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Jerry Rice is one of the legendary wide receivers of the National Football League (NFL). He is the leader in almost every major WRs statistic, with three Super Bowls and Rice’s NFL record reaching 100. He is also a regular face of the NFL All-Team and Super Bowl menu teams.

With such remarkable achievements, many people will be curious about the information of this Hall of Fame wide receiver. Without making you wait any longer, let’s find out here with Scott Fujita.

Jerry Rice: Biography And Personal Life

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Jerry Rice

Before learning about this Pro Football Hall Of Famer career, we need to understand his basic personal information.

  • Full name: Jerry Lee Rice Sr.
  • D.O.B: October 13, 1962 (age 59).
  • Birthplace: Starkville, Mississippi.
  • Weight: 200 lb (91 kg).
  • Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).
  • Franchises: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, and Denver Broncos.
  • Achievement: 3x Super Bowl (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX), 10× All-Pro, 13x Pro Bowl, Super Bowl XXIII MVP, 2× Offensive Player of the Year, Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On September 8, 1987, Jerry Rice married Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell. They have three children together, Jacqui Bonet, Jerry Rice Jr., and Jada Symone. However, the couple divorced in late December 2009.

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Jerry Jr. also participated in football matches. He was a wide receiver for the Rebels and participated in local pro-day 49ers before the 2014 NFL Draft. Even so, he was not drafted.

Another favorite sport of Jerry Rice is golf. Throughout his 20-year career, Rice used to wake up early to play golf. From April 15-16, 2010, he competed in the Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae in the Nationals. Rice also competed as the captain of Big Break Puerto Rico, and his team won.

Jerry Rice: Net Worth

What is Jerry Rice net worth and earnings? This retired professional footballer’s net worth is $50 million.

During his 20-year career, Rice has earned $42.4 million, or more than $2 million per season. Rice signed his first contract with the 49ers shortly after he was drafted.

Jerry Rice also appeared in some commercials for brands such as Gatorade, All Sport, or Visa during his competitive years. He also starred in several television shows such as Dancing with the Stars in 2005-06. Together with dancer Anna Trebunskaya, they took second place.

Besides, Rice also acted in TV series. His first acting role was as Hal Gore in the film Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling. He also guest-starred on the sitcom Rules of Engagement.

Jerry Rice also published two books about his life titled “Go Long: My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame” and “Rice.” He is also the former captain of Team Rice in Pro Bowl 2014 and 2016.

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Jerry Rice: Early Life And Career Beginnings

At first, Jerry Rice’s mother did not allow him to join the school football team during his freshman year at B. L. Moor High School in Oktoc, Mississippi. 

His potential was discovered in a very unexpected way. During his sophomore year, the principal caught Rice trudging, but he escaped very quickly.

It was those quick feet that caught the principal’s attention, and Rice joined the school’s football team. He also competes in basketball and track and field.

From 1981 to 1984, Rice attended Mississippi Valley State University. His ability to catch melancholy has earned him the nickname “World.” 

In 1982, he played with redshirt freshman defender Willie Totten in his first season. Together, the pair formed “The Satellite Express” and set numerous NCAA records. The Mississippi Valley State University renamed their football stadium to Rice-Totten Stadium in 1999 to honor the duo. 

Jerry Rice: NFL Career

We can predict a bright future in Jerry Rice’s NFL career with early successes. You can check out some of his career highlights here.

San Francisco 49ers

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Rice with his 80 jersey 

His explosive game time at Mississippi Valley State has helped Rice attract the attention of numerous franchises. Both the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys are interested in the guy. In the end, San Francisco picked Rice with the 16th overall pick in the NFL draft.

His rookie season was a bit difficult because he missed many passes. Even so, Rice was still in pretty steady form with a 241-yard, 10-catch game for the Los Angeles Rams in December. Rice recorded a total of 49 catches from 927 yards.

The following season was the first of six seasons in which Rice led the NFL in receiving touchdowns and receiving yards. Despite playing only 12 games in 1987, he still hit a record 22 touchdowns and was only broken by Randy Moss in 2007.

Rice’s performance at Super Bowl XXIII was impressive. Rice caught 11 passes for 215 yards and a touchdown gave San Francisco a 20-16 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

This performance made him the third wide receiver to receive the Super Bowl MVP. In 1989, Rice continued to bring the San Francisco 49ers to the Hall of Fame with three touchdown receptions.

Rice had another stellar season in 1990, leading the NFL in the number of touches (100), yards received (1,502), touchdown (13), and becoming the first player to lead the NFL in both three categories in the Super Bowl Era.

The 1994 season marked the return of the San Francisco 49ers and Jerry Rice to the Super Bowl. He was a crucial part of their 49-26 victory over the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX. Rice recorded ten hits, 149 yards, and three touches.

In 1997, Jerry Rice suffered a severe left knee injury, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial cruciate ligament. It took him 14 weeks to be active again, and he went against the advice of his doctors, who advised him to rest for a more extended period.

Unfortunately, in his first game back, Jerry cracked the kneecap in his left kneecap, which resulted in a more extended game break. In 1999, Rice failed to hit the 1,000 yards/season mark for the first time in his career.

After the 2000 season, Rice moved to the Oakland Raiders.

Oakland Raiders

After joining the Oakland Raiders team, Jerry Rice became one of the oldest WRs and Tim Brown. The two of them work very well together.

In 2002, Rice caught seven touchdowns and 92 passes for 1,211 yards and helped the Raiders win the AFC championship. Unfortunately, they lost to the Buccaneers 21-48 in Super Bowl XXXVII. Even so, Rice remains the first player to score a touchdown in all four Super Bowls.

After Oakland’s drop from 11–5 to 4-12 records in 2003, Rice became frustrated and decided to leave.

Seattle Seahawks

Rice was awarded six games to the Seattle Seahawks during the 2004 season. After speaking with Steve Largent, head of the Hall of Fame, Rice was granted permission to wear Largent’s retired No. 80 jersey.

In total, Rice had 362 picks and three touchdowns with the Seahawks. At the age of 41, he played 17 games in a 16-game season.


At the end of the 2004 season, Rice signed a one-year contract with the Denver Broncos. Rice never played for the Broncos. On September 5, 2005, Rice announced her retirement.

Jerry Rice: Stats And Records

As of the end of the 2020 season, Jerry Rice stats and records include the following numbers:

  • 1,549 career receptions.
  • 197 career touchdown receptions.
  • 23,546 career all-purpose yards (22,895 receiving, 645 rushings, 6 kick returns).
  • 208 career all-purpose touchdowns (197 receiving, 10 rushings, 1 fumble recovery).
  • 23,540 career yards from scrimmage (645 rushings, 22,895 receiving).
  • 207 career touchdowns from scrimmage (197 receiving, 10 rushings).
  • 22,895 career receiving yards.
  • 1,256 points scored by a non-kicker.
  • 604 combined net yards.
  • Fastest player to reach 100 touchdown receptions: 120 GP.
  • Fastest player to reach 14,000 receiving yards: 164 GP.
  • Fastest player to reach 15,000 receiving yards: 172 GP.

In Super Bowl XXXVII, Rice set the record with a 48-yard touchdown pass. It is also the game’s longest offensive play in NFL history. Rice averaged more than eight catches from 147 yards and two touchdowns in his four Super Bowl games.

Jerry Rice caught 67 touchdowns from Joe Montana during their legendary partnership that lasted from 1985-92. Rice followed up by grabbing a then-record 92 touchdowns from Steve Young, who succeeded an injured Montana as the 49ers’ starting quarterback in 1991. Rice won three receiving titles, each with Montana and Young as his QBs.

These impressive numbers and Super Bowl records have partly proved the effectiveness of this legendary wide receiver. It’s a pity he’s retired, or Rice would have appeared on many draft fantasy menu games, location network news pause, and more NFL sites. Many people will surely love to download draft fantasy filter of this excellent WR.

Final Thoughts

During his 20-year NFL career, Jerry Rice set numerous records and achievements. He is truly a monument of fame, not only in American football but in other sports in general.

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