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The baseball glove is an indispensable item for baseball receivers. And if you want to own a quality glove, its value will certainly not be small. So, it would help if you had a proper way to break in a glove without damaging its leather. With that in mind, Scott Fujita wrote this article to share with you about “How to oil a baseball glove?”

How To Oil A Baseball Glove

Adding glove oil to your gloves will keep your glove last longer and be more durable. Oils and conditioners will soften the leather, making breaking in a glove easier. Not only that, but it also lubricates the leather and keeps your glove from cracking.

To be able to break in your baseball glove, we will follow these steps step by step:

  • Choose the suitable oils and conditioners.
  • Absorb the oil into the leather.
  • Let your glove rest.
  • Form the pocket.

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You can buy oil from a sporting goods store.

1. Choose the right oils and conditioners

Since they made baseball gloves of leather, you’ll want oils and products made specifically for leather. 

First and foremost, check to see if your glove manufacturer recommends a certain oil. Some manufacturers expect that people who buy their products will use the oil to make the glove more supple. Check online for any special instructions on how to use glove oil.

If you don’t see any advice from the manufacturer, make sure the baseball glove oil you choose is suitable for leather. Oils not specifically formulated for leather can damage gloves.  Soaking too deeply can negatively affect your grip too.

A few types of materials that you can use to break in your glove most effectively:

  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Baby oil.
  • Saddle soap.
  • Shaving cream.

Baseball glove oil

Technical baseball glove oil is a product used to break down gloves. The best oil for baseball gloves weighs the glove because it makes it heavier. 

You can rub it on your glove and leave it overnight to absorb. It will take more time to work than the conditioner because it stays in place. Oil also darkens the glove if it is any color other than black.

Baseball glove conditioner

It is a kerosene-like substance that you can rub onto the leather of a baseball glove. The aim is to help restore the old color and preserve the leather from any further damage. It is also water repellent and leaves no sticky residue. It makes the skin look shiny and soft.

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2. Absorb the oil into the leather

You don’t have to put a lot of oil on your glove to get the desired effect. When applying baseball glove oil, you only have to worry about a few areas. 

Put a little oil in the pocket. It is the area between your thumb and forefinger where you catch the ball. Then rub it in so you get a light coating. Make sure that there is no oil or other liquids left.

It will help make the ball’s impact a little less intense when you are about to catch a difficult ball. Also, remember to pay attention to the spacing between your fingers to keep them soft.

Apply only a light coating. If you notice your baseball glove full of oil stains, you have poured too much oil. If that’s the case, you should try to remove the rest with a cloth. 

If you don’t want oil on your hands, you can use a soft towel to apply the product. Just put a small amount on the cloth and rub it in gently.

3. Let your glove rest

Make sure you give your baseball glove enough time to rest after the oiling experience. Sleeping at night is a rule of thumb. Do not leave it in direct sunlight like some places. Store in a dry, or cool, dark place to allow the glove to soften.

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Playing catch help break in a glove easier

4. Form the pocket

It is the final step to breaking the glove. The best way to do this is to play catch for a few minutes every day for several weeks. Playing catch will help the glove shape better with your hand. It also gives you the comfort you want while playing. 

There are several other popular methods to break in your glove. Place a baseball or softball in the bag and fasten the glove. Repeat the process every night after a little use. Alternatively, you can use a hammer to hit the bag. 

You might consider using hot water as a way to soften the leather effectively. That’s in case you don’t have oils and conditioners for your glove on hand.

After doing all of this, you’re ready to hit the field for the first game with your broken glove.

Tips for oiling baseball or softball glove

1. Do: Use the glove oil sparingly

Now that you have the right oil, make sure you stick with it, at least initially. A little goes a long way and if you’ve booked too little, you can always add more later. 

It is important to have enough oil or conditioner to soften the skin. However, you can’t easily get some back after you’ve applied too much. 

If it’s too late and you get oiled, your gloves will be greasy or streaky. You should remove the excess as best you can with a cloth or towel.

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Putting your baseball glove in the microwave is not a good way to break in.

2. Don’t: Put baseball glove in the microwave/oven

It is one of the more common ways people use to break gloves, but one can cause irreparable damage. The microwave or oven method will dry out the leather and cause the laces to become brittle causing them to break. 

More importantly, it is completely dangerous to put gloves in the microwave and bake in the oven. If you can leave it unattended, it may cause a fire. This risk is increased if there are any metal parts on your gloves. Keep them out of the microwave and oven unless eating your gloves for dinner is your plan.

3. Don’t: Put your glove inside a car

When you leave cars in the sun, they get hot. In fact, they’re like portable ovens. It leads some to think that leaving a glove on a hot control panel could be a good alternative to baking or microwaving.

The result you will get is the gloves are dry that no glove conditioner can fix.

4. Don’t: Soften your glove with alternative oils

You should not choose cheap options if you want to get great performance out of your glove. Do not use mink oil, linseed oil, silicone, or kerosene on baseball gloves. It damages the skin.

Maintain your baseball glove through the season

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Keep your glove leather lubricated with glove oil.

While breaking in a glove is extremely important, it’s not all. New glove usually has hard leather, so we need to add oil to soften it. As for the used glove, this is a way to keep the skin from drying out.

Always store your baseball glove indoors or in a dry place. Avoid places with direct sunlight. Otherwise, the heat will dry out the leather and lead to surface damage.

Plus, don’t forget to apply baseball glove oil or conditioner cream after each season. Keep in mind that we will use a moderate amount! It will keep your glove looking like new.


Always keep your glove in good shape with the best oil for baseball gloves. Using glove oil will make breaking in new gloves much more effortless. Plus, take note of our tips to get the most out of it. Finally, don’t forget to take care and maintain your glove periodically!

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