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No matter what platform you play fantasy football on, trade deadlines are an essential factor. You need to know your trade deadlines to be able to make the most accurate decisions.

Working with the waiver wire is also important. But unless you get lucky with a significant addition at the right time, it won’t be easy to sway your team through the free agents. Once the trade deadline passes, you will have no way back.

Many of today’s major fantasy football platforms come with strict standards and deadlines. This article by Scott Fujita will help you find the fantasy football trade deadline for your dynasty and keeper leagues. Let’s read on to discover!

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A good trade can ensure a better future for your dynasty 

Definition Of A Trade Deadline In Fantasy Football

A trade deadline is something that comes and goes throughout the entire season. It is the deadline by which deals are approved during the NFL season. Remember that this does not mean that you lose the right to change your squad. Adding and dropping a player is still allowed even though the trade deadlines have passed.

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Trade deadlines only matter if you’re keeping an eye on good players from other rosters in the tournament. Please take advantage of it to complete your squad.

Each tournament will have different trade deadlines. There is even a difference between public leagues and private leagues. It would help if you researched their properties in advance to make the best decision.

It will take a few days for the system to execute the transaction in the fantasy football leagues. Trades ahead of time are still considered reasonable. However, the two teams involved in the trade will receive their players much later.

What Is Fleecing?

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Fleecing is a prohibit trading action for any leagues 

Fleecing is a term that refers to taking advantage of owners who do not have a lot of money to create misleading transactions. Many tournaments come with a veto process to assist owners in decision-making. This type of commissioner veto is like executive power to reject trades that are too one-sided.

An example of fleecing is a “damaged goods” transaction, which involves a player’s injury or trouble for his trading partner. Injured players can still be a qualified trade if they are determined to return next season and the owner intends to invest long-term.

Fantasy Football Trade Deadline For Various Platforms

The league settings are different for each platform. While public leagues will announce their deadline publicly, it is customizable in private leagues. Make sure you consult your league’s commissioner first to get the most accurate information.

All public tournaments use the same trading deadline. All trades must be accepted by Wednesday, December 1, 2022, at 12 PM EST. The deal deadline is for transactions between teams only. Team managers can still freely add and drop players through free agents and waivers throughout the season.

This section will highlight some popular fantasy football trade deadlines on familiar platforms. Check to see if you’re participating in any of the leagues on this list.


Yahoo Fantasy Football Trade Deadline

The trade deadline Yahoo fantasy football is on November 14 at 11:59 PM PT every year. This timeline applies to their public leagues as well. Yahoo is the platform that gives the earliest trade deadline. They don’t allow any moves after Saturday of week 10 of the NFL season.

ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Deadline

ESPN’s fantasy football deal deadline is set for November 19 at 12 p.m. ET. ESPN also uses it for their public league-related transactions. You can trade until the end of Wednesday after week 10 and before week 11.

Private tournaments will have a different schedule when it comes to options available from week 7 to week 16. Please check the information carefully to make the right decision.

CBS Sports Trade Deadline Fantasy Football 

The trading deadlines in CBS Sports’ fantasy leagues are pretty similar to those of ESPN. It ends on November 19 at 11:59:59 PM ET. It means that the platform allows trading until the end of the Thursday night game in week 11.

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CBS Sports logo 

Sleeper Fantasy Football Trade Deadline

Unlike the above platforms, Sleeper does not have a specific trade deadline. Instead, they limit the options of the commissioner. The platform allows the commissioner to decide on a trading deadline from week 9 to week 13. If the commissioner so desires, it will enable the option of no trade deadline at all.

However, Sleepers determines when to lock the preferences window. In case you choose week 11, you will not be allowed to trade anymore after the waivers clear following the end of week 11. This time will usually leave on the Wednesday of the respective week.

Fantrax Fantasy Football Trade Deadline

Fantrax does not recommend any standard trade deadlines. They give the commissioner a variety of options to choose from, thanks to a highly customizable format. Remember to check your leagues for deals ahead of time.

Fleaflicker Fantasy Football Trade Deadline

Like Fantrax, Fleaflicker does not recommend any trade deadlines. With a highly customizable format, they provide trustees with plenty of options when it comes to transaction deadlines. Remember to check your leagues for deal deadlines ahead of time.

MyFantasyLeague Trade Deadline Fantasy Football 

MyFantasyLeague is also a free platform and does not require a trade deadline. You can choose the time you like. Do not forget to consult the information to make the most accurate decision.

Why Can’t You Make Any Trades In Fantasy Football?

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You should take note of the trade deadline of your league so as to make proper actions 

The main reason you can’t make any trades is that the league you joined has ended the trade deadline. It will prohibit you from doing any action to exchange members with other teams. You need to contact and find out information about the deadline before participating in the tournament to prepare the best team.

It’s best to make a decision early. It will force others to take retaliatory actions and make them look for ways to strengthen their playoff teams.

For Dynasty owners, the game’s rules can be slightly different as it lasts for many years. You can talk to the agent and ask for a league vote to resolve the issue.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you know the trade deadline of the platform you are joining. It plays a vital role in determining the future and performance of the team you choose.

Each platform will have different rules and dates. We recommend that you thoroughly research the platform types before making a decision. If your platform of choice has a fixed deadline, make a note of it, so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the necessary information regarding the specific trading deadlines of different platforms. If you have any questions regarding the topic “fantasy football trade deadline“, do not forget to contact us as soon as possible.

Happy trading!

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