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When the topic of how much do football players make arises, the answer is frequently more than $2 million per year. However, The averages are distorted by the astronomically high pay paid to big-name quarterbacks and other great players. This statistic does not reflect reality.

Today, Scott Fujita will show you detailed information about this!

What Is The Average Annual Salary Of Football Players?

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NFL Players

How much do football players make a week?

A Premier League footballer’s average salary per week is slightly over £60,000, which equals more than £3 million per year. Footballers in the Premier League earn the most money; those in the lesser levels earn significantly less.

Championship pay is just over £4,000 per week or almost £200,000 per year. It is a good illustration of how salaries may swiftly fall below those in the Premier League, despite being still substantial.

Players in the lower tier are paid far less than those in the Premier League and even the Championship, earning roughly £750 per week, which is not much more than the national median salary.

Demand for players rises as they climb the rankings and demonstrate what they have to offer, which may rapidly turn into a windfall if they make the appropriate position move.


How Much Do Pro Football Players Make?

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Salaries Vary Depending On Many Factors.

Salaries for players vary greatly depending on their experience, position, and season performance. For example, among the highest-paid players on several NFL teams, certain quarterbacks might earn millions of dollars every season, while others make far less. 

A new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) took effect recently, setting a minimum payment of $660,000 for players with less than one year of experience. 

The minimum salaries for NFL players with more than one year of experience is $780,000, and players with more than seven years receive at least $1.075 million. 

During the 17-week NFL season, teams pay their players every week. A player’s wage frequently includes factors that might impact their income, such as missing games due to injury. 

Many players who perform well throughout a season are rewarded with bonuses, increasing their overall remuneration.

What Affects How Much A Player Of The National Football League Makes?

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Wide Receivers Earn More Than Other Positions.

Each of the NFL’s 32 clubs has a NFL salary cap, which sets a restriction on how much money they may pay its players. While staying inside the salary cap, teams decide how much to pay each player. 

Because it is based on league income, clubs’ football player salary cap varies from year to year. Apart from the wage cap, several other factors can influence how much money an NFL player earns with a franchise, including: 

  • Position: A player’s position on a NFL team influences their income potential, with quarterbacks and wide receivers earning the most on an NFL squad. On the other hand, fullbacks and tight ends are among the NFL’s lowest-paid positions. 
  • Experience: A player’s amount of experience and years they have spent with the same team might help them earn more money. When players extend their contracts with a team, it’s normal for them to negotiate for more excellent compensation. 
  • Performance: Players who perform well and match a coach’s or manager’s standards are more likely to remain on a team’s active roster, ensuring that they continue to earn minimum wages. 
  • Health: A player’s health can influence their ability and performance to participate in games, which impacts on their pay. If a NFL player gets injured and must miss a game, they may lose money unless their contract includes injury guarantees, which oblige a team to pay them even if they miss games due to injury. 
  • Age: Football is a physically demanding sport, and it may become more difficult for specific players, particularly those in physically demanding positions, to maintain peak performance as they age. As a result, several athletes only play in the NFL for a few years, limiting their overall earning potential.

What Is The NFL Minimum Salary For A Rookie Active Roster Player?

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A Rookie Active Roster Player.

According to the bargaining agreement reached by the NFL in 2011 with the NFL Players Association, the minimum yearly wage for a rookie active roster player on a one-year deal is $480,000. 

Each year a player spends in the NFL, his minimum NFL salary rises. A player with three years of experience should earn at least $705,000, while those with seven to nine years on the field should make $915,000. 

That’s fantastic news for those who are fortunate enough to make it that far in the NFL, but many won’t make it to their seventh year. 

Because the average career length lasts less than three years, most players never make it past the bottom rungs of the wage scale. 

Of all, $480,000 isn’t a pittance — it just isn’t the seven-figure sum that many football players’ fans might expect.

What Other Compensation Can NFL Players Earn?

Aside from their base wages, NFL players have a variety of other ways to earn money during the season, mainly if they perform well. Here are some alternative options for gamers to make money: 

Signing Bonuses

When NFL players sign a contract to play for a team, they may be eligible for a signing bonus. This incentive is usually given to a player during their first year with the squad. An NFL team may opt to pay the signing bonus in whole or installments over five years. 

Roster Bonuses

If a player remains on a team’s active roster on a certain date, they might receive roster bonuses. If a player has a roster bonus in their contract, they will get the money if they are still on the team’s active roster by the contract’s deadline. 

Teams can also give players a per-game roster bonus for being on the active roster for a certain week. Players can receive a bonus each week on the active roster if they choose this option. 

Teams frequently use this form of roster incentive to encourage players to stay healthy throughout the season. 

Workout Bonuses

Players that attend a set amount of offseason sessions are given workout incentives by their teams. The incentive is earned when a player completes the required number of exercises stated in their contract. Players with four or more years of NFL experience can skip up to five sessions without losing their bonus. 


Teams might offer monetary incentives to players who meet specific goals or milestones during the season. Teams may, for example, set a target for a running back to run 1,000 yards in a season. If the player meets that goal, they will receive the rewards. 

Teams can define whether a player is likely to receive these incentives (LTBE) or not possible to earn them (NLTBE) during the season. LTBE incentives are applied to the team’s current salary cap, while NLTBE incentives are used to the salary cap for the following year. 

Final Thoughts

Footballers are paid excellent sums of money, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. After reading this post, we hope you understand how much do football players make an hour, a week, and a year.

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