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Arena football may not have the same glamour or pay as the National Football League (NFL), but it is still professional football. The Arena Football League (AFL) used to pay decent. So, many people may wonder, “How much do Arena football players make?” 

According to statistics, an AFL football player gets an average of $80,000 per year. The salaries range from $10,795 to $218,865.

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How Much Do Arena Football Players Make?

how much do arena football players make

Arena Football Match.

The Arena Football League has paid its players a league minimum salary of $31,000 per year. $43,039 is the figure of the average salary of AFL players. 

It is seasonal employment with low pay, most players need to work extra non-football jobs to make ends meet. Depending on the player, the compensation per game is from $500 to $830. 

The Arena Football League is gaining in popularity, with more teams popping up in locations around the country.

When combined with new TV arrangements to reach a wider audience, Arena football can connect with a larger audience, allowing most Arena athletes to earn higher compensation.

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Is Arena Football Profitable For Players?

However, although leagues come and go, the rostrum league is still running strong after thirty years. Although the franchise players were not profitable in their first year and will be for a few years, Albany owner Dan Nolan remains hopeful about Arena football league’s future in the rostrum Soccer League.

Arena soccer, considered the most proficient of the semi-pro leagues, pays its players a median annual Arena football salary of $21,760 to $32,740.

Associate Arena footballer salaries range from $17,920 to $26,880 per year. Most semi-pro sports leagues do not pay their players, although arena soccer does.

Years Of Experience And Salary

AFL salaries vary depending on job and length of service. AFL players other than quarterbacks earn $775 each game as an entry-level salary.

Quarterbacks are paid an extra $250 each game in arena football since they are crucial to their success. Rookies make roughly $50 less each game than veterans.

During the season, the players are provided with cheap lodging and meals. When a player is in travel status, they are granted a per diem to help cover accommodation and food costs.

The team covers the cost of transportation to away games. Pre-season training camp is frequently granted to returning players for $75—some clubs reward veterans who sign multi-year contracts with signing bonuses.


After much research, we have collected some related questions about this field. We hope you find these helpful. 

How Much Do Jacksonville Sharks Players Make?

What are the salaries of Jacksonville Sharks players? Like everyone else in the Arena Football League, Sharks players have learned to cut costs. 

A $400 weekly league-mandated base salary – around $341 after taxes – doesn’t leave much room for luxuries. After the Albany Empire won ArenaBowl 32 on Sunday night, Moqut Ruffins kisses the championship trophy. 

Is There Still Arena Football League?

The answer is no.

The Arena Football League has halted operations after 32 years of activity. As the league attempted to reorganize, the 2009 season was canceled. Teams struggled to stay in the league, resulting in a lot of change.

The 2018 season included just four teams. In 2019, the league was able to add two new clubs, but it wasn’t enough to preserve it. 

The league ceased operations after the 2019 season to re-evaluate its financial strategy. After weeks of deliberation, the league determined that declaring bankruptcy was the best choice.

What Is The Difference Between The AFC And The NFC?

NFC means for National Football Conference, and AFC stands for American Football Conference, to clear any confusion between the two conferences. 

The National Football League’s conferences are listed below. These were two separate Pro Leagues in the late 1960s, with no connection to one another.

Is Arena Football Worth Playing?

Well, it all depends on what motivates you — and what your expectations are. If you enjoy playing soccer, you’ll probably enjoy Arena soccer as well. 

It is, however, extremely quick — it requires even more speed and light soreness than the NFL (Fact: Arena soccer has ninety percent of the players in the NFL playing on a pitch that is 1/4 the size of an NFL field).

How Much Do Indoor Football Players Make?

The average salary for an Indoor Football League in the United States is $37,076 per year as of June 2, 2022. If you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to about $17.82 per hour. It works out to $713 each week or $3,090 per month.

Final Thoughts

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