What Is Flex in Fantasy Football? Everything You Need to Know

If you have just begun to discover fantasy football, you may be confused with some unique vernacular utilized in fantasy. One of them is the term “flex position” or “flex.” So what is flex in fantasy football? What is a flex player in fantasy football? Scott Fujita has got the answers to them. So let’s […]

Michael Jordan Vertical Jump: The Highest vertical jump NBA history

Michael Jordan is a living legend of the basketball world. In the 80s and 90s, everyone wanted a vertical jump like Mike. If you take a look at Jordan’s footage from his mid-20s to early 30s, you’ll understand that a 48-inch vertical jump isn’t all that hard to believe. Michael Jordan is actually flying, not […]

What Is A 3-Technique In Football? What You Need To Know In 2023

The coaches and the football world have simplified many defensive tactics for more efficient coaching and communication. They usually use the number to indicate a specific alignment position and technique.  Similarly, the 3-technique pre-snap alignment is very popular due to its high efficiency in the game. So, what is a 3-technique in football? What does […]

How Many Meters Is A Football Field? Here’s What You Should Know

How many meters is a football field? If you’re looking for the answer to this simple question, Scott Fujita is here to help. So let’s read to the end to avoid missing valuable information. How Many Meters Is a Football Field? A Football field is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. A Football field […]

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk? The Truth Revealed

Slam dunk is one of the iconic acts of basketball. However, we often assume that only people with ideal height can dunk. Considering the average height of NBA players is 6’7″, there is a basis for this comment. But height is not the only factor. For people of average height, is there any hope for […]

What Is Targeting in Football? Let’s Catch the Correct Answer!

As a fan or amateur player of basketball, chances are you’ve heard the term “Targeting” The targeting rule is one of the most debated seasons.  So what is targeting in football, and how are targeting rules enforced? Through this article, Scott Fujita will help you answer those questions. What Is Targeting in Football? The targeting […]

What Is Offsides In Football? Explaining The Offside Rule Of NFL

American football has a lot of different penalties and regulations that can be difficult for spectators to follow and recognize when new to the game. Some punishments are similar in form and seem to differ only in name. The punishments that take place on the line of scrimmage are the perfect example. These include offside […]

How Many Square Feet Is a Football Field?

Every sport requires a specific field to take place. In most circumstances, those fields feature unchanged standard sizes. However, for many sports, the area and size of the field can vary, depending on the play levels. Through this article, Scott Fujita will help you answer, “How many square feet is a football field?” So if […]

How Long Is a College Football Game?

Although an NFL game lasts a long time, a college football game lasts even longer. Although a college football game has a game clock of sixty minutes, you can expect to watch at home or sit in the stands for triple that amount. So how long is a college football game? Scott Fujita has got […]

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball?

Like many other sports, basketball forces players to play high intensity for long periods, making it the perfect choice to lose weight and stay in shape. That’s why most players are thin and don’t carry a lot of body fat. With that in mind, many people wonder how many calories they can burn playing each […]

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