What Is a Sweeper in Soccer? In-Depth Explanation In 2023

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Every sport evolves over time, and the same goes for football. This sport has seen a lot of changes and developments and the “sweeper” position is something of that.

So what is a sweeper in soccer? What does a sweeper do in soccer? Scott Fujita has got the correct answer for you. So let’s clear these queries with valuable information here!

What Is a Sweeper in Soccer? 

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Sweepers are no longer common in modern soccer teams.

For soccer matches, sweepers are central defenders who play mainly behind the backline. They will “sweep up” loose balls and cover their teammates if one opposition player seeps the defensive line.

Sweepers are no longer present in modern soccer games. But these positions were effectively utilized for many decades, from the 1940s to the 1980s and beyond.

Although the distinct job of the sweepers is to pick up any loose ball that penetrates the defensive line, this position is relatively fluid. 

Instead of playing one-line defensive traps or man-marking an opposing player, sweepers will sit behind their teammates, observe the game and predict the attacking strategies of their opposing team.

Those who take up this position must be highly intelligent players with great movement. This position typically serves as the tip in one defensive diamond, behind one other center-back or two.

What Is the Role of a Sweeper? 

Sweepers’ primary role is to break up any opposition attack by cutting out the long pass, intercepting the ball, supporting other defenders, and blocking the attacker’s runs.

In many cases, these players just chase passes, letting them reach the goalkeeper safely or run out of play. Also, sweeper players may need to clear a defensive line by kicking loose balls or heading away long passes to safety.

In addition, this position may play a certain role in counterattacks. As the opposing team does not definitely have a selected player to mark the sweeper. They can be very effective in fast breaks. 

How to Play Sweeper in Soccer?


Anticipation is also one of the required qualities for a sweeper because it lets them know where danger is coming and puts others in place to deal with it before putting them in that position.

Thinking two plays or three ahead to adjust their body positioning might be critical in sniffing out any danger.


Athletics is essential to a sweeper. You need to be physically fit to jump with the striker, sprint with the wingers, and stand solid with center back.

High IQ

High IQ is a must-have for great sweepers because it allows them to sense the danger before it occurs while playing low-risk soccer.

Patience And Discipline

Sweepers are often the defense’s conductor, meaning they can’t sprint out of position erratically or make rash decisions.

Ball Winner

what is a sweeper in soccer

A sweeper must possess excellent tackling ability and be ball-winning, whether in the air or on the ground. 

There is no denying that all defenders must own core ball-winning skills. So whether competing for possession in the air or on the ground, a sweeper must possess tackling ability and ball-winning.


Who Invented the Sweeper Position?

Karl Rappan Is Said to Be the Father of the Sweeper Spot, During His Reign as the Coach for Servette (Switzerland) During the 30s.

Are There Any Soccer Teams Still Use Sweepers?

Most modern soccer teams no longer utilize defensive sweepers. The heyday of old-school sweepers seems to be over.

What Is the Hardest Position in A Soccer Match?

Many soccer coaches, fans, and players agree that scoring a goal is the most complex task in a soccer game.  The striker holds the most opportunity for scoring goals, so this position is typically considered the most challenging position.

What Is the Most Skilled Position in Soccer?

Center forwards, and strikers are usually the most skilled players on soccer fields. They are the positions with the most goals contributed in a match.

Who Are the Best Sweeper in Soccer Players?

Here are the top 10 best sweepers of all time:

  • Paolo Maldini: AC Milan
  • Franz Beckenbauer: Bayern Munich
  • Franco Baresi: AC Milan
  • Bobby Moore: West Ham
  • Gaetano Scirea: Juventus
  • Roberto Carlos: Real Madrid
  • Alessandro Nesta: AC Milan
  • Ronald Koeman: Barcelona
  • Matthias Sammer: Borussia Dortmund

Why Is There No More Sweeper?

The key reason there are very few sweepers in modern soccer matches is the modern center-back’s evolution.

Which Position in Basketball Most Resembles the Sweeper in Soccer?

Regarding basketball, the spot that most closely resembles the sweeper in soccer is the point guard.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you have found our positional guide to be a helpful aid in your understanding of “What is sweeper in soccer?” and “What does the sweeper do in soccer?”

Although sweepers often make little or no appearances in professional soccer games today, many people accredit them with developing deep-lying defensive midfielders and ball-playing center-backs.

Those players often leave their set spots to win possession, join an attack or intercept a pass.

Thanks for reading!

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