bat speed through the striking area. 

Bottom line

This 2024 Miken DC-41 14-inch SuperMax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats (MDC18U) come in a regular 2 1/4-inch bin size, an extra-long 14-inch barrel size, and also has a one-ounce SuperMax end batch which is recommended for riders. power play. 

As part of the Miken Signature series, this design is the optional weapon for Team America’s Denny Crine Softball story, and it is also accepted for play in the USSSA, NSA, as well as the ISA.

5. Miken Exclusive 2024 Chaos Slowpitch Softball Bat 

Miken 2024 Chaos is our top pick and approved for play in all slow-moving softball tournaments. These slow pitch softball bats have been designed to maximize the bat’s hitting speed and distance. It also looks cool with the contrasting black and neon green color scheme.

Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All Association Slowpitch Softball Bat, 14 inch barrel length, 27 inch
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • It has the perfect combination of colors.
  • Totally comfortable and relaxing.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Absolutely perfect contact.
  • It doesn’t hurt your hands while using.


  • Might be expensive.

Chaos 2024 is a softball bat made of 100% alloy, so it has high durability and long life. This bat is designed in such a way that it enhances the bat’s hitting speed and distance. Built for adults, this aluminum cane features a beautiful blend of back and optic yellow. The performance is amazing and so is its design.

This bat has a thinner wall and 100% eflex technology alloy composition; Thanks to this combination, these best asa softball bats 2024 deliver incredible performance with increased barrel flex. The end-loaded swing weight ensures that your ball gets to where you want it to be. It adds more power to your shot. The 14-inch barrel length further enhances your shot as well as the end load.

Bottom line

We like that it doesn’t need to break in, so you can start bombing right from the wrapper. Seriously, the ball flies off this bat! It feels solid for the time we’ve had it, and we think it’s bound to be durable. It looks great and feels great in the hand, thanks to its comfortable grip and slim grip.

6. EASTON GHOSTMONDO ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This Ghost Mondo slowpitch softball bat is a giant club for everyone who likes to hit harder. The old version is a bit longer but this one is perfect for any ASA approved softball game. Not only that, but this bat also has some unique features to catch your attention. Spectacular prospects and traction on real games – this bat is adorable to our mighty heroes.

EASTON GHOSTMONDO Loaded ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat | 34" / 27.5 oz | 2021 | 12.5" Double Wall Barrel | 2 Piece Exact Carbon Technology | ConneXion | Carbon Zero Handle | SP20GHRES
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Legendary Last Loader Bat.
  • End cap with concave bowl for sturdiness.
  • Lots of rich pop sounds.
  • Vibration is almost zero.
  • Perfect for hard workers.


  • Only one size (34”) is available in the market.

Built with Easton’s innovative Dual Barrel Technology, the Ghostmondo offers soft barrel compression right out of the wrap. Taking into account barrel length, interaction rod flex and handle stiffness, Ghostmondo has been designed with Easton’s optimized player swing weight.

Providing a light end-load feel with a gentle swing weight for maximum performance. With a 12.5” barrel and our patented two-piece ConneXion+ technology, this slowpitch softball bat is ASA/USA approved for Softball and ISF play and backed by a 1-year warranty.

Bottom line

For those strong teams of junior or school level leagues, this Ghost Mondo is an incredible choice for them we guess. Fairly light, durable, cheap and built with high quality materials set this bat apart from others. Customizable logos or textures are also possible for this amazing bat. We recommend this bat for players of 10-36 years.

7. Worth 2024 Krecher XL, Ryan Harvey Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you’re looking for a strong, tough bat, then the Watermelon Worth Legit Water might be for you. With a wide and sturdy barrel, this bat is sturdy without being too heavy and difficult to hold.

Worth Ryan Harvey Krecher XL 13.5" USA/ASA Slowpitch Bat, 34x25oz
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Beautiful design.
  • X434 barrel technology enables crate flexibility and better performance.
  • Flex 75 handle allows for more whips and better feel.
  • Two-piece synthetic softball bat.
  • Approved to play in USSA, NSA and ISA sanctioned tournaments and tournaments.


  • The price might be high.

This 100% composite construction design is very sturdy. The 13.5” barrel is huge and offers plenty of surface area to go through with its powerful swing. This best asa slowpitch softball bat has an extended sweet spot that produces incredibly satisfying shots that allow you to really crush the ball right from the clubhead.

Step up to the level with the new X434 Barrel using exclusive carbon fiber and high-quality plastic system. This increases the material content to allow for barrel flexibility and better performance! Worth retooled their grip using the Flex 75 grip designed to optimize the whip and feel on their two slim bats. Adding an Opti Grip Knob button helps provide more comfort on the swing.

Bottom line

With the XL load, your end load will be stronger, and the distinct look and bold colors give it more charm when attached. This is one of the best USSSA softball rackets available and has been used by tournament pros.

8. Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat

Z1000 is back! So far, the best asa slowpitch softball bats have hit the market. This bat tested out of the shell significantly lower than the Z4000/Super Z from last year and broke down quickly. Responds well to shaving, however, we recommend keeping the Shaving or Standard style if you are shaving.

Louisville Slugger Super Z1000 Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat, 34"/27 oz
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • The LS-2X Composite Barrel features our proprietary rapid design.
  • Stiffer feel for increased energy transfer.
  • The weight rotates at the end of the load to increase electrical contact.
  • It is made of thinner synthetic leather.
  • Removable cone-shaped handle for a premium and comfortable grip.


  • There is only one color available (baby blue).

Super Z1000 2019 is built as a 2-piece and is 100% crafted from composite materials. The barrel is made of Louisville Slugger’s premium LS-2X composite, featuring a breakthrough faster design for maximum performance right out of the wrapper! 

The IST XStiff grip gives this slowpitch softball bat a stiffer feel to increase energy transfer, while keeping the high performance bat from feeling too vibrating as you swing through the hit zone. The end-of-barrel swing weight adds weight to the bottom of the barrel, giving this Z1000 more power potential if you’re strong enough to hit it effectively through the hit zone. 

Bottom line

Louisville Slugger has been in the business for a long time so they know what players want and how to improve their equipment to meet the current state of the game.

9. Worth 2024 Mach 1 Boss 302

The Worth Mach 1 is a fairly versatile model that offers a mid-XL weight of half an ounce. This feature solves the problem for players when they can’t decide if they want to use a fully balanced or fully loaded bat. Therefore, it can be used for rotation by both force and contact operators when they want to add more weight to the slowpitch softball bat. It is designed for adults playing competitively as well as recreational slowpitch softball players.

Worth Mach 1 Boss 302 Balanced 13.5" USA/ASA Slowpitch bat, 34x26oz
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Extend access point.
  • Maximum performance across the entire barrel.
  • Ultra-thin flex 50 handle.
  • Whip and feel like never before.
  • Reload XL – Half an ounce barrel.


  • High price.

The 2024 Slow Pitch 302 Worth Mach softball bat is Worth’s first USSSA bat in the all-new Mach series. The FLEX 50 Handle has exclusive thread corners to enhance the handle-barrel connection. With the USSSA Boss, you’ll get optimized handling flexibility AND performance crate loading. You will get reduced latency, increased distance and maximum power! 

The new CF100 technology delivers when hitting Classic M balls with one of the biggest “sweet spots” on any 13.5″ barrel in the game. 5% increase in yarn mass means Mach’s barrel 1 Boss 302 is a smooth, aerospace-grade piece of carbon fiber. From your swings along with reduced vibration and no dead/soft spots, you can count on solid, consistent feedback.

Bottom line

This Worth 2024 is a great choice for newcomers and beginners to exposure. These best asa softball bats 2024 are quite light, long lasting, cheap and built with high quality materials. Moreover, with customizable logos or textures, it is also possible. For 10-36y players, we recommend this one.

10. DeMarini Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat

The DeMarini Corn Dog is a combination of maple and slowpitch bat with a synthetic design with a stretch feel. This last loaded crate will give you more power after your swing, allowing you to maximize your swing speed to do monster hits.

Wilson Sporting Goods DeMarini ASA/USSSA/NSA/ISA Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat, 28 oz
as of June 20, 2024 3:57 am


  • Seasonal durability.
  • End-of-load bin.
  • Paraflex composite handle technology with carbon fiber is 22% more durable.
  • Aluminum-like pops.
  • Designed like a real corn dog.


  • Slightly stinging and vibrating.

This slow pitch softball bat is also designed with a Paraflex Composite grip, which means 22% stronger carbon fiber for optimal durability, so you can use this softball bat with confidence season after season. This Paraflex Composite technology also gives this asa slowpitch softball bat a more even weight distribution, giving you easier control through the area, so you can hit big shots more consistently than ever before. 

This bat has a maple shell on the outside that protects the composite barrel on the inside, much like the deep-fried exterior of a corn dog, hence the name. This slowpitch softball bat is perfect for use in wood-only tournaments, but to be on the safe side we recommend checking with your federation first to make sure composite wood designs, in particular, are also allowed. 

Bottom line

Corndog is the perfect combination of wood and composite materials. It offers an end-loaded barrel to create powerful spins, monsters will help you crush the ball and leave the crowd in awe. If you’re looking for softball bats that offer great seasonal durability, this one’s for you.

How to choose the best asa slowpitch softball bats

1. Standard of ASA slowpitch softball bat

Amateur Softball Association as known as ASA

Amateur Softball Association as known as ASA.

The Amateur Softball Association has introduced a new certification stamp and a new softball since 2013. For soft polishing .52 COR 300 Compression, these seal bats are designed. The ASA created these new softballs to enhance player safety on the court. These softballs are of a higher quality than previous ASA balls and are a must for ASA softball sanctioned events. Old ASA-branded softball racquets from 2000 and 2004 are no longer legal in Outlaw Tournaments or certain WSL Events.

  • Modified Slow Pitch racquets may result in a 2-5 year ban for ASA Banned events and cannot be returned under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • ASA Models are designed to hit the 52/300 Softball, hitting other balls is not recommended and may result in composite breakage or damaged racquets.

If you are unsure which softball bat, especially an ASA slowpitch bat, is approved for your league, please contact us at any time.

2. Consider the material 

The materials used in a softball bat will have a big impact on its performance and longevity.

  • Alloy bats are made of aluminum mixed with another metal to create thin and responsive walls. Almost all one-piece racquets are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. These tend to be the cheapest option, but also the most durable.
  • From a mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass or even Kevlar, composite bats are made. They rely on the versatility of these materials to enhance the trampoline effect of the barrel. Remember that composite racquets have a breakout period before you can get the most out of the material. And they die sooner than alloys because the barrel flexural strength decreases over time.
  • Wood is the material of choice for a traditional tournament or real hitters. While they don’t offer the same outstanding feel as today’s top composite racquets, they offer a feel and hitting experience that no other synthetic fiber or fiber can match.
  • You should choose the right asa slowpitch softball bat

You should choose the right asa slowpitch softball bat.

3. Choose between Balanced and End Loaded

Slow Pitch softball bats are designed in two distinct weights: Balanced and End Loaded. Players who want to generate as much bat speed as possible will be best suited for a balanced model.

Exposure models, also known as “base models”, often choose balanced models for smoother rotation and more bat control. With their weight evenly distributed throughout the slowpitch bat, balanced models have lower MOI (Moment of Inertia) than end-loaded models. Lower MOI, the bat can be swung faster.

If a player is already able to produce high swing speed, they may benefit more from an end-loaded slowpitch softball bat. With more weight towards the end of the barrel and combined with high swing speeds, end-loaded bats result in more contact distance. This design is the preferred choice for most power controllers.

4. A few key points to keep in mind

  • 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter.
  • Most models are 26 oz., 27 oz., 28 oz. And 30 oz.
  • Larger players looking to swing for fences should look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range.
  • Smaller or mid-sized players or those who want higher bat speed should use asa softball bats in the 25 to 27 oz range. 
  • The Slow Pitch Bat is 34 inches long and weighs between 26 and 30 ounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

The differences between one piece and two piece bat matter

The differences between one piece and two piece bat matter.

1. What are the differences between a one-piece and two-piece bat?

One-piece softball racquets use the same material throughout the design. The advantage of the one-piece design is that you get a stiffer, stiffer club, favored by power enthusiasts and looking for as little flex as possible.

The two-piece softball club with the handle is one piece that is separate from the barrel and the two are bonded together. The advantage of the two-piece club is that its design allows the barrel to flex at the point of contact creating a trampoline effect out of the barrel. Two-piece bats typically have less vibration at the handle due to the separation of the handle and barrel.

Final Thoughts

It’s a long post, however, ScottFujita is happy to be able to recommend you the best ASA slowpitch softball bats 2024. The top 10 products that we selected above are based on an objective assessment of their reliability. brand signals, quality as well as reviews from other customers. So, if you have any contributions, don’t forget to let us know!

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