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Having a career as a football coach in high school is rewarding. In addition to the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of young people and those around you, you also receive a well-deserved salary.

So how much does a high school football coach make? What are the responsibilities of this position? What skills does it require?

Scott Fujita will help you answer all these questions through this post!

How Much Does a Highschool Football Coach Make? 

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High School football coaches have well-average salaries. 

As of Sep 11, 2022, the average salary of high school football coaches in the US is $42,675 annually.

Through simple math, you’ll find out that it equates to $3,556/month, $820/week, and $20.52/hour.

The annual salary of high school football coaches in the US ranges from $26,500 to $50,500. The top earners can even hit the $67,000 mark per year.

As you can see, the average salary for these coaches can vary considerably, indicating that you will have the opportunity to advance and increase your salary based on skills, years of experience, qualifications, etc.

What Do High School Football Coaches Do? 

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High school football coaches are typically responsible for leading and mentoring a high school football team. 

A high school football coach is usually responsible for leading and mentoring a secondary school football team. 

This position usually requires a solid educational background in sports science and sports studies or some experience in playing professional football.

As a teacher of football, the coach should have excellent communication skills and can deal with adolescents. He also must devise tactics and strategies for his team, organize his players based on their strengths, and boost his team to play well.

It will be helpful if a football coach knows the basic knowledge of first aid and the knowledge of treating minor injuries.

What Skills Does a High School Football Coach Need?


how much does a highschool football coach make

You must know which players need to get more attention and what strategies you should use.

As a high school football coach, you must pay attention to each detail and know the factors that need improvement. 

For instance, you should know which players need to get more attention and what strategies you need to apply to enhance your team’s performance.


Sometimes, your football team cannot perform as you expected. As an excellent coach, you should continue to motivate them. Having the courage and patience to overcome obstacles with your team is essential.


You can’t do something well if you’re not passionate about it, and the same goes for football. A passion for this sport motivates you to work harder and overcome challenges.

Time Management

Any high school coach needs to know how to manage their time effectively. You need to balance the time you spend with the team and the time for you and your family.

Active Listening

Your players will sometimes have contributions or ideas to develop your strategies. So you will need to be able to listen to what they say and consider it carefully.


A high school coach works with players who possess different skills, strengths, and techniques to play football. So you must practice patience and teach your players to get the most out of their ability.

Communication Skills

As a potential coach, it is essential to establish proper communication between you and your team. Such as,  you should know how to express criticism and support respectfully. It makes a good relationship and gives players the confidence to release their opinions.

Leadership Skills

High school coaches are responsible for establishing authority amongst their teams, developing standards, and encouraging their students.


What Are Some Related Alternative Careers?

Here are five jobs related to High School Soccer Coach positions that pay more than the average High School Soccer Coach salary. So getting positions related to high school football coaches can bring you a more attractive salary.

Job Title Hourly Wage Weekly Pay Monthly Pay Annual Salary
High School Debate Coach $36.56 $1,462 $6,336 $76,035
Travel Coach $42.47 $1,698 $7,361 $88,341
Running Coach $42.78 $1,711 $7,414 $88,979
Football Data Analytics $46.11 $1,844 $7,992 $95,908
Football Data Science $50.40 $2,015 $8,735 $104,831


What Are the Highest Paying Cities for High School Football Coaching?

Here are ten cities where the typical salary for a high school football coach job is above the national average. So the chances of finding a job and getting promoted in these cities are very high.

City Hourly Wage Weekly Pay Monthly Pay Annual Salary
Cambridge, MA $23.14 $925 $4,011 $48,133
Potomac Heights, MD $23.17  $926 $4,016 $48,195
Skyline-Ganipa, NM $23.21 $928 $4,022 $48,274
Hooper Bay, AK $23.69 $947 $4,105 $49,268
Manhattan, NY $23.84 $953 $4,131 $49,579
Dimondale, MI $24.00 $959 $4,159 $49,918
Inverness, CA $24.70 $987 $4,280 $51,370
Barnstable Town, MA $24.94 $997 $4,322 $51,865
Frankston, TX $25.63 $1,025 $4,443 $53,319
Atkinson, NE $26.47 $1,058 $4,588 $55,060

How to Become One High School Football Coach

Here are the main steps that are needed to become one high school football coach:

  • Step 1: Earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • Step 2: Develop your skills.
  • Step 3: Acquire medical knowledge.
  • Step 4: Get experience.
  • Step 5: Networking.
  • Step 6: Gain a certificate.
  • Step 7: Choose your assistant wisely.

What Are the Job Responsibilities?

As one of the high school football coaches, you may be responsible for teaching your players the fundamentals of football. It might include knowing the players’ weaknesses and strengths and preparing your team to participate in the competition.

Several coaches might have to supervise the other coaches’ jobs, including monitoring job performance, skills with motivation, coordination, training, and leadership. Many coaches are teachers who hold a background in playing football competitively.

Wrapping It Up

Generally, the high school football coach is an attractive job with a higher salary than the average. It might vary considerably depending on several factors, such as your skills, years of experience, and qualifications. This position requires resilience, dedication, and hard work, but what you get is worth it.

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