What Is A Safety in Football? The Correct Answer Is Here!

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If you are a longtime follower of American football, the term “safety” is probably not too unfamiliar to you. However, if you are new to football, you may not understand it well enough.

So what is a safety in football? Let’s get into the details to gain the correct answer with Scott Fujita!

What Is A Safety In Football? 

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Safety is a less common method of scoring in American football but is not a rare case.

Safety in football happens when football teams make a mistake on their end, resulting in the opponent getting two points on the scoreboard.

It includes one offensive player with a ball being tackled inside of their end zone or stepping out of bounds in the end zone.

Also, it can occur if offensive teams commit one penalty within their endzone. 

Opposing teams will get two points, thanks to safety. It is the only method the defense team can score in football without possessing a ball.

Once safety has occurred, offensive teams must kick a ball to teams who scored the safety in a different fashion than regular, named a “safety kick.”

What Are Ways That a Team Can Record a Safety?

What is a safety in football

Three cases can lead to a safety call in football


The first case is a fumble or other loose ball that gets knocked out of the back of the end zone of the possessing team or out of bounds in the end zone.

Tackle in End Zone

This case happens when one ball carrier gets tackled in his end zone. But it could be a bit misconstrued. 

For safety to be called, this ball carrier must be in the end zone outside at some point during the game and then take the ball back into the end zone voluntarily. If this does not happen, it is not called safety.

Offensive Penalty

This case is one of the most effortless to explain. If the offense commits one penalty in their end zone, safety will occur.

If it happens, what happens during the game, the referee will call for safety. 


What Happens After a Safety in Football

No matter how safety occurs, the result comes out the same. The defense team will score two scores and get possession of the ball as well.

The team, which was called safety, will have to free-kick the ball back to the opponent. It is possible to place the kick like a normal kickoff or punt it back to the opponent.

As a result, safety is one of the factors that can change the course of the game.  

It rewards the defense team with two points and gives them possession of the ball in what will likely be a great field position.

Is Safety a Position in A Football Game?

Yes, safety is also one position in football. Specifically, it is one defensive back who typically lines up ten to fifteen yards after the scrimmage line. 

This position comes in two variations, including strong and free safety. The duty depends on the defensive scheme. 

The defensive responsibilities of the cornerback and safety typically involve pass coverage towards the sidelines and middle of the course. 

Safety is the last line of defense. It is hoped to be a reliable tackler, and various safeties are among the hardest hitters in football.

How Many Points for A Safety in Football?

By now, you should know, “What is a safety in football 2 point score?” So 1-point safety exists?

Safety in football usually results in two scores for a team. But 1-point safety does exist, although extremely rare. It happens when one team attempts a 2-point conversion or additional point but turns the ball over.

How Many Safeties Happened During the 2022 NFL Season?

Eight safeties take place during the 2022 NFL season. While this figure sounds like a lot in a season. There were totally nearly 23,100 tackles in 2022. It helps illustrate how unique and rare safeties are during one football season.

Why Is It Called A Safety in Football?

It’s called “safety,” as it is utilized to be considered one safe play to make rather than a punt.

Are Safeties Common in American Football?

Safety is a less common method of scoring in American football but is not a rare occurrence.

The Bottom Line

You have reached the bottom of this article. Hopefully, we’ve helped you clear any queries related to “What is football safety.” If this article was helpful to you, please share it. Don’t miss other valuable articles on Scott Fujita!

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