What Is a Pick Six in Football? Let’s Read to Catch the Answer

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Anyone new to American football will not know the lingo and slang utilized every day in games and practice. Many newbies wonder, “What is a pick six in football?” And that might be why you are here.

Do not worry! Scott Fujita is here to help. If you know ‘what does pick six mean in football’, you will be shocked to learn it is pretty simple.

What Is a Pick Six in Football?

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When an interception is returned for one touchdown, it is called one pick 6.

The term “pick six” refers to the quarterback throwing one interception, and the defensive player will return it for a touchdown, leading to six points.

As “pick” is used interchangeably with “interception,” the touchdown leads to six points, so the phrase “pick 6” or “pick six” came out.

The word “six” represents the number of points awarded to the team that scores a touchdown after intercepting the football. It is the same number of points rewarded for scoring one touchdown, whether it be a passing, rushing, kick return, or fumble recovery touchdown.

You should remember that there are two factors for a pick 6 to appear on a play: One interception and one touchdown.

Pick 6s are more common for linebackers and defensive backs since they cover the wide receivers for whom the pass is intended. But defensive linemen might also catch one deflected pass, or one has thrown right. One pick 6 from the defensive lineman is quite rare, but it still happens.

Is Pick 6 Important?

what is a pick six in football

A pick 6 can change the course of the football game.

A football pick 6 can change the course of the game. It does not matter if a team that gets a pick 6 is losing or winning; it is one chance to flip the game momentum and begin to keep the tempo under control.

It is true to say that any touchdown is essential to the game, but it’s the way to obtain a pick 6 makes it so special. It is a dagger in the opponent’s heart and is challenging to come back from as there is a psychological involved level.


What Does Pick Six Mean in The Football Game?

The phrase “Pick 6” consists of two parts, “pick” and “6.” The first one, “pick,” refers to intercepting the ball. It comes from “picking” a ball and stealing it from a quarterback.

The latter term, “six,” involves the number of points rewarded to the defense as a player intercepts it. Touchdowns will be worth six points and might be scored on interceptions.

So rather than saying a defensive player intercepts a ball and runs it for one touchdown, it will be much more effortless to say, “He scores on one pick-six.”

What are All-Time Pick 6 NFL Leaders?

Here are the top 10 players who have thrown the most pick 6s of all time:

  • Rod Woodson: 12 times.
  • Charles Woodson: 11 times.
  • Darren Sharper: 11 times.
  • Aqib Talib: 10 times.
  • Aeneas Williams: 9 times.
  • Ken Houston: 9 times.
  • Deion Sanders: 9 times.
  • Charles Tillman: 8 times.
  • Ronde Barber: 8 times.
  • Eric Allen: 8 times.

Who Typically Gets Pick 6s?

In most cases, safeties and cornerbacks, as known as defensive backs, are the players you will see get pick sixes most often.

What Is the Main Difference Between a Pick 6 and an Interception?

The pick-six refers to one interception that intercepts the player’s return for a touchdown. All pick 6s are interceptions does not mean all interceptions are returned for the touchdown, which a pick 6 necessitates.

Interception is a large part of preventing the passing attack from one offense. If the defense scores by intercepting the football, they will most likely get a momentum benefit.

What Player Has The Most Pick 6s All Time?

As of 2022, the player who has the most pick 6s all time is Brett Favre, with twelve interceptions for touchdowns from 1987 to 2003.

Wrapping It Up

If you are confused about “What is a pick six football,” try to bring your mind back to the pick (interception) and a touchdown (six).

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Scott Fujita still has much other useful information related to soccer, basketball, and football. So don’t miss them!

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